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92 Polar Bear OG : Strain Review

92 Polar Bear OG : Strain Review

As someone who writes for a living, sativas are my jam. I’m home a lot, and I can’t be melting into the couch just because I wanted to catch a little buzz with my breakfast. I make bad food decisions when I smoke weed, so I can’t burn anything that’s too stony during the day. Ice cream before noon is never something that happens in a productive day.

That’s where 92 Polar Bear OG comes in. I wanted to figure out if I was able to maintain productivity and general usefulness while smoking a high-THC strain, even if it is an energetic sativa. I started smoking right around noon, and it was a fun high to say the least. Whether or not everyone should be smoking this stuff in the middle of the day is debatable. As a high-tolerance guy myself, I’m okay with getting stoned and rolling on with my day. But, let’s start at the beginning, with the fantastic scent of 92 Polar Bear OG.

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92 Polar Bear OG :: Appearance | Smell:

The aroma the comes off the 92 Polar Bear OG buds is very earthy yet sweet. It reminds me a bit of the time I spent volunteering in at a small vineyard in Minnesota, walking down the vast rows of grape vines. While the fruit on the vines provides that sugary smell that sodas can’t quite recreate, the vines themselves also emit a flowery scent of their own. That’s what this stuff smells like, which is a fantastic thing. In terms of smell, I’d have to say that 92 Polar Bear OG is one of the best. I want my bedroom to smell like this all the time. If there’s ever a weed potpourri, Polar Bear should be a primary ingredient.

I love the way this strain looks, all plump with a deep forest green colors and a healthy sprinkling of amber pistils all over the bud. There’s a thick coating of tricomes that lightens the overall color of the bud and I noticed more than a few star-like sparkles when the light hits the flower directly. In comparison to some strains that have a deep forest green color, 92 Polar Bear OG has a paler coloration to it.

92 Polar Bear OG :: Smoke | Effect:

There’s a density to these nugs that I noticed right when I started breaking them down to load up my plastic grinder. Even though the weed had a little time to dry out by the time I was smoking it, the bowl didn’t seem to burn terribly fast. I puffed on it with a couple other people, and I was surprised by how long the smoke session lasted.

Energy and euphoria are the name of the game when it comes to 92 Polar Bear OG. Not long after our smoke session, I was up and about, with the sudden ambition to go on a walk. I’m a bit of a home body, and when I say that, I mean I’m the proud owner of a World of Warcraft account and a cat named The Doctor. I’m not really the “hey guys, let’s go outside and do something” type, so this Polar Bear must have been doing some special things.

Although this strain is a sativa, I felt much of the buzz I was getting in my torso. I’ve heard the sensation described before as “body racing,” and I’m pretty sure this is what they’re talking about. Behind my ribs there is a steady, gentle tingle that makes me want to move around, but doesn’t do so in a way that makes me uncomfortable in my chair or annoyingly restless. This is something that all my favorite sativa strains do, give me a boost that makes me want to go throw a frisbee or something.

Along with all these energetic tendencies that this strain tends to provide, it also made me quite scatterbrained. There are some sativa strains that are excellent for focus and/or creativity, my personal go-to writing strain is XJ-13. Unfortunately, 92 Polar Bear OG isn’t really one of them. There were times where I seemed to have trouble tracking conversations because my brain seemed to be moving just a little too fast and my thoughts got a little too weird.
If you have a tendency towards paranoia, then this strain just might not be for you. Of course, strains tend to have different effects on different people, but this Polar Bear definitely made me a little stupid, and I could see that leading to anxiety for some people. If you have a low tolerance to THC, that may be another reason to avoid this strain. Testing at a hefty 30% THC, the batch of 92 Polar Bear OG I smoked gave me a rather dense high.

Overall ::

Let me put it this way, when mom comes to visit you in Colorado and you’re shocked by her response to your ironically asking if she wants to go smoke a joint, don’t go rolling this Polar Bear. Mom will end up reading the same page of her Danielle Steel novel for the next 90 minutes, and then she’ll tell you she’s “never doing another weed ever again” the next morning. You don’t want inexperienced weed smokers taking too many puffs of Polar Bear for the same reason you don’t want someone who never drinks to start the night with a beer bong. Moderation is your best option with 92 Polar Bear OG.
Once the high really settles in, can turn you into a giggle factory. Even as someone that prides themselves on being able to hold it together, I was getting teary-eyed while laughing at the Eric Andre Show.

Clearly, I wasn’t able to get much done while smoking this stuff. If I had, this article would have had many more references to progress I’ve made on that novel I’ve been “working on.” Instead, most of the time I spent after smoking 92 Polar Bear OG was wandering around Denver’s Highland Park area and playing Rocket League. It was supposed to be a day of writing and laundry, but Polar Bear seemed to derail all that.

If you don’t have much to do, this is an excellent strain to smoke in the day time. If you have some responsibilities to take care of, short of maybe poorly grocery shopping, 92 Polar Bear OG might be a little on the heavy side for you to do anything efficiently. I enjoyed just about everything about this strain, but it was by no means a functional high after I smoked a bowl or two. Smoke this stuff for energy, not for focus. 92 Polar Bear OG doesn’t mess around.

I enjoyed just about everything about this strain, but it was by no means a functional high after a bowl or two. 92 Polar Bear OG doesn't mess around.