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PrimeTech Pot Set 2.3L

Effective pot for the trekking stove

Our PrimeTech pots are supremely efficient, the camping stove should be able to take advantage of every gram of fuel. This pot set is suitable for hikers that want a lighter backpack, who want to wait a short period of time for water to boil and to enjoy more of nature.

Thanks to an integrated heat exchanger on the bottom of the saucepan, the efficiency will increase by 50% compared to traditional pans. This means that water boils faster and fuel lasts longer. This in turn means that you can carry less fuel, which is good for both your wallet, your back, and the environment. The PrimeTech pots are made of hard anodised aluminium, which has great heat distribution and does not rust. The main cooking pot features a robust ceramic non-stick coating on the inside, which facilitates easy cooking and cleaning.

Both of the pots are 2.3 litres, enough for 2-5 people, the second pot is made of hard anodised aluminium and has the same pressed volumetric marks on the side. A transparent lid in Tritan® with an integrated strainer and heat-resistant silicone handles which make it easier to take care of certain tasks such as pouring pasta water. The smart pot grippers are as steady as a fixed handle and flexible as a conventional gripper and can be locked in the pan for easy and safe handling.

Everything is conveniently stored in a padded/insulated storage bag, not only does it protect your beautiful pots, also handy for keeping that pasta warm while you make a gourmet sauce. Our Prime Tech pots work well with all of our stoves, and will make any other stove a little bit Primus better.

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Primus PrimeTech Pot Review

The Primus PrimeTech pot doing what it does best: giving you a hot meal at lightning speed.

I used a lightweight aluminium cookpot for several trips, but the cooking was always a big task. You needed to stir your food continuous or it was fried not cooked. The clean up was just a pain the ass. After a while I wanted something which made outdoor cooking fun and that is how I bought the Primus PrimeTech pot.

I bought the 3 L version (great for cooking a big meal for 4 persons) and later on I bought the 1,8 L version (good for 2 hungry people).

Heat exchanger

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Primus PrimeTech pot is the heat exchanger at the bottom of the pot. This should make your cooking much faster: it traps the heat and insures an even boil. When you boil water you can really see the difference in the boiling water between a pot with heat exchanger and without, with heat exchanger you see an even boil. The bottom of the pot is wide and there are grooves for more grip on your stove. According to primus it should boil water 50% faster and save you this equally in fuel. I have tested this on one of my microadventures and it boiled around 38% faster than my aluminium cooking pot.

38% is still a big diffrence in fuel consumption and time. I will do more tests about efficiency etc later on.

Non- stick coating

Oh god, I love this feature! It makes the cooking and cleaning so much easier. The pot has a Non-stick coating on the inside. This means you need to stir less and your food won’t burn as easy. Make sure to use a wooden spoon, this will protect your coating and make it last a lot longer. Cleaning the pot is easy, you can rinse the filth from the pot without too much (or without) scrubbing.

Silicone-coated handles

The silicone-coated handles lock in to each other forming a sturdy handle which won’t burn your hands. It is a simple but very effective handle. If you store the pot the handle fits nicely around the pot which limits packing size.

Transparent lid

The transparent lid fits nicely on top of the pot. It seals the heat inside but you can still look if your food needs another stir or you can check if your water is boiling without losing precious heat. I like the silicone coated ring around the top of the lid. It makes handling very easy even when it is smoking hot. If you’re cooking pasta or potatoes, you can use the lid as a colander. You can turn the lid upside down when you pack it away. This limits packsize.


The pot looks fairly sturdy, but how durable is it?
One time in traversing a technical route I had to take my backpack of and throw it on icy snow 2 meters down. So I did, the pot got a hit but still has a nice round shape. The lid and handles where still perfect. So I would say it is pretty darn durable.

How is the Non-stick coating doing after a lot of abuse? Well still pretty good actually. Although I wouldn’t recommend making pop corn in it. The Non-stick coating was just like new until I got distracted one time when cooking pop corn and some burned pretty bad on the bottom. I got the bottom largely clean, but you can still see it clearly.

I still cook in it and it still works pretty good. I just need to make sure I stir more than my 1,8 L pot which is still like new. This is not the fault of the Primes PrimeTech pot obviously but mine. Make sure you check your pop corn (lesson learned). If you only use freeze dried foods you will love this pot for the efficiency and fast boil. If you cook your meals, make sure you stir with a wooden or plastic heat resistant spoon. If you follow these guidelines, I am sure the Non-stick coating will last a very, very long time.

A possible weak point is the handle. Because metal is pliable, the handle can be unlocked from its joint. Although just because it is pliable this is easily fixed. You can just push it back and it is like new. You can’t disconnect the handles once they are locked into each other. Meaning that you don’t have to be afraid for losing all your food while transporting it to the ‘dining area’.

Like nothing happened.

Overall I would say the Primus PrimeTech pot is durable. It will last a long time if you handle it with care.


You can fit the different pots in each other. This is the 1,8 liter fitting snugly in the 3 liter primus PrimeTech pot.

With every pot you get a red plastic bowl. I use it to protect the Non-stick coating if I am storing my stove inside the pot.

With every pot you get a lightweight net which protects your pot and holds everything tight together.

Cons vs Pros

  • Heavier than a regular lightweight pot
  • Bigger pack size than a regular pot
  • Pricy
  • Transparent lid, with colander
  • Silicone-coated handles
  • Faster boiling time and less fuel consumption
  • Non-stick coating (just awesome!)
  • Although it is heavier and bigger than a regular pot, they really limited the weight and pack size by designing the pot in a very clever way

Would I buy the Primus PrimeTech pot again? Yes! In matter of fact, I did. I bought a 1,8 L pot recently for my 2 person trips. I just think it is a great pot which has of course some downsides. But in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons big time.
Have a look for yourself on the Primus website.

Primus PrimeTech Pot Review The Primus PrimeTech pot doing what it does best: giving you a hot meal at lightning speed. I used a lightweight aluminium cookpot for several trips, but the