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Positive NJUSA
Morganville, NJ
(1 review)
April 22, 2020
I have bought grass seed and flower seed from this company for several years. I have also used Parks and Burpee. Never a problem. Only “problem” with the flower seed is that you sometimes get more than you need. But on a price-per-seed basis, Outsidepride is a good deal.
Positive anoukaimee
Portland, OR (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
January 18, 2020
I was a bit concerned about ordering from this company because of a few things; mixed reviews here, an indifferent customer support rep, and that they heavily promote “liquid aeration” products, which are widely known to be snake oil.

But I really wanted a specific seed and they had it at an affordable price; moreover, it was difficult to source on a retail basis anywhere else. So I went ahead and bought their poa trivalis/poa supima mix for my shady, rain drenched, compacted clay rental backyard.

And I am thrilled to say that the grass performed great! At first I was concerned because it grew so slowly, but that’s the case with the poa supima (I was used to ryegrass blends), and it’s far hardier than everything else I’ve tried before (literally everything but bentgrass).

In January I ordered 3 packets of seeds from, blue cupid dart seeds, white cupid dart seeds and yarrow seeds. Each were 4.99 a packet + shipping. Later I purchased fernleaf bleeding heart seeds for my mothers new home. I am no novice with seeds but I have not grown any of these seeds before so I read everything and followed all the instructions, even verified on other websites. Fast forward and all seeds have been planted, the yarrow looks great but nothing from the others. I double check and take the next step in the bleeding heart’s process but the cupid darts should have been long up.

April 9th I emailed customer service explaining about the cupid dart seeds not germinating and if they could offer any insight and perhaps replacement seeds. I spoke to Candy. She was rude and blamed me for them not germinating saying that I planted them both too shallow and too deep and that because I used potting soil I killed the seeds with fertilizer. I tried these seeds two ways in two different soils by the way. I bit my lip and said I would give them another shot.

During this time I found someone online that knew the seeds well and said they were easy! I located another vendor, purchased the seeds and planted them. Nearly all have come up and still nothing on my final test from Outsidepride’s seeds.

On May 2nd I replied to Candy and explained what I had found. I got nothing, no replies. I tried calling them but the number is only for orders and is just a call center. I went to Facebook and at first the Facebook crew was trying to help and gave me another customer service rep to contact. I did so and waited. nothing. I went back to Facebook and I was told “I’m very sorry for your experience. Candy is excellent in customer service. I have to trust that she knows what she’s doing.”. I asked by doing what, she hasnt done anything but ignore me and I just want this taken care of. This went back and forth a bit and in the end I was told “There is not going to be any further assistance to you.”

Basically, if the seeds don’t germinate it’s your fault.

I sent a detailed explanation of how I prepared the soil etc etc and made a mistake of typing 1.8″ instead of 1/8″ and they said that’s why my seed failed. I planted it “too deep”.

This was a bare spot touchup job so no way I would dig 2 inch deep. It was a simple soil tilling, removing all dead grass and weeds, adding peat moss, leveling, applying the seeds and then applying a top coat of lawn soil at a depth of 1/8″.

The Plains Coreopsis did very well and the Myosotis sprouted but didn’t flower, probably due to the dry weather we had last spring and summer in Vermont.

But the 5000 Gloriosa seeds produced only one flower, while other Rudbeckia Hirtas I ordered from a different company thrived massively. The Purple Coneflowers also didn’t yield anything and I know from previous experience that they are usually easy to grow and are first season bloomers. For now I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because of the dry weather, but I suspect I got mediocre seeds since the other company’s seeds did fine. I will update about these after next summer.

My real problem was with the Lychnis Coronary seeds. They were labeled as such but were in fact Silene Armeria seeds! And they didn’t do too well either (5 flowering plants out of 5000 seeds) despite the fact that this plant is very easy to grow, even in the worst of conditions.

Have made another purchase. They came in a timely manner and were packed well. The seed counts are accurate, with a few extras, which is very nice. The geraniums that I grew this year were absolutely beautiful. Germination rates were great. =) On May 8th, 2015, judyinmound added the following:

I had ordered: Miscanthus Sinensis Seeds – Chinese, Begonia Seeds – Mix, Godetia Seeds – Tall Mix, Abutilon Seeds – Mix, Rose Mallow Seeds.

All of the above had a high germination rates. The only thing I’ve ordered in the past that did not have a high germination rate was Bergenia. It could be due to something I did incorrectly when trying to germinate them.

I am overall very happy with my experience with this company.

They proudly advertise a high (70%) germination and that they stand by their product. However, when you contact them with an issue it is naturally your fault and you have not idea what you are doing.

