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Best Leaf Bowl Trimmers For Cannabis 2019

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Dec 4, 2019 · 4 min read

Necessary Things you should know about a Bud Trimmer
Kinds of Trimming

When choosing a cannabis trimmer, you need to familiarize yourself with the two modes of trimming; wet and dry.

Wet trimming is the most preferred method and happens immediately after harvesting, right when the leaves are still alive on the vine. It is easier to remove the sugar leaves since they extend outwards due to their high moisture content. Wet trimming ensures that the plant dries even faster.

Dry trimming happens when the plants have lost some of their moisture. It happens when you leave the plants in an environment that has a controlled temperature, humidity, and light for close to two weeks. The buds will, therefore, lose their moisture slowly. When the buds dry at a rapid rate, the outside appears to be bone dry while the inside becomes dank and unaired.

When choosing between the two trimming methods, personal preference wins. Some cannabis growers appreciate both ways and consider them all before selecting a trimmer that works for them. Here is a guide that you can use to help you make a logical decision about which trimmer to use.

Risentek Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch Hydroponic Bowl Trim

The Risentek 16-inch Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine is one of the highest quality hand-powered cannabis trimmers that you can find in the market. The machine features a hand crank at the top of the cylinder. The design of the devices is made up of commercial-grade materials. They include a stainless steel body and a top plexiglass lid that can give you a clear line of sight to what happens in the machine. A stainless steel buckle connects the plexiglass lid to the machine cylinder making it easy to assemble and disassemble when cleaning. The device contains 20 scissors with adjustable blades that you can use to trim away the leaves and twigs from your marijuana. The machine has non-stick silicone fingers that help the blade in making clean cuts with less damage to the plants. It also has a silicone catch tray that stores the cutting leaves, making it easier to deal with them. You can do the trimming irrespective of whether the marijuana is wet or dry. The machine handles are foldable and removable, allowing you to store the machine with convenience. The device has a bonus of cutting precision together with complete control of the speed.

Benefits of the Risentek 16-inch Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine

The machine is highly precise.

You have total control over the speed to use.

You can trim your marijuana when either wet or dry.

It has 20 adjustable blades.

Problems of the Risentek 16-inch Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine

You require to input more effort than when using an electric machine.

The quality of blades that the trimmer has will always determine its efficiency when trimming. This powerful trimmer has very sharp blades, which will provide clean cuts. This implies that it will reduce the damage done on the plants and flowers being trimmed. Additionally, the trimmer also harnesses the power of 30-scissors in one unit. This makes it extremely powerful to enhance the cutting experience.

The trimmer has been designed using the best quality of stainless steel material. This is why it will serve you for years. The bowl trimmer has a diameter of 16-inches, which makes it great for trimming larger areas. In addition to this, it also features the stainless steel four-edged blade that suits both dry and wet trim. You will always get precise cutting thanks to the clear plastic top of the bowl. This makes it excellent for cutting and trimming to the desired sizes.

High-quality sharp blades

Elastic steel cross

Stainless four-edged blade

Other equipment for trimming

If you think for trimming a great or a beast bud trimmer is enough, then mate you are wrong. No matter which trimming machine you are using you still needs some important things. If you want to know about those things, then read below.

Gloves: No matter which bud trimmer you are using, you have to use gloves. A pair of gloves can protect your skin from gum (resin), and it will also protect your buds.

Cookie Sheet: For drying you need a place to lay your marijuana out. That’s why so many people are using Cookie Sheet. It will help your cannabis for drying.

Mesh Rack: Some people like to hang their harvest up for drying. For them, Mesh Rack is a good choice.

Trimming Scissor: For hand trimming, scissor is a very important tool. If you want to trim a low-amount of marijuana, then you need it badly.

Trimming Clippers: For hand trimming, clipper has the same importance as trimming scissor has. It’s a very important tool indeed. It’s a beneficial tool for trimming and shaping a plant.

When choosing a cannabis trimmer, you need to familiarize yourself with the two modes of trimming; wet and dry. Wet trimming is the most preferred method and happens immediately after harvesting…