purple berry weed

Purple berry weed

I have been trying out other strains but none have given me the effect. I suffer.from fibromyalgia and decided to try it since I always hurt and shortly after the pain vanished. It has helped me with boarder borderline personality disorder and they other issues that come with it. Very up lifting creative strain. The smell in amazing as is the taste. I’d say compared to some of the other purples this is #10 for me.

Perfect for my chronic pain, heavy nausea / vomiting, anxiety and migraine. Troubleshoot all of my medical symptoms in one strain. Perfect for those battling Lyme Disease and/or fibromyalgia.

I live in northern New England the phenom I received was definitely not a kush. Buds were very large and fairly airy. Excellent yield,strong smell and taste. Had friends tell me it was too strong lol. Will be growing again next season

Literally just Smoked this Strain for the first time today on 5-10-18 and I love it. Working great for my anxiety and PTSD, and it tastes really good too.

Purple Berry has green and purple tender dank leaves and has orange hairs that pass through the frostified bud. Considering it is completely covered by crystals, it may seem repulsive at first. However, Purple Berry has quite a kick to it and is organic as the name suggests it to be. It even smel…