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Lightweight Pots

Commercial Pots

The following selection of pots have capacities greater than 16oz and weigh less than 3oz (or just a little bit over).

See CanPots for ultralight DIY Pots.

The Wal-Mart Grease Saver

The Infamous “Grease Pot”

Not actually designed as a pot, the Wal-Mart Grease Saver is an aluminum grease strainer/collector. This ultralight hiker’s favorite is often referred to as the “Grease Pot,” and is one of the lightest and cheapest pots out there. The outside of the pot is painted black and the word “GREASE” is imprinted on its side.

The few drawbacks of this setup include its rolled in lip that may trap food and can’t be cleaned (but may be removed with a little grinding or unrolled with a little effort) and its lack of a handle. It is also on the flimsy side (through more rugged than most of the Can-Pots listed on this page) but holds up well if not stepped on or abused.

“Grease Pot” with rolled rim removed and knob replaced with aluminum thumbscrew

Note – This Wal-Mart only item is often difficult to find as it is often displayed with the strainers and kitchen utensils and not amongst Wal-Mart’s line of pots and pans.

“Grease Pot” with crimped aluminum flashing lid

Use & Care Instruction

Before using for the first time, wash in hot

soapy water and dry. Don not use steel wool

or coarse scouring pads when cleaning

the exterior surface.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 54221-1330

Shop at

Made in USA

4 1/8 ” (115mm) high with lid and knob

5 cups (43oz or 1.2 L) with strainer removed

complete lid 1.5oz (42g)

knob and screw 0.2oz (6g)

strainer 1.1oz (32g)

trimmed pot 2.4oz (67g)

lid made from aluminum flashing 0.4oz (10g)

total trimmed weight 2.7oz (77g)

The Stanco Non-Stick Grease Strainer is a very similar grease catcher and have been available at K-mart, E-Bay and Amazon. These K-mart grease savers have a rolled upper rim which rolls outward and “GREASE” imprinted on the lid instead of the side of the pot.

Antigravity Gear’s 3 Cup Cook Pot

Antigravity Gear has produced the “3 Cup Aluminum Non-stick Cook Pot” which is similar to the “Grease Pot” but with some improvements. The same or similar pot is also sold by Brasslite.

“The 2 Qt. Aluminum Non-stick Cook Pot is the same gauge aluminum as the Wally World Grease Pot but is non-stick coated which makes it easier to use and more durable. The lip of the pot is rolled out making it easy to clean and move around with a standard aluminum clamp handle (also sold separately).”

The non-stick version has a coating on the bottom which makes it prone to sliding on a pot stand or stove. A little bit of sanding will make the bottom a bit more sticky and less likely to fall off of you stove.

There is also a hard Hard Anodized version which is supposed to be a bit more durable.

Guide to creating Zen Alcohol Stoves

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The emancipation of the serfs in 1861 is meant. TRANSLATOR S NOT But morality And so to speak, principles But why do you worry about it Raskolnikov interposed suddenly.

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That s very natural you might have put it off if he Net Pots Walmart did not wish it His pulse is first rate. Is your head net pots walmart still aching, eh I am well, I am perfectly well Raskolnikov declared positively and irritably.

I am sure he will think better of it to morrow, she added, probing her further.

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