I ordered almost $100 worth of items. I ordered mostly bulk items as I was aiming for a field of certain plants and flowers that we had prepared in advanced. An example is the Love Lies Bleeding. I ordered a bulk amount and what ended up growing that summer was just the plain amaranth weed. Not a single beautiful weeping love lies bleeding. It quickly became a weed in my land and I am still battling with it to this day.

I have since bought Love Lies Bleeding from other sources and they did great.

Another example is sunflowers, I ordered a big bag of sunflower seeds and the germination rate was terrible. I was lucky to get ten sunflowers out of thousands I had planted. Yes, thousands I painstakingly individually planted.

I also ordered blue chicory and ended up with a field of yellow dandelions or some other odd yellow weed. Luckily, my goats liked it and ate it down.

That same spring I ordered seeds from other companies and they all did great. When I tracked back through my garden journal, all the plants that did poorly were from outside pride. They definitely have an odd outside pride to be selling bad products.

I just realized they are less than an hour away from me. I’m tempted to visit the place and see if they are even real. That’s how crazy my experience was with them.

I rarely leave negative reviews but in this case, the results were so horrific for the amount I spent, I feel I must warn others.

Me: The Crimson Clover Seed – 2 LBS Inoculated you sent me was the wrong item. The packaging must have been labeled wrong because it said Crimson Clover on it. I planted it and something else grew. It’s some kind of creeping vine and has taken over my yard. I attached a picture of it. The White Dutch Clover you sent me was perfect and is doing very well. I don’t want to leave a bad review, how can we settle this?

Outsidepride: Our crimson clover has 16 reviews rating it at 4 1/2 stars. You can’t get any better than that. Not to mention of our web site we sell about another 10,000 lbs a year. Not one single complaint. It is impossible to ship the wrong seed. What is growing there is just a weed from your soil.

Me: Either way, I gave it months with regular watering and the Crimson Clover never sprouted. If you won’t stand by your product then I won’t be doing business with you again, and I’ll make sure others know why.

Outsidepride: Months with regular watering? Crimson clove sprouts in about 5 days. It is pretty obvious you had no idea what you were doing. That is about the easiest seed in the world to sprout. Stand behind our product?? There is nothing wrong with our product! Look at the label and see the germination rate not to mention the fact we have had 2,421 orders of it this year and not one single complaint. Try being logical. Out of the 16 reviews, there is not a single one that is a 1 star or a 2 star review. Even the 3 star review only complained because it was larger than they thought or the wildlife kept eating it all down. There is not one single review out of the 16 posted complaining about germination. What does that tell you? Was the seed bad, of course not.

Me: Since it didn’t sprout within several months, then it must not have sprouted within 5 days, either. Obviously it is something wrong with your product

Outsidepride: Actually I tutored statistics all through college. What was obvious if you are sitting there waiting for it to sprout 2 months later than you have no idea what you are doing. Obviously wrong with the seed? Are you kidding me? I saw the photo of that mess you called a planting. It is also obvious there were herbicides used there? Gee, I wonder if the herbicides could have anything to do with the seed not sprouting. Gee, I wonder why out of 2,421 orders I am the only one who is complaining about sprouting? Gee, I wonder why out of the 16 reviews posted on Amazon, there is not a single one complaining about seed germination? Gee, I wonder why even the most recent reviews posted just last month, whose seed all came from the exact same lot gave it 5 stars? You are obviously a liberal to be so illogical.

Me: I really don’t know what being a liberal has to do with this, but I am, as a matter of fact, a veteran of the United States Air Force and a conservative. The fact that you brought politics into a debate over germination times is beyond me. You’ll grasp at anything and everything to keep from taking accountability. Your behavior is absolutely appalling.

The emails went on in this manner, but I don’t have enough room to include them all.

This person believes that Outsidepride is infallible, and that there is no such thing as human error. Their biggest argument was that they had “perfect” reviews and that “no one else” had ever complained before. But after looking around at other reviews, I found that it had been a common problem among other customers as well.

The fact of the matter is, that if it’s inoculated seed you really can’t tell what seed is inside unless you wash it off. The so called “weed” that this person claimed was growing in my yard is in fact called Partridge Pea. It’s indigenous to Connecticut. This person should know that since it is something sold on The fact that this person called it a weed goes to show that they know nothing about their own product.

The only possible error is that my dwarf morning glory mix has only produced blue flowers so far. But I won’t quibble over a $5 pack of seeds (and they got the rest of my orders correct).

