northern lights flowering time

Tips for growing Northern Lights cannabis

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Strain overview: Northern Lights is a classic indica strain bred from Afghani and Thai landrace genetics. It has been used countless times in breeding projects to create many famous strains on the market today. Offering a profound and heavy high, Northern Lights is enjoyed for its effects as well as its sweet, earthy flavor profile. Thought to be from the Pacific Northwest region originally, it has since been propagated by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam.

Grow techniques: Grow indoors and get multiple cycles each year with this fast growing and flowering strain. Northern Lights is well suited for the SOG (sea of green) method, and as a hydroponic or soil based strain. Keep steady airflow through the garden to prevent humidity buildup in the dense canopy.

Flowering time: 6-7 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Easy

Climate: Prefers long summer seasons and warm, sunny climates between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/outdoor: Northern Lights is a great choice for indoor growers.

Feeding: Northern Lights grows well with high levels of nitrogen as it develops and can continue to take heavy feedings through its flowering cycle.

Learn more about growing the Northern Lights cannabis strain, including its preferred nutrients, recommended training techniques, and harvest time.

Northern Lights Strain – Everything you need to know and more!

First bred in Holland in 1985 by the Sensi Seeds company, the Northern Lights strain has evolved into one of the most famous strains across the globe. A descendant of Afghani and Thai Landrace, this heavily 95% Indica strain is much loved for its body high, leaving users incredibly relaxed while also elevating their mood. An ideal strain for evening use, it can treat those suffering from insomnia as well as chronic aches and pains. It is a good strain for beginner growers as it is an auto-flowering strain and requires a short time to flower.

This strain is also known by a few other names including Frosty weed, Thai Lights, Aurora Borealis weed, and Northern Lights Kush.

Northern Lights: Sativa or Indica?

Northern Lights is a heavily Indica strain, with all phenotypes containing no less than 95% Indica genetics, leading many to describe it as a heavy sedative. First bred in Amsterdam, this strain has since made its way across the Atlantic and has become popular across the West Coast and Colorado. Its most famous phenotype is Northern Lights #5, which won the cannabis cup in 89’, 90’ and 92’.

Northern Lights Genetics

The exact genetics of Northern Lights cannabis remains somewhat of a mystery, but it is known that it’s a descendant of two legendary strains: Afghani and Thai Landrace. Appearance-wise, its plant has the classic Indica look. Buds are often light green in color with streaks of deep purple, while its plant is short and bushy.

The Northern Lights strain is well known for its highly pungent, earthy, pine aroma. Many in Europe associate this with the forests of Northern Scandinavia; perhaps this is how it got its name. Since its creation, Northern Lights has been crossbred to make other legendary strains such as Deep Purple and Shiva Skunk.

Northern Lights THC percentage

This strain is considered to be one of the most potent Indica strains around. The average Northern Lights strain is tested to contain 22% THC, with some phenotypes known to contain up to 33% THC. For comparison, the average Indica strain has a THC concentration of 13%. Newcomers and inexperienced users should, therefore, stick to low doses with this heavyweight.

If you are looking for something similar to Northern Lights but less potent, we can recommend Big Buds strain or Deep Cheese strain. They have a lower THC concentration but with similar indica effects and earthy taste.

Northern Lights Price

Northern Lights weed is easy to cultivate and grow, making it relatively affordable. Widely available across the West Coast and Colorado, consumers can expect to pay around 8 to 10 dollars a gram (25 to 35 dollars a gram ).

Northern Lights taste

  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Pine

Northern Lights’ addictive sweet and spicy aroma can sometimes be very pungent, which is worth bearing in mind if you are trying to keep your consumption discreet. Although it is generally a smooth strain to smoke, you can always use a flower vaporizer if you think it is still too harsh. Flower vapes don’t make the plant material combust, which means a smoother toke for you!

Northern Lights shatter, edibles, wax, etc.

Any strain of marijuana can be made into edibles, wax, shatter, etc. Northern Lights is a particularly good choice because of its high concentration of THC and super dense buds. These buds will often need to be broken down by a high-quality grinder because of its stickiness. Due to Northern Lights’ high potency, we recommend you use already vaped bud (AVB) when making edibles. If you do not have access to a vape, you can always decarboxylate your weed first. This step is necessary in order to activate the THC within the weed, allowing for a more enjoyable high.

This almost pure Indica strain primarily gives users a pleasant, relaxing body high. Given its potency, it doesn’t take much before users feel sleepy and sedated, making it a perfect sleeping aid. Northern Lights is also a popular medicinal strain. In addition to insomnia, it is effective in treating chronic physical pains and depression.

You should prepare some water and snacks before consuming this strain as it is known to have a particularly strong “munchies” and dry mouth effect. With high enough doses, this strain can make you feel lethargic. If you do feel unwell, you should prepare yourself a warm drink, take a cold shower, or have a lie-down and you will feel better shortly!

Northern Lights flowering time

Northern Lights Growing tips

Overall, Northern Lights is a relatively easy strain to grow thanks to its fast-growing speeds and hardy genetics; this makes it a good choice for first-time growers. Though it can be grown outdoors, indoor methods, including greenhouse cultivation, are preferred because of its higher yield.

Compared to other marijuana plants, Northern Lights generally prefers warmer temperatures at around 22 – 29 degrees Celsius. Methods such as the sea of green work well but airflow should be well regulated to prevent humidity build-up. As with any indica plant, Northern Lights can become rather bushy, therefore, we recommend you trim the plant regularly in order to be sure light reaches its lower parts.

How much weed does one plant produce?

Northern Lights strain is one of the highest yielding strains around when grown correctly and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If cultivating outdoors, make sure it is done in the warm summer months in order to ensure maximum yield. One can expect around 100 grams of fresh bud per fully grown plant; given its high potency, this amount is guaranteed to go a long way!

Northern Lights seeds

Seeds of this popular strain are widely available on both sides of the Atlantic. Growers from Europe can purchase seeds from the original breeders Sensi Seeds. ( 50 dollars for a pack of 3)

What is the Northern Lights Strain?

  • 95+% Indica strain
  • Perfect sleeping aid; ideal for evening use
  • First bred by Sensi Seeds in 1985
  • A descendant of Afghani and Thai Landrace
  • Earthy/Piney aroma
  • High Potency w/ 22% THC concentration
  • Fast-growing plant; requires 6 to 8 weeks to flower

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Is there anything more relaxing than the Northern Lights dancing across the sky in front of you? What about a 95% indica with potent effects? The Northern Lights strain is sure to send you into a state of wonder, just like the natural phenomenon. Perfect for relaxing, this is one you'll want to cancel your plans for.