old school colombian gold seeds

old school columbian gold

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search for columbian gold

That was my fav back in the day. The strains now are better I think. More THC. Although the old gold was the bomb back then

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search for columbian gold

That was my fav back in the day. The strains now are better I think. More THC. Although the old gold was the bomb back then

I don’t really agree that pot today is better or that it has a higher level of THC.

I would say that most pot is more resinous but that does not always equate to more THC as most people believe.

I also do not agree with the claims of THC percentages used to advertise strains today. When you think about it the numbers just do not make sense, they do not add up.

Check out the following two part video by following the links.

Something else to consider is what makes someone high or stoned and to what degree goes well beyond just THC.

For one a number of the old school sativas that were from equatorial or near equatorial areas not only had THC but also THCV and that is not found in other sativa strains or in indica strains. THCV is what made some sativa strains true rocket-sled rides.

Something else to remember is what percentages of CBN and CBD there is in strains.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) gets a user high, a larger THC content will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don’t get high.

CBD (Cannabidiol) increases some of the effects of THC and decreases other effects of THC. High levels of THC and low levels of CBD contribute to a strong, clear headed, more energetic high.

Cannabis that has a high level of both THC and CBD will produce a strong head-stone that feels almost dreamlike.

Cannabis that has low levels of THC and high levels of CBD produces more of a stoned feeling. The mind feels dull and the body feels tired.

CBN (Cannabinol)
is produced as THC ages and breaks down, this process is known as oxidization. High levels of CBN tend to make the user feel messed up rather than high.

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)
is found primarily in strains of African and Asian cannabis. THCV increases the speed and intensity of THC effects, but also causes the high to end sooner.

Weed that smells strong (prior to smoking) might indicate a high level of THCV.

CBC (Cannabichromene)
is probably not psychoactive in pure form but is thought to interact with THC to enhance the high.

CBL (Cannabicyclol)
is a degradative product like CBN. Light converts CBC to CBL.

Cannabinol – CBN is not produced by the plant per se. It is the degradation (oxidative) product of THC.

Fresh samples of marijuana contain very little CBN but curing, poor storage, or processing such as when making hashish, can cause much of the THC to be oxidized to CBN. Pure forms of CBN have at most 10 percent of the psychoactivity of THC.

Like CBD, it is suspected of potentiating certain aspects of the high, although so far these effects appear to be slight.

CBN seems to potentiate THC’s disorienting qualities. One may feel more dizzy or drugged or generally messed up but not necessarily higher.

Those are just some of the chemicals, psychoactive and non-psychoactive, in pot. There are many more and many have not yet been discovered due to such a lack if research so people do not only not know what they are but they also do not know what they do and how they do it.

Because of that people do not know their possible importance and others do not know about the ones mentioned above so all they say is THC, THC, THC when there is more to consider.

Many people today mistake the dulled mind and messed up feeling of high CNB/lower THC level strains for being more potent when they in fact are not.
It is just a different feeling/effect caused by the percentages of the different chemicals in different strains.

One thing I often ask people who claim today’s strains are so much more potent than what I smoked in the late 60’s and 70’s is where did the different strains of today come from, how did they genetically get their massive potency if not from the plants used to breed them?

Many people today say that all Mexican was always low grade pot.

Well Acapulco Gold was Mexican and that certainly was not low grade pot.

Consider just a few crosses/strains:

AK-47 (Serious) Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani
Black Gold (Dman) Columbian Gold X [G13 x Black Widow]
Black Widow (Mr. Nice) Brazilian Sativa X South Indian Hybrid (The original White Widow)
Blueberry (DJ Short) [Oaxacan Gold X Chocolate Thai] X Highland Thai X Afghani
Brains Damage (KC Brains) Mexico, Acapulco X [Hawaii 93 X Mango 2001 X KC 36 606]
Cannalope Haze (DNA) Haze X Landraces; Mexico, Michoacan
Durban / Durban Poison (Sensi / Dutch Passion) Landraces; South Africa, Durban
Durban Poison (Nirvana) South African Sativa X Skunk
Early Queen (Mr. Nice) early Californian blends X Mexican Sativa
Golden Haze (Dr. Greenthumb) Acapulco Gold X Haze
Malawi Gold (African Seeds) Landraces; Malawi, Lake Malawi
Mexican Sativa (Sensi) Mexican, Oaxacan X Pakistani Hashplant X Durban
New York City Diesel (Soma) Mexican Sativa X Afghani
Original Haze (Seedsman) [Mexican x Columbian] X Thai X South Indian Kerala
Red Congolese (Reeferman) Congolese Sativa X [Mexican X Afghani]
Reefer Madness (Reeferman) Mexican a.k.a Blackseed X G13
Trainwreck (Woodhorse) Mexican X Colombian X Afghani
White Rhino (Green House) Afghan X Brazilian X South Indian, Kerala
Willijuana (Reeferman) Vietnamese X Burmese
Willy Nelson (Reeferman) Vietnamese X Highland Nepalese

Those are just a few. Anything that is Haze can be added to the list along with others.

Did they all become potent because of the indica in them?

Now consider the crosses that came from some of the crosses above, and others with old school sativa in them, and you can add them to the list because they to in part came from old school sativas.

There is a lot of misperception, confusion, myth and urban legends passed around about pot of today being the highest in THC of all time and being the best of all time.

Decades ago I smoked a good amount of true Dalat and to this day I have never run across a single modern strain that is as potent let alone more potent.
Some old sativas simply cannot be beat.

Something else to consider when comparing old school sativas to today’s crosses is that it was very rare, very rare to find seedless pot in the 60’s and 70’s but today it is common, it is what everyone here does their best to grow.

Well if there are seeds some energy always goes into seed production instead of going to resin/THC production so to compare seeded pot to seedless pot is not a valid comparison.

What is needed to be done is to compare today’s strains if grow with seeds to the 60’s and 70’s pot with seeds. If that is done a more accurate comparison can be made.

i'm looking for a strain that resembles and tastes like the gold weed from back in the day. so many choices & the cost of the seeds is hwy i need help here…

Colombian Gold

World of Seeds and Alchimia present here the Colombian Gold strain, a genetics obtained from the landraces of Santa Marta, Colombia, where we find the highest mountains of the country. It blooms in 70-90 days and can yield up to 600 g/plant.

These mountains have a huge botanical divesritybecause its soil is very fertile. This makes possible that, below 2500m we can find from areas with tropical vegetation to Andean forests, with all the climate and botanical diversity that it implies.

This fact, along with the interest of locals to evolve the marihuana genetics grown there since many time ago, crossing different phenotypes, has promoted that we can enjoy these pure sativa plants of great quality and very particular features.

WOS found a tall and vigorous Colombian Gold pheno, well branched, that deveops large flower tails with sativa structure.

These flowers can be harvested after 70-90 days of flowering, producing 350g/m2 indoors or up to 600g/plant outdoors, which is a very interesting yield for a sativa with these characteristics.

Moreover, its resin production is high, making it an attractive option for making stimulant hashish.

The most outstanding feature of this strain is its intense and sweet aroma, fruity and tropical, producing a powerful and long lasting psychedelic effect.

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