peak seeds bc

Peak seeds bc

Welcome To Peaks Seeds BC, cannabis seeds harvested at their peak! Buy fat, dark, hand selected cream of the crop weed seeds at great prices. We’re Canada’s trustworthy and reliable seed bank connection since 2000.

Shipping seeds worldwide, especially to our friends in the USA, Australia and Canada. We recommend all Australians to use our stealth shipping option for deliveries this year. It’s very effective, especially for large orders. We want you to know we have perfected our stealth shipping so you can relax and know your order will arrive.

Buy the Best Northern Lights Strains

Peak Seed BC makes the best Northen Lights strain. We breed our NL on the Vancouver Island so our strains are acclimatized for your climate. Our BC Northern Lights are sought after from New Zealand to the Alps of Switzerland and even from peolpe growing in the cold Alaskan outdoors.

World famous strains at low prices

World famous premium cannabis seeds at low prices. With our fast global shipping, you’ll be happy you made your purchase from Peak Seeds for your cannabis seed needs. People from around the world order from and you should too. We have a very high reputation in the cannabis community and we value our customers feed back. Please take a moment and let us know how we are doing. Your comments help us improve our products and services.

Peak Seeds BC is a trusted and reliable seed bank in Canada serving up our world famous cannabis strains at great prices, visit our shop now!