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MTG Seeds is a genetics company with its roots in California. They have been working with some of the state’s premier medical cannabis farms and dispensaries since 1996 to develop stains for specific ailments.

Prezidential Kush has long been sought after as some of the best possible migraine medicine available. Their Kingston Confidential is a great anti inflammatory and arthritis medicine due to its balance of THC and CBD. MTG’s CB Can-D strain has won a number of Highest CBD competitions as well.

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MTG Seeds is a genetics company with its roots in California. They have been working with some of the state’s premier medical cannabis farms and dispensaries since 1996 to develop …

MTG Seeds

USA Cannabis Seeds


Since 1996 MTG Seeds have been working closely with some of the biggest Marijuana producers and dispensaries in California. Beginning with the finest Californian strains, they have expanded their gene pool by travelling to various parts of the world in search of classic land-race Cannabis, as well as more exotic strains.

Through an extensive breeding program, creating seeds in an eco-friendly environment, using only natural and organically sourced materials, MTG Seeds have created a stable variety of Marijuana seeds, that provide a selection of tastes, aroma’s and high’s, catering for all needs.

Through selective male and female breeding projects, lasting several years, MTG Seeds have eradicated any hermaphrodite issues and strengthened their strains against mold and mildew concerns.

Over this time MTG Seeds have developed a reputation for high yielding, highly tested, stable strains. They believe what goes into a seed affects the final outcome, and as such, use no hormones, producing their seeds in a natural, chemical and pesticide free environment.

Through their close ties with both medical Marijuana dispensaries, and trusted testing laboratories, MTG Seeds have developed specific Cannabis seeds to target a selection of medical conditions and ailments.

Each strain that has been created by MTG Seeds has undergone extensive cannabinoid profiling, selectively bred for certain traits and characteristics. Their belief is simple; Cannabis = Medicine, and with that aim, they have developed Cannabis seeds and strains designed specifically to alleviate a wide number of conditions and ailments.

Constantly striving to be at the forefront of the research into medical Cannabis and Marijuana, MTG Seeds believe that it is this research that will help to find natural ways to help reduce the suffering from a wide number of medical conditions.

MTG Seeds Review

MTG Seeds – Kingston Confidential


MTG Seeds Kingston Confidential offers a unique blend of both Indica and Sativa properties, culminating in a powerful medical grade Marijuana that has been extensively tested for both it’s medical values, as well as it’s THC and CBD levels.

Blending together Jamaican Pineapple and LA Confidential, Kingston Confidential offers a sweet, pineapple flavor to compliment her LA strength and beauty. The Sativa genetics offer growers a large plant, capable of producing a heavy yield, while the Indica genes allow for a faster maturing plant.

As well as being a very profitable strain to grow, MTG Seeds Kingston Confidential offers the best of both worlds, with high THC and CBD levels. Laboratory tests have shown the strain is capable of producing 19% THC levels, with extremely high CBD levels of 3.5%

The flowering time is between 9 – 10 weeks to achieve maximum weight and maturity, and once dried and cured, Kingston Confidential offers a range of medical benefits including use as a powerful pain relief and as an anti – inflammatory to ease rheumatic pain.

You can buy MTG Seeds Kingston Confidential in packs of 5 or 10 Regular Cannabis seeds.

MTG Seeds – Prezidential Kush


MTG Seeds Prezidental Kush is one of the finest Kush hybrids available. Created using genetics from the LA Pure Kush, ’91 Hollywood cut, and the MTG Seeds Turbo Diesel, Prezidental Kush offers the power and yields associated with high quality Kush Cannabis plants.

Available to buy in complete packs of either 5 or 10 seeds, Prezidental Kush are Regular Cannabis seeds, so every grower has the opportunity of using either a male or female plant in their own genetic crosses, and make their own future seeds.

Expect strong, vigorous plants that display Indica characteristics, both in growth and flowering. Grown indoors under a standard 12/12 photo-period, MTG Seeds Prezidental Kush requires approximately 63 days to completely ripen. While outdoors, the plants will be ready to harvest around the middle of October.

The 9 weeks flowering period is very quick, especially when you consider that regular testing has shown this Marijuana strain has recorded between 23 – 25.19% THC levels. Making it one of the strongest strains of Kush Cannabis available.

As with all MTG Seeds, Prezidental Kush excels as Medical Marijuana and is often referred to as the Excedrin, due to it’s ability to relieve back-pain and migraine headaches.

MTG Seeds – Godfather Kush


MTG Seeds Godfather Kush is an Indica dominant, 3-way blend of Granddaddy Purp, LA Confidential and Bubba Kush. Similar to Bubba Kush, just bigger…and sweeter…and purple. This colorful strain is as good on the high, as it is on the eye.

This is possibly one of the easiest strains of Cannabis to grow from MTG Seeds, it’s perfect for beginners and the more experienced grower alike. Vigorous and stable, Godfather Kush is problem free, and great for both growing inside and outdoors.

Although these seeds contain Indica dominant genetics, the plant itself grows into a Sativa ‘Christmas tree’ shape, rather than the squat, bushy structure more associated with Indica genetics.

