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Overview of Marijuana in Peru

Marijuana (cannabis, weed, marihuana) is not legal in Peru. The Peruvian Penal Code, however, does allow some leeway in terms of the possession of marijuana for personal use.

According to Article 299 (“Posesión No Punible,” or non-punishable possession), the possession of marijuana is not punishable if possessed for personal and immediate consumption in quantities not exceeding “eight grams of marijuana or two grams of derivatives.”

Importantly, Article 299 goes on to state that the possession of two or more types of drugs is a punishable offense (regardless of quantity). So, even if you are in possession of much less than the maximum eight grams of marijuana, you can still get into trouble if you’re carrying any other type of illegal drug, no matter the quantity. A person carrying, for example, one joint and one ecstasy pill could, in theory, find himself arrested as a drug dealer with a potential sentence of years.

The Reality of Marijuana Possession in Peru

The reality of marijuana possession in Peru goes far beyond the nation’s penal code. If you are caught in possession of two grams of marijuana (well below the non-punishable maximum), don’t expect to walk away without any problems.

The police in Peru, including the serenazgo, see drug possession as a crime, regardless of the laws of possession. If they think you are a drug dealer, you could find yourself in a cell for a few days. If a corrupt police officer stops you, those two grams could easily turn into a total nightmare.

As a rule, buying and possessing marijuana in Peru is a risk and one you should consider avoiding, especially if you’re not familiar with the local culture and local systems. Carrying eight grams or less may be legal according to Article 299, but the reality can be far more severe.

If you do get into trouble for carrying a legal amount for personal use, you could try seeking help from your embassy in Peru or perhaps the Peruvian tourist police. How much help you’ll actually receive is another question entirely.

Views of Marijuana Among the Peruvian Population

If you’re going to smoke weed in Peru, keep in mind that the level of tolerance for marijuana and local opinions of marijuana smokers might be significantly different than in your own country.

Marijuana usage in Peru (especially outside the major cities) is nowhere near as open or accepted as it is in parts of Europe and the USA. Some Peruvians see all drugs in the same way, no matter whether they are soft or hard drugs. Open cannabis usage can, therefore, provoke some extreme reactions, so discretion is always a good idea.

You will occasionally see Peruvians smoking weed in the street and in bars and clubs. Don’t assume that this is OK with everyone around you (and remember that some dubious police officials might jump at the chance to arrest a foreign tourist).

Potential Risks When Buying Weed in Peru

If you want to buy some weed in Peru, be careful. Obviously, it’s always best to buy less than eight grams of marijuana, as anything over that is officially illegal.

Beyond the quantity, be particularly careful with who and where you make the purchase. You could be the tourist that heads off with a self-proclaimed cannabis dealer, only to come back with no wallet, no passport, and no weed.

Never go anywhere alone to buy marijuana; take at least one friend or, ideally, make your purchase in a place where you can’t be easily mugged. If someone wants you to go down an alleyway, get into a car, or go to an apartment, be very cautious indeed, especially if it’s someone you’ve only just met.

Marijuana is not legal in Peru, but possession of small quantities is officially not a crime. Learn the laws so you can avoid any trouble.

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Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries: looking to Latin America

In this article the Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries explores the medical cannabis market in Latin America.

As EU demand for cannabis products grows, investors are turning to Latin America for imports. The Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries, which is recognised as the most relevant private entity representing the private cannabis industry in Colombia, tell us more.

Moms, Presidents And Open Letters: The Tango For Cannabis Legalization And Home Growing In Latin America

Read entire article here.

Latin America’s cannabis market is poised to become a central piece in the development of a legal global cannabis industry. With land and weather perfectly fit for cannabis cultivation, relatively low labor costs, and a strategic location for exports into North America, the region is on its way to becoming an important cannabis hub.

Some markets like Colombia are welcoming investments from some of the top cannabis companies like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, Cronos Group and Aphria.

Peru effectively launches its medical marijuana program

Government officials effectively launched Peru’s medical marijuana program last week with the publication of regulations for the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis. Although some rules to implement the South American nation’s 2017 law legalizing medical marijuana had been issued by decree earlier this year, they did not include guidelines for companies to apply for required licenses.

Under the new rules, licenses will be available for research, production, import, wholesale commercialization, seed production, and retail sales of cannabis. To obtain a license, applicants must submit detailed information including agricultural production plans and security protocols.

Peru passes long-awaited regulations to open medical cannabis market

atients and producers of medical cannabis in Peru can enjoy a fiesta as the country joins several of its Latin American neighbours in the rapidly expanding market.

While Peru first legalized cannabis oil for medical use two years ago, it’s been a long wait for the government to pass legislation to sanction further economic activity.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) approved the technical legal document entitled Guidelines for the medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives.

Why the future marijuana superpower could come from this region

When PharmaCielo, now a publicly traded company, formed in 2014 to cultivate medical cannabis in Colombia, some growers needed convincing. Some came from families that farmed chrysanthemums for generations. Cannabis was largely illegal and stigmatized. Scars from the nation’s decadeslong drug war were fresh. A peace deal between the government and leftist FARC rebels was two years away. North America’s marijuana stocks boom had not begun.

Cannabis in Latin America gets a new ‘social outlook’

Cannabis in Latin America, without the stigma, could be as clean as any region considered violent-free. In a classic context, the UK and North America hold the biggest market share in the cannabis industry, because it’s a legal business in those regions. How would Latin America fare if allowed to participate in the cannabis market? Investors have indeed found a new fortune in growing the once illicit plant.

Medical marijuana spreads across South America

By most measures the anti-narcotics raid was a raging success. After forcing their way into the apartment, police here in Peru’s capital seized five kilograms (11 pounds) of cannabis and equipment, including grow lights and fertilizer.

The entire property in the Lima district of San Miguel, overlooking the South Pacific, had been converted into an underground lab to produce significant quantities of the prohibited soft drug — a lab that the officers had put out of action.

Agriculture Technology Transforming Latin America’s Medical Cannabis Market

Latin America’s medical cannabis market may be a perfect fit for agriculture technology like precision irrigation.

This entrepreneur wants to cure the sick with high-quality cannabis

Lucia, a Colombian girl, suffered severe epileptic seizures since adolescence. Although she visited many doctors and specialists, at 35 years of age she had not found anything that would help her treat the debilitating symptoms of her illness.

One day she was able to travel to Canada where a specialist recommended a brand of medicinal cannabis oil that, as soon as she tried, significantly mitigated her ailments. Her spasms were less violent and her triggers less frequent.

Upon returning to her home country, however, Lucia could not locate the medicine that had benefited her so much. Although she tried many cannabidiol presentations available on her local market, none gave her the same result she had experienced in Canada.

Where is marijuana legal? Peru the latest country to legalize

The president of Peru signed a bill on Thursday legalizing medical marijuana across the country, a historic move that came a few weeks after the Peruvian Congress voted to approve it.

The legalization allows possession, sale, and transport of cannabis for medical purposes, but it’s still illegal to cultivate the plant. The government will develop a list of official importers or growers who are authorized to supply the nation’s new medical marijuana patients, who will be given prescriptions for conditions like Parkinson’s, cancer, epilepsy or other chronic or terminal illnesses.

Peru is the latest Latin American nation to legalize marijuana in some form, but where else is cannabis legal?


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