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What’s the Best Time to Start an Outdoor Cannabis Grow?

Saturday July 4, 2020

I t’s amazing how quickly the world can change, isn’t it? In the past 25 years, cannabis has moved from an illicit substance relegated to the shadowy corners of the black market to an “essential” industry because of COVID-19. In many states, local cannabis laws allow you to grow your own, and why not? When you grow your own, you can do your own quality control, know the purity of your product, and manage your own supply. Luckily, no matter where you live in the country, you can start your own grow in a container as small as a flower pot. However, cannabis is a picky plant and will need at least four-to-six hours of light each day and a few months to produce its desired cannabinoid goodness, so there is some variability in the growing season depending on where you live.

B efore we move on, here are some date ranges to help guide your growing plans. When Spring Equinox comes around, start germinating your seeds. Make sure those plants get outside by Summer Solstice in June, and harvested around Fall Equinox. For more specifics, you’ll need a fortune teller. Better yet, look into a book by celebrated cannabis growers like Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, and of course, every green thumb’s favorite, The Farmer’s Almanac.

For a (shallow-ish) deeper dive into what to expect for your outdoor cannabis grows, here’s a look at optimal grow times for regions across the U.S.

Northwest (Northern CA, OR, WA)

When you plant cannabis in this loamy region you’ll never have to worry about rain. However, mold development and lack of sunshine can make growing outdoors a more difficult proposition.

Hybrids that flower earlier are suggested as the most successful grows, especially in Washington and Oregon. California plants can be put in the ground earlier due to the region’s warmer weather. Your best clue indicating when it’s time to get your plants outdoors is when daylight hours increase and the temperature starts to warm.

Southwest (Southern CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO)

If you choose to grow your plants outside in this scorching climate, be prepared to pay attention to the temperature, where highs that regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit will slow your plant’s growth. Sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids do well in this environment because of their lineage tracing back to the equator, where the weather is uniformly hot. Before moving your plants outdoors, make sure the last frost has passed

Midwest (IL, MI, Eastern CO)

This region is tricky because the weather is highly variable; rainy and muggy, and/or hot and dry. Winter may come early to this region, so choosing an indica-dominant hybrid strain might be your best bet for growing outdoors since its flowering time is shorter. Try to shoot for germination after the final frost of spring has passed in these regions.

Northeast (NY, MA, PA, NJ, ME, VT)

With its rich soils and abundance of water, the northeast region can be a great place to cultivate cannabis outdoors, especially if you choose an early harvest strain that can finish up before fall kicks in. Best time to move your plants outdoors in this region is the middle of April, when days are longer.

Southeast (FL)

The temperatures in Florida might be good for cannabis growing, but the humidity definitely is not.

In fact, because of all that moisture in the air, it’s best to avoid indica strains and grow sativas instead to avoid the mold that inevitably comes along with humidity. In this region, you could start the germination process as early as February. Just make sure that the last frost has passed before moving your plants outside.

Of course, there are many different factors that go into the timing of an outdoor grow. Use these estimates as rough guidelines and adjust as needed. Happy growing!

Erin Hiatt is a New York City-based writer who has been covering the cannabis industry for more than six years. Her work – which has appeared in Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, PotGuide, Civilized, Vice, Freedom Leaf, MERRY JANE, Alternet, and CannaInvestor – covers a broad range of topics, including cannabis policy and law, CBD, hemp law and applications, science and technology, beauty, and psychedelics.

With the summer growing season in full swing, many of you have reached out asking what's the optimal time to start an outdoor cannabis grow. Check out some recommendations based on different regions where marijuana cultivation is popular.

Growing out in Texas. tips?

Texas Kid
Some guy with a light

I wouldn’t but I am not a big fan prison, Huntsville blows.

I have ran a few outdoors when I was down there and the stress wore me out


I wouldn’t but I am not a big fan prison, Huntsville blows.

I have ran a few outdoors when I was down there and the stress wore me out

Truer words not spoken^^

Totally wrong. there are no laws about cultivation in texas, only possession and posses with intent to distribute(which they have to catch you doing a sale to and undercover). see norml website for amounts and related punishments, even though just cause you get arrested doesnt mean you will be convicted, and even if you do they are very lenient with first and even second time offenders and mostly give out probation. one friend burnt down a house growing in it, only got 2 yrs probation.

if you do try it and are in south tx, count on tons of mold.

Texas Kid
Some guy with a light

Trust me when I tell ya that in Texas, because there are no cultivation laws, you get hit with “manufacturing of a controlled substance”, “possesion with intent to distribute”, and strait up “possesion of a controlled substance” in the Class A felony range. You are booked just like you were a east Texas meth cook, absolutely no difference at all.