I noticed some reviewers complaining about failed germination. I just want to point out that seeds and seedlings sown outdoors can dry out or get eaten by insects, birds and other animals. My seeds from Outsidepride have almost 100% germination when started indoors, but much lower rates when sown outside. It really depends on your climate and gardening skills.
On May 11th, 2014, EM007 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

On June 9th, 2014, EM007 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

This is my second order from this company and have received the order in a timely manner (very quickly) and as represented.

The seeds are packed in foil envelopes which make it easy to store what isn’t used right away.

I will say the seeds are a bit pricey but what isn’t these days!

The varied selection of herbal seeds is amazing. The planting and growth information is a good foundation for plant care.

And, should you require a large volume of seed, they have that option available.

All in all, good site and good people to do business with. I will purchase again

You might find some better prices elsewhere but the selection of seeds is fantastic.. it took me two days to decide what seeds I wanted of the

800 varieties available that will grow in my zone!

The only frustration I had was my cart kept emptying if I left the site more than an hour or two..Would like if the cart could remain for 2-3 days.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors.

Now established, the minclover is better described as macroclover, or very large clover. The diameter of the leaf is larger than any other lawn clover I have ever used and often exceeds 2 inches in diameter. It also is growing very tall very fast and dwarfing my fescue.

Much of the criticism of this company seems to have absolutely nothing to do with gardening. And, much of that which is seems to have more to due with opportunism than genuine seed issues. has 88 reviews (36 negative, 37 positive and 15 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

Has anyone ordered from this place? They specialize in grasses but appear to carry some flowers and groundcovers.


I have ordered from twice.The first was for Ajuga seeds that I wanted to use as ground cover. I prepared the area and sowed and watered as instructed and not one seed germinated, this stuff is like a weed and their seed didn’t even get started, I didn’t count the seeds in the package but I question that as well.
The next try was for Rock Cress and the same result and complaint as before. Both times I got their shaker type dispenser and followed the directions and the second time I added bags of top soil as they suggested.
I will never purchase from them again nor will I recommend them to anyone. With the cost of seeds and preparation etc. this was an expensive lesson.

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I ordered ground cover seed from them. The oregano and thyme seed worked great!
I also ordered wintergreen and christmas rose. They are notoriously hard to grow from seed but I thoguht I’d try them. I have several wintergreen seedlings slowly growing, however I couldn’t get the christmas rose to sprout.

They shipped very fast and answered all my questions. I plan to order more oregano from them again soon.

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So far the thyme seed I ordered from them is germinating well. I also ordered some cushion spurge and iceplant, but they haven’t sprouted yet. delivered my package promptly and the seeds were packaged well when they arrived.

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brandon7 TN_zone7

I know this thread is old, but after someone on another forum mentioned this company and I did a little checking, I felt a warning to possible future customers might be a good idea. Beware of! After looking at their reviews on the other well-known gardening site, it’s pretty clear that this nursery has major customer service problems, frequent lack-of-quality concerns, a propensity to send hate-mail/SPAM to their customers, and a complete lack of honesty. In fact, they were caught adding multiple fake positive reviews to their own Garden Watchdog page. This company is BAD NEWS!

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Don’t deal with these crooks. After I placed my order I received a confirmation, an email stating that my order had been processed, another email stating that my order had shipped along with a UPS tracking number. Come to find out it never shipped. I was stuck losing a rental deposit because the seed didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. There is no phone number to customer service so I emailed and the person that responded was rude and didn’t help at all. I ended up charging back my credit card AND filing a BBB Complaint!

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I placed an order for 3,000 seeds of Miscanthus Ornamental Grass, 6,000 seeds of Lagurus Ovatus Ornamental Grass and 400 seeds of Carex Testacea Ornamental Grass. My cost was $85.00. What I received was 3 small packets of Miscanthus that totaled 1.962 grams, 6 small packets of Lagurus Ovatus that totaled 2.862 grams and 2 packets of Carex Testacea totaling .458 grams.
When I look at these 11 tiny packets I can only say “there is no way that I received 9,400 seeds.” When I sent an email to question if I received the correct order they tell me that there are indeed 1,000 seeds per packet. However, when I look at other web sites I see the count of seeds and the weight of each packet and there is no way that they have sent me as many seeds as they claim. For example Lagurus Ovatus (bunny tail) on may sites that that their packets are 250 mg that contain 20 seeds. Yet this place says that a their packet is .477 grams (477 mg) has 1,000 seeds. Give me a break.
I would like to open a packet to count them out, but the company said I cannot return them if they are opened.
Their customer service is poor and frankly I think this is a company should avoided.
I am returning my seeds tomorrow via Fed Ex and I will see how long it takes them to credit my card for the $85.00.

