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Best Minecraft 1.16 seeds for speedrunning

Since the introduction of Minecraft 1.16, speedrunning has become a bit easier since you no longer have to kill a bunch of Enderman to get your hands on Ender Pearls. You can now simply trade some gold with a Piglin to quickly get Ender Pearls.

However, there are a few seeds that generate worlds where speedrunning is even more easier than the usual Minecraft 1.16 run. We have compiled a list of such seeds for you to practice your skills and make new records!

Best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft 1.16

1. Surface Lava and Blaze Spawner

With this Minecraft 1.16 seed, you spawn in a world where you are only a little ways away from a surface lava pool, which will be useful for making a quick Nether Portal. When you cross the Nether Portal after building it next to the lava pool, you’ll end up very close to a Blaze Spawner in a Nether Fortress, with easy access to as many blaze rods as you like.

Seed Code: -4593508206698907404

2. Ruined Nether Portal and Abandoned Village

Finding ruined Nether Portals and villages can be exceptionally useful when you’re trying to speedrun in Minecraft 1.16. You only have to find a couple of obsidian blocks to finish the Nether Portal and reach the other side.

Additionally, this Minecraft 1.16 seed also has an abandoned village nearby, which will help get your hands on a handful of starter resources.

Seed Code: -737846020

3. Mansion, Mesa Biome, and Lava Pool

This Minecraft 1.16 seed is good for not only speedrunning but also a longer survival game. You will spawn very close to the Mesa Biome, which has reasonable spawn rates for gold, useful for trading with Piglins.

Moreover, there will be a Woodland Mansion nearby as well. Lastly, the surface lava pool and the village make it even easier for your speedrun.

Seed Code: -8767654563534078661

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4. Dream Seed

The popular Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, is known for his speedrunning videos and other ingenious content such as the Minecraft Manhunt series.

This particular Minecraft 1.16 seed has been used by Dream in one of his videos and is excellent for speedrunning. You can also easily find a buried treasure map to get your hands on some easily found resources.

Seed Code: -6798331664095837875

5. Epic Seed

Last but not least, this Minecraft 1.16 seed is the perfect combination needed for a great speedrun. You start close to not one but two pyramids, both loaded with some great resources.

You will also find two villages close by for some extra loot. Finally, this seed also has some surface lava, allowing you to quickly build a Nether Portal within the first five minutes of the game.

Minecraft 1.16 has enhanced the speedrunning experience with the introduction of Piglin trading. Here's a list of some of the best seeds that you can use to practice your speedrunning skills.