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Why Does Your Poop Smell Like Weed? Other Stuff Explained

Why Does My Weed Smell Like Poop?

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Why do your feces and sweat smell like weed? This is an embarrassing question that you likely would not want to ask either your doctor or friends. But, according to Google, people search for answers to this question hundred of times each month. As a service to my reader, Ganjashark will attempt to answer the following crucial questions that you may have; but are afraid to ask.

  • Why does my poop smell like weed?
  • Why do my armpits smell like weed?

See A Doctor If you Have Questions- I am somewhat joking about the importance of the above questions. The above questions, other than curiosity’s sake, aren’t usually that crucial. However, any change in your bowel habits or even your sweat smelling different can signal a medical problem. For example, according to AARP, obnoxious body order can indicate a serious health condition. So, if in doubt, see a doctor if you are worried about any of the above issues.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed? AKA Weed Shits

The most likely reason for your poop smelling like weed is because of edibles and simple digestion. Of course, marijuana edibles, like any food, is digested. However, depending upon how it is made, some food doesn’t digest as well. Also, some parts of the food are unable to be digested at all. When you eat something, the food will have to get digested by going through your intestines. Some marijuana remnants will likely remain in your poop, which results in the weed smell.


You are maybe more familiar with this happening in other situations. For example, if you don’t spit out the seeds while eating a watermelon, you will often find watermelon seeds in your poop. Additionally, after a heavy drinking night, you will also have a stench of alcohol after doing a number two.

Typically, this will occur if you eat either a large number of edibles or if the edibles recipe is not done correctly. Cannabutter is used extensively to make edibles. When done well, the cannabis will be smooth, and, other than the smell, you will likely not even know that the brownie you are eating will have you feeling suitable for a few hours. However, suppose the edibles are not cooked or prepared correctly. In that case, the cannabis smell will likely occur when you are reliving yourself. So, just like you will see seeds, if you accidentally end up swallowing some seeds while enjoying some sweet watermelon, your body may be affected by improperly prepared marijuana edibles.

Why Does My Armpits Smell Like Weed?

Skin Layer Illustration-Courtesy Of-CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

As you most likely observed, your weed armpits smelling like weed is caused by sweating. So, I will go over general sweating and not just ganja smelling armpits. Many marijuana smokers wonder why their sweat smells like cannabis. Marijuana smelling armpits is embarrassing, and it also could get you trouble at work, school, etc. To understand why this is happening, you first should understand precisely what sweat is and what causes it to smell.

Your sweat itself does not have any smell. Your skin though does contain billions and billions of microbes or bacteria that interact with your perspiration. This foul smell is caused by bacteria on your skin that is rapidly multiplying with bacteria resulting in the sweat breaking down into acids, which caused the nasty smell. Body order commonly occurs in the following areas:

● Hair (Pubic Hair Especially)

● Behind Your Ears

● To a lesser extent, the rest of your skin

The microbes on your skin can be affected by food, drink, and practically anything that you eat, causing your sweat to either smell differently or be especially rank. Excessive, foul body odor that cannot be easily controlled via traditional methods. I.E., Cleaning, Deodorant, etc., is called bromhidrosis. Bromhidrosis has been proven to worsen when people with this disorder eat, drink, or take certain medicines. For example, the following can cause your B.O. to get worse:

Obviously, whether you eat it via edibles, vape, or smoke it either through a bong or pipe, is ingested. Therefore, it is logical to assume that ingesting cannabis, which affects your body like fish, can also cause your sweat to smell like weed. Additionally, it has been theorized that the terpenes in marijuana also can cause your sweat to smell like marijuana.

FUN FACT-You’ll be a hit with your friends with this bit of knowledge. The apocrine glands, AKA sweat glands, are mostly located in your armpits, groin, and near your breast nipples. These areas produce the most sweat. Therefore, your armpits and genital areas will be the most likely to smell like cannabis.

How to Fix This

The adverse effects of your sweat smelling like weed, at best, can be embarrassing. However, it can also lead to you being fired, or potentially even legal problems.

So, how can you fix this? Well, the good news is that for most people, basic hygiene practices can help you solve this problem along with other measures. This video below gives you some general guidance on dealing with bad body odor.

Below are also some general advice on how you can self-treat rank BO.

Change Your Soap-If applicable, stop using scented soaps as they can worsen the bad smell. Also, you may want to try specialized anti-bacterial soap.

Shave-Body hair is known for trapping in your sweat and bacteria. So, if you are worried about pot smelling sweat, you should be sure to make sure that your armpits are neatly trimmed or shaved and that you trim the hairs in your genital areas.

Take Off Your Clothes-Immediately, remove any sweaty clothes after exercising or hard work.

