remo chemo strain

Remo Chemo

Alchimia presents seeds of the Dinafem’s new cannabis variety Remo Chemo, fruit of an exciting collaboration with top Canadian cultivator Remo, The Urban Grower. A potent Indica-dominant hybrid with a heavy effect, this strain can be particularly effective in fighting pain and nausea.

Remo Chemo is the result of a cross between the elite clone UBC Chemo, a strain developed by the University of British Columbia to help patients better cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, and the famous Bubba Kush, used to maintain the Indica character of the line. The resulting offspring obtained was reversed and crossed with itself (S1 or Selfed) to best preserve its desirable characteristics.

Remo Chemo grows compact and squat, typical of indica genetics, responds well to pruning and training and is resistant to dry climates. Its not a greedy or thirsty plant, but while it doesn’t require a large amount of fertiliser or water to grow well, it’s best to avoid periods of drought if we want to optimise production.

Flowering in just 65 to 70 days, Remo Chemo produces a medium harvest, rarely exceeding 500g per m2 when grown indoors, but more than compensating with the excellent quality of the flowers. Cultivated in the great outdoors, yields can be as high as 1kg of medicine per plant!

Remo Chemo’s resin-coated buds can contain more than 20% THC, emitting a delicious Kush aroma combining earthy notes and Diesel on a spicy background. The effect is intense, stimulating the appetite, and can reduce chronic nausea and pain.

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