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I ordered two Lobelia shaker seeds of 1000 seeds each. I planted as directed and waited and waited to no avail. When I contacted customer service several times I was told they needed more time to germinate. After months of waiting, i have no flowers and no response from their customer service staff. The telephone number on their website is incorrect and so you cannot ever speak to anyone. I would suggest that you avoid this company. I am reporting them to the BBB for sure.

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This was the hate mail they circulated.

I wrote them this email before finding the hate mail. The negative reviews were mostly old and I figured I have some questions, so why not email them and ask and see how their customer service responds.

The conversation follows:

Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 1:28 PM

Subject:, Inc. Support Request


CONTACT INFO Contact Name: Address:

Country: US State: ID Zip/Postal Code:

Availability Message:

I called the 800# with questions and was informed it was for Orders only, literally. Then I was told to use this tab to contact you with questions. I don’t know how I feel about not being able to verbally speak with the business I am giving my money to, especially with so many bad company reviews out there about your business and it’s owner. What I am wanting to ask is if the Showtime Grass Seed Mix is something that is in stock and will ship out on time, or if it is back-ordered or out of stock. If treated and watered properly, in how many days should this mix show germination and in about how many week would it receive it’s first mow and be able to be walked on at-least by pets? Also, I would need 3-4 50lb bags and wanted to know if you had bulk discounts like other grass seed retailers? With guarantees, what is your guarantee that the seed I get will be good, germinate and be successful and if we have issues, what would be the procedure to handle such issues? I appreciate your speedy reply as I wish to order today in an attempt to have it by Saturday (UPS states 2 days for my area). Thank you for everything!

Subject: Re:, Inc. Support Request

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 17:16:26 -0700

Bad reviews. We have a 99% approval rating in Amazon right now and an A+ BBB rating. There is nothing bad about that. Referring to a handful of bad review out of hundreds of thousands of orders is crazy. First, no order will ship until Monday. There are no discounts of seed of that amount since are margins are too low.

That grass will germinate in 7 days and be able to be mowed within 3 weeks and walked on. You can not possibly have a problem planting a grass seed mix if you follow the directions on our web site.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 5:42 PM

Subject: RE:, Inc. Support Request

First off, I own a business. The first thing you should have asked is where I read these bad reviews. I have seen the BBB rating, which doesn’t mean much now a days as people tend to not go to them with complaints like they used to. I searched for reviews about this company and only found one site with several reviews and atleast 75% of them were negative. They even had a fair amount of positive reviews that were removed because the website company said the reviews originated from from an IP address belonging to Outside Pride themselves and were fictional reviews.

I also checked your facebook page and found no one has shared a review there. So, where do I find these “positive” reviews? And to say I am “crazy” for basing my question about company quality on the “handful” of reviews I found is what is actually “crazy”. One can only base their preliminary review on what they are able to find. If you have thousands of positive reviews, make them easy to find and direct me to them.

Also, I read your shipping policy clearly, “After an order leaves the warehouse, the map below shows the average transit ground time from Salem, OR. The day an order ships does not count as a business day. Therefore, if your order ships out on Monday and it is a 5 business day transit, it will not arrive until the following Monday.” The map reflects a 2 day transit time. According to your shipping policy, I am not to count the day the order is placed, which would have been today. Thus, Wednesday the order is placed, so Thursday and Friday should be transit dates. Tomorrow is Thursday, if I order then it should send out Friday and Friday and Saturday are transit days.

“if you order a package on Monday via UPS 3 day select, your package will ship on Tuesday and arrive on Friday.” UPS does deliver on Saturdays when you affix a “deliver on Saturday” sticker.

Maybe you care where there are bad reviews, but I could care less. We have been in business 11 years and process tens of thousands of orders a year. We grow every year and have over 10,000 repeat customers a year. All of our seed is the best seed available sold to nurseries, landscape companies, private gardens, homeowners, golf courses etc. We know we have the best products available, period. The only negative reviews I have ever even seen are from Dave’s garden and most of those are from 5 years ago. Something like the last 9 out of 10 are all postive which is actually shocking since it has been proven that 90% of the people that post reviews only post them if they are disgruntled.

The shipping policy is true for the entire year accept this week. All orders shipped out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but we are not shipping Thursday and Friday due to counting inventory.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

How do you like that. They flat out said I don’t care one bit about you, me or anyone else. This company is disgusting. I would never handle my business in such a way, from a business and a moral perspective, this is not how you treat people.

Has anyone ordered from this place? They specialize in grasses but appear to carry some flowers and groundcovers.