my lips are black from smoking weed

DIY Methods For Curing Weed Smoking Lips

Guide For Preventing And Curing Weed Lips

Weed lips is an informal term used when regular marijuana user’s lips turn black from smoking. It is caused by weed smoke, (smoking cigarettes also) which causes your lips to have less oxygen, get dehydrated. Additionally, the heat from a pipe or joint (caused by resin) can give you the infamous weed smoker lips. Poor hygiene can also make your lips darker. It is a gradual process that can happen to any smoker and not just marijuana users.

Dark lips normally sneak up on you. So, if dark your lips come out of nowhere, the following could be the cause for you to have dark lips in the first place. Also, the issues below may make the problem worse.

  • Allergies to lipstick, toothpaste, lip balm, etc.
  • Excess caffeine.

These dark lips are annoying and are a sign that you are weed smoking. But, you can prevent and also fix the problem or if you already have black lips from smoking weed. I will go over natural lip balm for weed smokers and also direct you to store-bought solutions.

How To Get Rid of Black Lips From Smoking Weed


You can prevent your lips from turning dark in the first place by taking care of your lips by doing the following:

Hydration- Keep your lips moist by using either a store-bought lip balm or a home-made remedy, which I will show later.

Home Made Remedies

Sugar, Honey, and Lemon Exfoliator

The sugar works to exfoliate your skins, honey works as a moisturizer, and the lemon can help your lip color start getting pink again.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Small portions of sugar (2 Tsp), honey (1 Tsp), and 1/2 lemon, petroleum jelly or other skin moisturizers
  • Equipment Needed: Toothbrush


  1. Mix the sugar and honey together.
  2. With your toothbrush, rub the substance on your lips in a circle for approximately five minutes. (Or longer depending upon how black your lips are)
  3. After you are finished, take the lemon and rub it on your lips for another five minutes.
  4. Leave the lemon juice there for a few more minutes.
  5. Rinse the juice off and then apply the petroleum jelly (”vaseline”) on your lips.
  6. Instead of petroleum jelly, you can use the following moisturizers: Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Even Avocado butter.

Lip Balm For Weed Smokers

Prevention is the best way to stop you from your lips, getting black lips from smoking weed. This means follow proper hygiene and using lip moisturizer. Besides using the above home-made exfoliating recipes that I showed previously, you should also regularly apply lip balm.

You probably realize that you have many options for lip balm and not just Chapstick. Burt’s Bees is a natural lip balm that thousands of ratings and a great reputation.

Also, you can buy specialized hemp lip balm on Amazon, like this highly popular balm.

And, don’t forget the old standbys of Blistex and Chapstick.


You’ll likely be just fine with regular balm (I.E. Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, Blistex, etc.) These above costs less than $10. So, I would recommend that you try both the traditional and also the hemp and see, which one works best for you.


The best way to prevent weed lips is prevention. By regularly exfoliating your lips, proper hygiene, and keeping your lips moist, you should avoid overly black lips. However, if they do show up, try the home-made solutions that I listed in this article. Also, if it really annoys you; you should limit your smoking and either vape or use edibles instead.

Weed Lips. which unnaturally darken your lips are caused by smoking cannabis. The best way to stop it is through prevention and home-made remedies . . .

Why does smoking weed turn your lips black and is it permanent?

N don’t tell me it dosent because my lips are black as hell and weed is the only thing I smoke or put in my body besides food. I was at the mall the other day and the security guard asked me if I smoked weed, I asked why he asked me that, and he pointed to his lips and said my lips gave it away.

First off assess I know weed is illegal but its not unhealthy for you, duh.

Second, weed is not bad so I’m not ashamed to say that I smoke it.

and third, my dad already knows I smoke weed because I’m grown.

Naw its not bad for you, you got ur facts mixed up. Plus so many athletes smoke weed so I doubt if its like cigarettes. My teeth are fine though.

12 Answers

it does not physically turn your lips black; however i have heard that before and it was not meant in a literal way, just a way to refer to someone who does smoke.

also, it is bad for you. i am not trying to criticize you because i also smoke, but i am aware of the damage i am doing to myself. i have heard that one joint is equivalent to ten cigarettes as far as the damage to your lungs, however i do not believe it and i have heard that it is a myth, along with many others. it does do damage to your lungs i am sure, so it is bad for you in that sense. there are alternatives to joints which you probably know. that is the worst as far as harshness to your throat. try a vaporizer if you’re concerned. it is the best for removing toxins and also gets you the highest.

i feel that is the only bad thing about it, the fact that it damages your lungs and respiratory system. it could also be bad if you do stupid things while under the influence but if you can control yourself then toke up 🙂 it has good side effects as well, hence the reason people get their medical license for it. of course some of these people will tell you ****, they have nothing better to do than try to tell you what they think is right.

So I know this is really old, but I thought I d comment anyway. I have been smoking weed for about 15 years now. Yes it DOES turn your lips black. I repeat, yes it does and anyone who says different is either ill informed or lying. Why it turns the lips black. I am not sure. That s actually the question I googled that brought me here. Permanent, no. Again, I have been smoking for 15 years. I know there are a lot of promises when it comes to cocoa butter, but rest assured this is true. If you buy 100% cocoa butter, with nothing else in it, no perfumes, no dyes, no other moisturizers, NOTHING, it should come in either a tube or a bar, and use it frequently, immediately AFTER you smoke and CONSTANTLY through out the day. Your lips will return to their natural color.

If you use it and don t smoke anymore, they will remain their natural color once you achieve it. If you use it and still smoke, just be sure to always use it immediately AFTER you smoke and constantly throughout the day. Because the skin on the lips is very very thin, they peel and rejuvenate much faster than other skin cells. That said, other things may work too, I guess, but 100% pure cocoa butter (you can get it manufactured by Cocoa Care “The Yellow Stick”) from CVS for $2 or less. Other ORGANIC retailers sell it by the stick and bar as well.

Lips actually look slightly darker when you apply the cocoa butter so don t feak out! LOL. You will see them begin to lighten within a week and if used properly should reach your natural lip color within a month. Likely much less. I keep cocoa butter!

Hope this helps and here s wishing you pouty and pink lips!

Some people may find that their lips change color, but many do not. Mostly, cigarettes have this effect. As long as you control your marijuana intake, you shouldn’t have this problem. If you start noticing it, then use a different variety, or if you must use drugs, use something else. The reason of the color change is a lack of oxygen distributed to the extremities, namely the fingers and toes, and lips. This is very common from smoking nicotine cigarettes. Either way, smoking anything is unhealthy. I don’t smoke anything, btw. I’m just educated in medicine.

In answer to your question, No, smoking weed is NOT permanent! At least it does not HAVE to be.

But your “IP-address” IS, and so if anyone really wants to find out some things about who you are and what kind of illegal activities you might be up to. well Y/A might not be the VERY best place to AIRE all your “shameful deeds” –if you know what I mean, and especially if your Daddy doesn’t know why your lips are black.

Never heard of “black lips” either, but just think, if your lips look black like that, what the rest of he other wet internal parts of your breathing tubes are probably starting to look like. they’re probably black, though, because they’re WET, when the smoke touches them, and you just barely touch the tip of the lip to the joint.

But didn’t you know that smoking weed is illegal in many countries, and unhealthy in every country?

N don't tell me it dosent because my lips are black as hell and weed is the only thing I smoke or put in my body besides food. I was at the mall the other day and the security guard asked me if I smoked weed, I asked why he asked me that, and he pointed to his lips and said my lips gave it away….