mtf weed

Mtf weed

Kynd, one of our in-state cultivators does an excellent crop of this strain. It is somewhat higher in THC % than what is suggested by the strain information, about 28-29%. What impresses me most is higher than average terpene counts and the terp profile, which is Terpinoline, b-Myrcine, and b-Caryophylene. Identical to the profile of Orange43, another favorite strain, and is a good substitute for it when unavailable. It’s my backup strain. Similar effects to Orange43, of course, as well. Nice smooth flavor with a little less of the Panama Red tang that Orange43 has, more of a cocoa back-taste. Perhaps not for the occasional smoker, this strain favors the nug-warriors out there.

This was the first weed I’ve ever smoked and by far the strongest blew my mind away totally like I think maybe it was because we smoked out of my buddies dad’s pipe from Vietnam out of wood must have been other good stuff in it but anyways it’s super Stoney stuff and by far the best and still the best high I’ve ever had in my life really really potent they should definitely raise the THC on this baby I give it ten stars !!

M.T.F. is also popularly known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It is an indica dominant strain, which is recognized for being extremely potent for even the experienced marijuana user. Coming from Alaska, it smells quite musky with earthy undertones. But its taste is something that will keep you coming…