Huge fan leaves supply the nutrients needed for these dense tight buds, which require between 56 – 66 days to completely mature indoors, outdoor harvests are early to mid October, with heavy yields grown either way.

Expect a sweet Kush flavor and relaxing high from this strain with medical benefits that include back and pain relief as well as aiding muscle spasms and insomnia.

MTG Seeds – Cosmic Charlie


MTG Seeds Cosmic Charlie is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a heavy Skunk #1 heritage. Like many of the best US Cannabis strains, Cosmic Charlie’s genetics can be traced through Chemdawg to Skunk #1. That doesn’t mean that this strain is the same as many others, in fact, far from it.

Blending together LSD OG and Green Crack genetics has produced a vibrant Marijuana strain for MTG Seeds. In growth the Sativa dominance produces a tall plant that will require a full 10 weeks, 70 days to completely flower and ripen. Grown outdoors, the plant is completely mature by the third week in October.

Although the plant may seem quite tall and sparse, as flowering begins, the plant fills in the bud structure, leading to a very good yield. The flavor is unmistakably Kush, earthy, with a sweet hint of pine and citrus fruits.

MTG Seeds Cosmic Charlie seeds are available online from one of the most trusted and reputable suppliers in the business. MTG Seeds only deal with respected third party suppliers, and stocking their Cannabis seeds is a sign of a trusted company.

Find out more about any of the MTG Seeds by clicking the banner below, taking you directly to the complete listing for all MTG Seeds available to buy online.

MTG Seeds – Mendo Mind Warp


MTG Seeds Mendo Mind Warp is a Sativa dominant hybrid combining their two exceptional strains, Prezidental Kush and Mendocino Thunder Fuck, a cross between Alaskan Thunder Fuck x LA Diesel.

The strain retains the healing properties of the original Mendocino Thunder Fuck, while increasing the potency of the Cannabis using the Prezidental Kush genes. The resulting Marijuana plant is fast growing, vigorous and heavy yielding.

Grown outdoors, MTG Seeds Mendo Mind Warp is capable of fantastic growth, producing a tall plant with long branches that are capable of creating beautiful huge cola’s. Filling as much space as it can, the plant is perfect for outdoor growers looking for a big plant with plenty of large buds and a heavy harvest around mid October.

Indoor growers should be aware that this plant like to grow tall and stretch, employing a number of Super-Cropping techniques can help to increase the yield and minimize any height issues. Flowering requires between 9 – 10 weeks to completely mature and be ready to harvest.

MTG Seeds Mendo Mind Warp are available to buy online in packs of 5 Regular Cannabis Seeds, and the medical grade Cannabis they produce is perfect for sufferers of insomnia and is a great natural pain relieving agent.

MTG Seeds – Space Monster


MTG Seeds Space Monster is an uncompromising blend of Nebula x Purple People Eater. This Indica dominant Cannabis strain can trace it’s genetics, through Purple People Eater, back to the original Purple Urkel, a strain famous for it’s purple coloring as maturity approaches.

Space Monster is available in packs of 5 or 10 Regular Cannabis seeds, containing approximately half male and half female seeds, although until the onset or forcing of flowering, it’s very difficult to tell the sex of the plant.

Fast, vigorous growth produces a true monster plant, extremely close internodal spacing allows for the establishment of many strong branches, perfect for indoor growers who grow using Screen-Of-Green, Super-Cropping techniques.

A flowering period of just 8 – 9 weeks sees the formation of masses of dense, tight buds that provide for an exceptionally high yield. For indoor growers looking to maximize the yield, MTG Seeds Space Monster is a fantastic strain to grow and develop, providing a multitude of clones from a chosen mother plant.

The high is spacey and narcotic, with an added Indica body buzz that can provide natural pain relief as well as being the perfect cure for people battling insomnia.

MTG-Seeds – Turbo Diesel


MTG Seeds Turbo Diesel blends together two of the finest Chemdawg hybrids to produce an incredibly potent strain that offers the power of the Sour Kush, with the intense flavor of the Sour Diesel, this is one of MTG Seeds finest Cannabis seeds.

These Regular Cannabis seeds grow perfectly bot indoors in a controlled environment, or outside, given sunny, warm conditions. With adequate light, air, water and nutrients, Turbo Diesel are fast growing, vigorous plants that are capable of producing extremely high yields.

Flowering times are around 70 days, ten weeks, while outdoor growers can expect to hit peak maturity in the third week of October. The resin heavy buds are a feast for eye, while that Sour Diesel, lemon zest aroma foretells of the delights to come.

Bag appeal is insanely high, ticking every box for bud density, color, resin coating and aroma, while commercial growers can relax in the knowledge that it’s appeal is only matched by the sheer volume of buds, from these exceptionally heavy yielding plants.

MTG Seeds Turbo Diesel can be purchased online in complete packets of 5 or 10 Regular Cannabis seeds. Trust only genuine suppliers of true MTG Seeds and you won’t be disappointed.

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