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  • Focused on Operating Profitably in Geographically Clustered Markets
  • A Diversified, Multi-State Cannabis Operator with a Focus on Health & Wellness
  • Bringing Leading Branded Cannabis Products to the California Market
  • The Longest Running Cannabis Retailer in California
  • Growing Diverse Cannabis Brands and Stores in Key States
  • A Leading Independent Adult-use Cannabis Retailer
  • An American Leading Science-focused Multi-state Cannabis Operator
  • Artisinal Edibles for High Functioning Adults
  • Focused on owning the branded product space
  • Vertically Integrated Cannabis Holding Company
  • Market share leader in hemp-based CBD wellness products
  • Leaders in Professional Cannabis
  • A Different Kind of Cannabis Company
  • Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Engine
  • Cannabis Industry Compliant Packaging Solutions

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The Correlation Between Customer Feedback Scores and Sales at Nectar Cannabis

Nectar Cannabis operates 18 dispensaries in the state of Oregon. Like any emerging industry with multi-billion-dollar expectations, competition is fierce. Demand is even greater than expected and supply is abundant. Dispensaries are cropping up across the state which means canna-business managers must separate themselves from the scrambling pack.

Director of Retail Operations Joe Ruhoff and District Manager Michelle Karlebach say customer experience is one of those much-needed differentiators. In June 2019, Nectar launched the HappyOrNot system in 17 locations, and it is already helping them monitor, manage and nurture that differentiation.

Uncovering the Need for Simple Adjustments Improves the Bottom Line

With any business, even modest changes can make a big difference. The trick is identifying them. Joe says the HappyOrNot helps them make smart adjustments: “Optimizing our scheduling has had a direct and positive impact on our bottom line,” says Joe Joe Ruhoff, Director of Retail Operations.

“We can see if our staff are taking breaks at times most appropriate for the level of customer traffic. In addition to scheduling improvements, the feedback helps us coach our teams,” tells Michelle Karlebach, District Manager. She said they review the data with location managers and formulate action plans.

Joe adds: “I have seen a direct correlation between our customer feedback scores and sales.”

HappyOrNot has helped Nectar Cannabis to:

Make smart changes according to each store’s demographics

Taking a Proactive Approach to Customer Experience

“The HappyOrNot system allows managers to identify their best and worst customer experience hours of the day. That helps us identify operational shortfalls so we can fix issues in real time,” explains Michelle. “It even guides us in making changes in how we set up the shop floors, including placement of our various products, signage, and marketing materials.”

Daily reports go to Joe and all the district managers, like Michelle, as well as the owner of the company. They pore over weekly and monthly recaps, too. “This enables us to take proactive measures with the staff to create the best customer experience they can provide,” says Michelle.

With 18 locations, Joe explains, “It is also helpful to analyze trends among stores with similar demographics so appropriate adjustments can be implemented based on each shop’s market profile.”

Placing the Right People in the Right Places

“Our teams enjoy hearing the feedback,” tells Michelle. “Of course, no one enjoys hearing where they are falling short. But, in the long run, it’s best for everyone if we can make adjustments based on real data.”

Joe says the feedback helps ensure they have “the right people in the right places” and that it gives their team members the chance to grow personally and professionally. “ The HappyOrNot system helps inform us in identifying the right fit for our associates.”

Joe also likes how sharing scores sparks intramural competition among shifts and stores, and Michelle says it nurtures a sense of pride: “We strive to give customers superior levels of service compared to our competitors. It’s what sets us apart.”

Nectar Cannabis say customer experience is a much-needed differentiator, and so in June 2019, they launched HappyOrNot in 17 locations, to help them monitor, manage and nurture that differentiation.