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Wood Boxes Scarborough Seed Company set of 4 w hangers

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Description:Wood Boxes w metal hangersSet of 4 Nesting boxes Pattern: Herbs from Scarborough Seed Company Material: Solid Wood Maker: unknown Sizes: Parsley – 7" x 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" tallSage – 9"x 4 1/4…from

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Scarborough Seed Bank Reviews

2017 I started buying online and found this dispensary and was glad I did, I bought exclusively from them. Great service, prices and product. Last year to 18 months weird shit started happening, every once in a while you’d order and they’ed take your money and then zilch no emails, no phone calls, nothing. When you did get a hold of them and asked why they’d apologize and say they were broken into and some employees left but everything is ok now. Same story every time, done with these guys too undependable.

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