I lived there 36 years and grew my ass off indoors for 10 of those, 1 outdoors and the penelties were just to hard core to get out of your mind and your grow suffers

Be very carefull and be very prepared also be willing to sit a bit.

Buddy Hemphill

Trust me when I tell ya that in Texas, because there are no cultivation laws, you get hit with “manufacturing of a controlled substance”, “possesion with intent to distribute”, and strait up “possesion of a controlled substance” in the Class A felony range. You are booked just like you were a east Texas meth cook, absolutely no difference at all.


Here’s whats going on around the world. NM and Co have no busts on this map.

Some enterprising ranchers had a place down 35 they were growing on and a neighboring ranch hand was checking fence and noticed one of their watchers sitting out in the field with an AK and called the cops. They busted the whole operation with several hundred 14 or so foot plants..several hundred were already processed and gone. so all of these people are hip. With the smell, game wardens that can trespass at will, hunters, poachers, cops with dogs, illegals walking through obscure places, it might be a bad choice. And in town the meter readers are trained to tip and get a paltry reward. So that just about sews up Texas outdoor as far as I can tell. One guy I knew had an old trailor he rented to some deer hunter. For some reason, there was a wildfire on the place and the renter got discovered and busted. It was way back in no where also. likely some cop was sneaking around and found it and set it afire and called the fire dept who brought the cops along. another asswipe sheriff was sneaking around a trailer in the country and broke in when the grower was gone to town, discovered his grow, dialed 911 and left. They have to break in to investigate 911 hangup calls so sure enough, another sheriff broke in and found it. No one ever knew who dialed the 911 call from the guys phone and hung up and left. but my friends do. so to do even an inside project it take a minimum of two people as it has to be guarded 24/7 by a live person. And a landline is likely not to be had at the grow. You are screwing with some crafty rule breaking cops there who have no problems cheating the constitution to bust your ass. And riding around with dope in the car is their biggest thrill. They will background you if you move in and if you have any blemishes on your record, guess what! They just pass on by until the see you leaving one day and pull you over for some Mickey Mouse bullshit and bam. they bust you..they get government grants for a great amount of busts and are buying machine guns and SWAT tanks and such for when they take over the world. so unless you are a real smart, savy, and rich son of a bitch, I would rethink this stuff real well. and loose lips sink ships in Texas. there’s a snitch in every bunch it seems like. some make a living off turning people in and then they will go an smoke with them the next day.


// Hello fellow Texan.. i would grow indoors and just keep
The kisser shut. You should have ZERO problems.

My brother has been growing for about 3 yrs after he
lost two toes coming from Iraq. I’ve been helping him
For two years now and no problem. He has a good
Job and me too, so we don’t sell any of our meds.

Buddah Ninja

Yeah, I had to move out of TX too for all of these reasons (and more). The thing I did NOT get to take with me was a cut of TEXAS SHORELINE. That has to be the dankest weed I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. I felt like my head was a balloon and floating 9 feet above my body. I’ve never felt that way before or since. Found one seed in the 1/4 baggie but I lost it! 😡

The things I would consider doing to get a real cut of that plant. I might even leave the mountain and go visit my family.


I really have to disagree with most of these cats. Texas cops are a very different breed of cop. If you’re not a prick about it, you can get away with almost anything.

I had an indoor grow in SA with a cop as my downstairs neighbor. He wasn’t a half-wit, he knew what was up. If there was anything tipping him off, I still have the impression that he would told me to fix it rather than reporting it and getting me busted.

My friend had 8 large-ish plants in his backyard in Austin, and 2 cops wandered into his backyard while he was back there. One of them said, ‘yep’. Then another one said, ‘those need to go’. My buddy gave him a ‘yessir’, then they left.

The court system is the same personality. If you’re an otherwise responsible citizen and don’t have a gajillion plants, you’ll get the minimum. If you don’t have a record, the minimum is like 6 months probation for a pound or less. That’s dried bud, as well. If they pull your plants, they dry them out, cut the bud sites and weigh those.

This is obviously going to be a bit different depending on the locality, but that’s the south for you. The Nazis are going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and any county on the border, especially Corpus. A lot of that is supposedly large gang-funded operations, as well. Anywhere else, you should be fine. Just don’t be stupid, and don’t be a prick.

I want to grow this coming year outdoors in TX, any tips? Would u worry about getting busted for a 7 plant operation? I hope to have no neighbors where I…