quick drying marijuana

Quick Drying

Quickly Dry your Marijuana Buds

Fast & quick ways to dry your cannabis buds

I’d like to share a few different ways to quick-dry your marijuana and cannabis buds for fast sampling.

Please remember though, that properly dried and cured marijuana only gets better with time. It smokes smoother without harshness or the green taste. However, these tips to drying your weed quickly work very well.

You do retain THC levels, they may get crispy (the buds silly), but these function just fine. These processes will help you dry your pot quickly and be able to enjoy it in minutes or a few hours. And then you should be ‘crispy’ too.

Place your trimmed buds on a cookie sheet spread out evenly. Set your oven to 125-140 degrees Fahrenheit (no hotter!). Leave for 10 minutes, remove for 5 minutes and turn buds. Repeat once more.

Rig a flat piece of 10″ foil to be held under a 100 watt light bulb (no hotter) within 2-4 inches. Turn your buds every 1-2 minutes. Should be smoke-able within about 10-15 minutes time.

Take your buds and flatly wrap them in paper or use a paper envelope and place them over your water heater, radiator, or the back of your TV. Pot should be dry in a few hours or overnight.

Place buds flat on a plate. Use your microwave on 50% power or less (important not to burn). Set for only 10-12 seconds at a time, remove and turn, repeat as necessary. Done quickly, be careful.

I’ve heard you can use a food dehydrator, it takes a little longer (hours) but should work as well if you have one one of these.

Also, if your buds get too dry (crispy), you can put them in a ziploc bag or glass sealable jar with a piece of orange peel. yep, it will smoke much nicer by morning.

NEVER have your heat source be more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit! Any hotter will actually burn or vaporize the THC or resin glands. this IS what gets you high, so be careful of this.

These tips should help you enjoy a little of your smoke a little faster. However – I still recommend proper drying and curing – You WILL notice the difference.

You can quickly dry and cure your marijuana buds. It can be fast, but remember your cannabis actually gets better when dried and cured properly. Quick dry your pot or weed. Fast ways to dry cannabis.


Marijuana drying’s an underrated process by many people, but it’s very necessary for the final result of the crop; drying an average crop properly provides a good crop, and drying a good crop wrongly provides a poor crop.

Drying’s a careful, slow process for top results – no fast-drying method for quality marijuana; if looking for excellence, forget about this post and focus on traditional drying – slower for top quality.

If desperate to smoke, willing to taste your crop before properly dried, keep reading; here you have the best tricks for fast marijuana drying with the best possible results (not excellent, but acceptable).

  • 1 Different fast-drying ways
  • 2 1. Fan, car heating, PC fan
  • 3 2. Brown paper
  • 4 3. Boiler room
  • 5 4. Drying in the sun
  • 6 Avoidable methods
  • 7 Making extractions

Different fast-drying ways

If you’re an imaginative person, you could look for any drying method on your own; resin, and THC, get degraded from 130 degrees on, so you have to look for a method which heats the marijuana below this temperature (otherwise, marijuana will lose its psychoactive properties): then, it’s up to you – here you have some of the most popular options.

1. Fan, car heating, PC fan

Any fan’s always a good option – proper marijuana drying doesn’t provide direct air to the buds; for fast drying, direct air’s one of the best options – warm air for faster drying (many people use PC fan, because of its warm air). Car heating’s also used for weed drying, directly to the buds with its hot flow. For all these options, cover the buds with newsprint/napkin/tissue.

2. Brown paper

Classic brown paper bags, with the smallest buds inside; for faster results, use it with the previous methods: put the buds in a brown paper bag in front of a fan, PC fan or car heating, and move the buds to be consistently dried (otherwise, they would get dried on the aired side, but damp on non-aerated zones).

head and estraza paper

3. Boiler room

Boiler room, as a drying room; faster drying in this hot room – reduced relative humidity of these rooms provides faster drying: dried bud in about 3 days – no excellent results, but one of the best fast-drying ways; Gea Seeds also recommends brown paper bags and the heating switched-on as much as possible – always put the smallest buds (when they dried, fat buds will be properly dried).

Drying in warm rooms

4. Drying in the sun

Most traditional method from ancient times – most popular method in marijuana-growing traditional areas (Morocco, India); obviously, this is possible in dry, hot, sunny places – in damp places, drying marijuana in the sun would be troubled (fungal pests, slower drying). Anyway, drying in the sun’s corrosive for the resin, so it affects the quality of the final product.

Sun and heat degrade THC but dry the buds really fast – ready-to-smoke marijuana in a couple of days.

Avoidable methods

All the previously mentioned methods are corrosive for your beloved crop, but there are other very popular methods which are much more harmful for the quality of the final product; marijuana in the oven/microwave oven is very popular, but very bad – that heat kills the cannabinoids (much lower quality, burning-taste product, disappointing effects). Gea Seeds always suggests traditional drying – if desperate, use some of the first methods; forget about oven/microwave oven – wasted work of long months.

Making extractions

Making extractions is a good option; they’re made with tender, immature buds – ideal method to skip drying process: extractions provide unbeatable-quality product – stronger than the buds, with higher cannabinoid concentrations (complex processes, with wide knowledge and pretty expensive professional equipment).

Anyway, if trying to be an expert cannabis consumer, we suggest to get informed and make your own extractions (Wax, Shatter); all you need to know is found on our post about BHO (butane hash oil) and extractions.

The results will amaze the most demanding consumers – quality material on the first cropping day.

This has been an overview on the most popular methods for fast marijuana drying – if better method, contact us or leave a comment on our blog; we hope this post’s helpful for you.

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Noah Smith 20 August, 2020, 5:21 am

I like using the sun more in drying marijuana. The outcome is different, it gives you a natural result which other techniques cannot give. But this are all applicable,easy and fast.

Marijuana drying’s an underrated process by many people, but it’s very necessary for the final result of the crop; drying an average crop properly …