Shower More– If you have been diagnosed with bromhidrosis (abnormal body order) or are self-conscious, you need to shower at least two times daily.

Extra Strength Deodorant-First ask your local pharmacist if they carry any industrial-strength deodorant and see if that will work. If that doesn’t work, see if your doctor or a dermatologist can get you prescription deodorant.


I hope this article helped you better understand this vital subject of poop and sweat smelling weed. And, hopefully, with this knowledge, you’ll be able to impress your cannabis smoking friends and also be the life of the party at a cocktail party. 🙂

Seriously, though, you likely should not worry if you have any of the above issues. Sweaty smelling feces is caused by digestion that happens when you are eating edibles. Your sweat smelling like cannabis is also simply an issue of your skin microbes interacting with skin microbes that interact with your sweat glands. Most likely, each of the above could be embarrassing, but they are most likely harmless.

If the above causes you to worry, you can either cut down on cannabis edibles and/or take extra preventative measures to reduce or eliminate body odor.

Anonymously, learn about why you have feces smelling weed and other, bodily function questions, that you may have, but you were afraid to ask. Click here

Why Marijuana’s Effect On Your Poop Affects Your Brain

One of the hot topics in neuroscience these days is the influence of the gut’s microbiome on the brain. While the microbiome is comprised of all the microorganisms in the body, it’s the bacteria that’s gaining the most focus. So you might ask: does marijuana effect the microbiome? And if so, what affect does it have on brain function?

Gut Bacteria and the Brain

The bacteria in the gut can have a substantial impact on brain function by modulating the enteric nervous system, which is a layer of nerve cells that line the intestinal tract from the esophagus to the rectum. This enteric nervous system communicates directly with the brain. Research has revealed that this “Gut-Brain Axis” can impact everything from brain development to psychological health by affecting immune function in the brain, producing hormones and neurotransmitters, and directly activating bundles of neurons that travel up to the brain.

Consequently, fecal transplants are gaining in popularity , not just for intestinal problems, but for ones involving the brain including Parkinson’s disease and autism.

By impacting the Gut-Brain Axis, bacteria may influence cognitive functioning in many ways. For one, it could modulate the efficiency of the organelles that serve as the body’s power plants. You may recall from high school biology that they’re called mitochondria. Mitochondria convert the energy from food, in the form of glucose, into a useable from of energy, called ATP. So altering the gut microbiome could negatively impact cognitive function by reducing mitochondrial function.

Marijuana’s Effect on Poop and Brain Function

Frequent use of THC-rich marijuana is also associated with cognitive problems, but it’s unclear if these problems are related to changes in the gut microbiome. A recent study published in the ‘Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology’ investigated the relationship between marijuana use, microbiome composition (assessed from stool samples), mitochondria function, and cognitive performance.

The study found that marijuana users had substantially different microbiomes than non-users, and the microbiomes of marijuana users were associated with reduced mitochondria function. Reduced mitochondria function generally means that less energy is produced for use by cells throughout the brain and body. It’s like going to a gas station and only filling your tank up three-quarters of the way. You just can’t drive as far and so you’ll arrive at your destination slower.

Interestingly, the microbiomes of non-users were comprised largely of a type of bacteria that’s consistent with a plant-based diet, while the bacteria of marijuana users were associated with an animal-based diet. The higher the ratio between plant-diet-based bacteria to animal-diet-based bacteria was associated with better performance on tests of attention, inhibitory control, and cognitive function in marijuana users. Therefore, the further that the marijuana user’s gut microbiome deviated from that of non-users, the worse their mitochondrial function and cognitive performance became.

These findings highlight the importance of diet and gut bacteria on cognitive performance in marijuana users. Fortunately, there are ways of improving your gut microbiome, even if you use marijuana. These include eating lots of fruits and vegetables, or consuming probiotics which you can get in everything from yogurt to kombucha to probiotic armies stuffed into pills.

One caveat is that this study did not assess if or how marijuana changed the microbiome. Future studies are needed to assess the impact of marijuana on the microbiome in a “cause-and-effect” manner, as opposed to simply looking at the “association” as this study employed. Further, future research should focus on identifying whether rescuing the microbiome through probiotic or dietary intervention can improve some of the cognitive deficits associated with frequent marijuana use.

Lastly, it’s unknown if cannabidiol or cannabidiol-rich marijuana could counter the effects of THC-rich marijuana on the gut’s microbiome. Cannabidiol is known to block the actions of THC, as well as directly activate serotonin receptors, which are even more prevalent in the gut than the brain. Either way, the Gut-Brain Axis represents an exciting new way to modulate both the positive and negative effects of marijuana on health.

Bacteria in the gut has a huge effect on the brain – what does pot do to this bacteria? Learn more about marijuana's effect on poop and how that might affect the brain.