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Are you looking for cannabis seeds created by the breeder Single Seed Center? View all the seeds bred by Single Seed Center in the list below and find the best offer for your Single Seed Center seeds online. Single Seed Center is known for their Banana Haze seeds and Banana Kush seeds, we have those seeds listed here along with the other 15 seeds bred by Single Seed Center.

Browse through all the cannabis seeds bred by Single Seed Center. This overview list all the seeds of Single Seed Center along with offers from many seedshops. Find the best deal at Seedsbay!

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I will advice you contact discreet…

I will advice you contact discreet pharmaceutical
They are the surest plug, they are fast and reliable. Delivery is discreet with no hassle you can text them in (304) 398-1825

Make purchase of marijuana,strains and psychedelic drugs, anxiety and painkiller drugs.
Delivery is within 24hours in America and 48hours overseas

Please l need my money l don’t wanna do…

Please l need my money l don’t wanna do business with guy anymore because l just got a legit company and that’s where am ordering my products now and their products are high quality and the company is ( there are very real and reliable.

Am just disappointed with their…

Am just disappointed with their products quality I bet you have to step up your game bet you can check ( to see what am talking about great quality and they give coupon codes 10 to 15% discount was very surprised till I received my package.

This company has totally ripped me off…

This company has totally ripped me off from Canada oh, that’s okay I have many viewers who I am telling as of now do not use them and check the better business bureau to get your money back. Me I live right across the border from y’all suckers!; I’ll be seeing you soon. And I want my money back plus 100%..

Scammers all the way

Scammers all the way! 6th May and no refund yet..promised by them ,also proving to be fake..not responding in any way thanks to berverlypharm .com my friend showed me i can smile now i got what i paid for

Riches to rags

This company was my go to for all my cannabis genetics for over 10 years. They were great, amazing every time, then they changed the name, site and business methods. They discontinued hundreds of dollars of credits I had gathered through the years as well as my account and stopped accepting my payment methods. They went from grade A+ to F with their recent changes. I hope their new target market segment is bigger and better than before, however I’m not part of it any longer.

My orders from singleseedcenter in the…

My orders from singleseedcenter in the past multiple times they were okay but since they change their prices are outrageous and I don’t think that I’ll be using them again

Purchased 90$ worth of seeds from them…

Purchased 90$ worth of seeds from them in December of 2019 and they have not even shipped them and its now march 29th. I messaged customer service and they constantly gave me the run around and told me “They will be shipped soon” well its about 3 months later and nothings happened. Im just gonna assume I lost the 90$ and never shop at their site again. If your looking for a reliable seed website I reccommend ILGM or Attitude Seeds. SSC 0/10

I miss you guys so much

Totally ripped me off

I’m a neophyte grower literally they…

I’m a neophyte grower literally they were extremely flexible in allowing me to change the order I will be back satisfied customer

My seeds arrived on time

My seeds arrived on time, within 2 weeks to the USA. Great communications by their support team, especially Oscar. Highly recommend. I will buy again soon. Bummed I missed the welcome 10% off.


Ok maybe I was a little hasty in my judgment.
Finally received tracking number 3 weeks later and the beans 2 days afterwards.

Do not use this site to purchase…

Do not use this site to purchase anything, they stole my money, and they will steal yours! Spread the news and put these thieves out of business.

Follow up. I finally got an email…

Follow up. I finally got an email with some tracking numbers but they where for an order already delivered on November. I call the company from a new number of course,we dont want them ignoring my calls again. anyways they ended up telling me they will let the warehouse know the issue AGAIN, and that i should receive a new tracking number in the next few days. how about me just receiving what i paid for. now that would be nice.

I was ripped off by The Single Seed…

I was ripped off by The Single Seed Center they took my money and it took so long for them to fulfill the order I canceld it. But my money was never returned into bank account, sad for me but thier Karma will be much worse for them. I was informed they are now Homegrowncannibis co. so you may have a big problem with them if you deal a Daria Green.

Things work better last year

Things work better last year. Can’t seem to send seeds out this year. New company. 😎

Not horrible

Received an email from them saying they received my payment a month ago. Last week I emailed to see where my seeds were and the email was returned saying email doesn’t exist.
I’ll up date if they send them.
Update 1-27-2020
Received the seeds today plus 4 bonus seeds,not sure if the bonus seeds are feminized or not. I droped one in a napkin earlier today if its female I’ll update in 3 – 4 month

Ok guys i had one good transaction with…

Ok guys i had one good transaction with this company.
1 got them seeds 🖒
2 cash stole 🖓
3 not sure what happened 👊
4 paid with CC and 9 days later 💣💥💨
5 acount wrong . Paid it and acount says unfulfilled. ✍✍review

Your payment has been accepted.
We’re processing your order

[ johns ]
Why dose it say on my account pending .
Order # but got e-mail says payment accepted Processing order.

Show order summary [ none ya bizz ]
Your payment has been accepted.

Shipping address [ none ya bizz ]

Shipping method
Stealth Tracked Shipping – Approx.

So 11 days my account pending on web site. Mean while paid 11th and took 2 days transfer 7days email on whats up . 18th email accepted processing order and still website unfulfilled payment . Facts have all email transaction. So 2019 dec 19 12:03 pm so to all -this is ongoing and lets see they make good on this transaction.

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