orange auto reviews

Orange auto reviews

They are responsible for the contracting of the driver. The driver showed up at our house without calling beforehand to let us know approximately when to expect him. The driver dropped the car off late in front of the shop it was to go to, and left it unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

I had to pay the driver ahead of time because the place I was shipping it to didn’t want it to be COD, but that doesn’t mean to just leave the car with the keys in it. It could have easily been stolen by anyone wandering by. The driver claimed to have called the place, but the shop was open during the time he claimed to have called them. He then went past the place and dropped off another car and circled back later – and ended up getting there after hours. This was over the Memorial Day weekend so a $25k car was sitting there with keys in it for 3 days.

They are responsible for the contracting of the driver. The driver showed up at our house without calling beforehand to let us know approximately whe…

Orange Auto


Very honest and helpful. It was a Quick painless process and offer really fair prices, good quality vehicles. Worked with us on price as well.

If your looking for a vehicle go here and you will look no further. You will find Great People, Quality Vehicles, and Fair Prices. The staff was unlike . other dealerships and people you could trust and know that they were dealing honestly.

Great customer service! Super friendly staff and very informative.

Repeat customer with a great experience both times. highly recommend them.


I honestly thought I was going to get to write a rave review for this dealership. but am glad I waited until we received our documents. Our inital experience . was good. Sharri was polite and not pushy; when a couple of things were found to be in need of repair, she got them taken care of that day (we live 2 hours away). However, I would not advise anyone from NC to buy from this dealership. I can’t speak for someone from VA. Every time my husband or I have previously purchased vehicles from dealers, all expenses related to tax, title, and registration were paid in the purchase process. My husband even asked Sharri to confirm that he would not be getting a property tax bill immediately after purchasing this truck. She told him that would not happen. This week, we received our Temporary Registration & Temporary license plate. Why? The property taxes were not paid. When we called Orange Auto, they told us that they don’t cover that because it is a 6-month bill in NC (it’s not. it’s annual, paid at the same time as registration, which cannot be completed without this payment). We have NEVER had this happen with another dealer in NC or VA and it was the reason we wanted to purchase through a dealer, rather than an individual. Needless to say, we are very disappointed. They had appeared to be professional, polite, and concerned about their reputation when we made our purchase, but lied to us while trying to make the sale. If Sharri simply told us directly that they didn’t pay property taxes–especially when my husband asked specifically, we could have made a decision about whether we still wanted to make the purchase. The dishonesty is disturbing. I honestly wish we could just return the vehicle and buy from someone else now. Oh, and additionally, the check engine light came on during the 2 hour drive home. we already have another repair to make.

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