neptunes seed bank

Neptunes seed bank

Katsu Bubba. The newest colab between Mass Medical Strains Star Pupil and Katsu Bubba Pre 98 Bubba Kush One of the hottest breeders in the game right now Mass Medical gives us a quick interview Question: In A Few Sentances can you tell us where and when you got.

Alpha Kronik Genes

Alpha Kronik Genes responded to our breeder interview, and here is what they had to say. 1.In a few sentences, can you tell us where and when you got your start? In 2003 I changed jobs and went to culinary school. During school I met my wife who was diagnosed with.

Hermetic Genetics

In the latest of our breeder interviews, we have the answers from the great people at Hermetic Genetics to share with all of you. 1.In a few sentences, can you tell us where and when you got your start? 1997 is when we started breeding we purchased the seeds from a.

Neptunes seed bank Katsu Bubba. The newest colab between Mass Medical Strains Star Pupil and Katsu Bubba Pre 98 Bubba Kush One of the hottest breeders in the game right now Mass Medical gives us

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Product hasn’t shipped.

Purchased thousands of dollars worth of gear already in 2020 with NSB.
Multiple times after paying for guaranteed shipping (24-48 hours you will receive tracking data) – yesterday when my seeds finally shipped 1. It was 14 days after I had submitted payment (so NSB is selling product they don’t even physically have) and 2. It’s shipped to the wrong address (after I had been in contact with them to have that updated).

Not the level of CS I expect from an 🇺🇸 company, especially with the price tag most of these products entail.

missing $400 worth of gear and they…

missing $400 worth of gear and they wont respond to emails.

I’ve been ordering seeds from various…

I’ve been ordering seeds from various places (mostly overseas) for years. I was a little skeptical at first after some of the reviews but a good friend of mine told me he had a great experience with them. after doing research I found out they were local to me. had my seeds in two days. timely emails. whole pack of freebies. no problem whatsoever. I understand that unfortunately everyone didn’t have the same experience. but I’ve been ripped off before. waited months. too. I guess it kinda goes with the industry. you gotta remember this is a kinda grey market. time will tell if the seeds are legit. I will do a follow up review

have dealt with this bank for the last…20+

have dealt with this bank for the last 5yrs with many orders sent to Australia in a quick time using a very good stealth method of parcel, orders arrive with a usually very nice freebie selection as well. possibly the best US bank out there!

(Edit) they’ve responded to my emails and other forms of communication that I tried. my issue was resolved and handled in a timely fashion. I will be doing business with Neptune seedbank again 🙏🏽

Buyer beware Neptune is a ripsoff

Contacted Neptune about their batch of failed Autoflower seeds but all I got was a B.S. story. They also lie and say they’re local to Michigan. This is a scam company try Mafisto genetic those are real seeds.

I purchased seed from Neptune on July…

I purchased seed from Neptune on July 10 2020 using Mesh as that was the only way. When I called a week and a half later to ask when shipping they said they haven’t received them from the breeder. 2 weeks later I see they are in stock and still no seeds. Called them several times but all you get is voicemail. I left multiple VM messages and emails. Crickets. If I could give less than one star I would. F- Also, cause for concern, they have taken their phone number off their site. Sounds like a sinking ship.

Neptune seedbanks attitude and customer…

Neptune seedbanks attitude and customer service sucks!

After contacting them 3x I finally got a response today. At issue was the fact that I paid $150 for some Humboldt Seed Co.gear and, two weeks later, they drop the price for the same strain to $100.

Also, that $150 order came with one (1) free reg seed Bred by 42? 42 who?? A single free seed. Please.

Anyway, here’s the back and forth email with crappy Neptune seedbank:

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:16 AM wrote:

Hey man,
You’re listing Bling for $100 now, when you Jacked me for $150?

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, 6:52:02 PM UTC, NeptuneSeedBank wrote:

We price things how we want and how the breeder wants. don’t ever presume to have any control over what we buy and what we price things at.

As you can see, their attitude, customer service and prices SUCK!!

There are much better, quality seedbanks to spend your money people. Shop wisely.


Ok. So I heard about this seedbank from a friend and thought I would check it out. An American based seedbank. Hell yea. Once I did I felt obligated to speak up and I feel slightly bad about putting this company on blast. But come on. There pricing is outrageous. And if you take the time to cross reference some of the pricing, you are talking a 200% mark with less seeds. You oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Anyone can get these domestic products from over seas, pay to have them shipped back to the US at fraction of the cost Neptuneseedbank is charging. Then turn around and sell them at twice the resale value and make a profit. Sad. Sucks cause some of the lesser known breeders have some great looking products on there that I would have loved to try at a reasonable cost. And I’m all about a US company that needs to charge a little more to get their feet on the ground and compete with the big companies. But damn. They need to work on pricing to meet the value of the product. If the UK can give it to me at half the price than I guess I’ll have to buy from there.
God bless America. Even the shameful website Neptuneseedbank

Not happy at all

Not happy at all. Customer service was almost impossible to get a hold of and my order came with missing seeds. My husband and I bought a gg4 cross and the plants ended up being a whole different strain than described. How does that happen? They switched the seeds out. There is no other possible explanation. After receiving my first email reply almost a month later I was then told that the seeds I purchased would not be replaced. I had photos that I submitted too. I am hoping that this review will wake up Neptune seeds and maybe get them to change their attitude towards problems they are having within their business.

When searching the web for a place to leave a review (because somehow Neptune deleted my review on another platform) I found TrustPilot and was hoping to not be blocked from leaving a legitimate review.

Why 1 star? Look at the proof. I got the feeling they didn’t much care about their customers after they got your money.

Their credit card payment option uses a very shady looking process where you have to buy crypto from a place and exchange it and the banks cannot be cool with this. I was scared to use a credit card and in addition to never going to them again (unless they make this right), I will never use that same payment option anywhere else.

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