mini indoor grow box

Personal Indoor Garden

New Registered and Patented Technology in a Grow Box Design
Any Plant, Anywhere, Anytime – Guaranteed

Hydroponic Plant Grow System
Self Contained and Ideal for Indoors!

THE P. I.G.!

The Personal Indoor Garden, aka “The PIG ®” , is an enclosed, sealed, self-contained, automated and patented HYDROPONIC PLANT GROWING SYSTEM.

The ‘PIG’ offers an advanced hydroponic module or growing cabinet that provides the novice gardener complete control of a mini-indoor greenhouse environment to grow plants at an accelerated rate.

The PIG is the easiest to operate and best choice when you are looking to invest in, and buy a grow box.

Fill – Plant – Plugin – Grow

The PIG and PIG XL models consume the energy equal to a 120 watt and 240 watt light bulb while producing the equivalent of 500 and 750 watts respectively. Minimal power consumption for operation costsless than $10.per month.

All ‘PIG’s’ can be left alone for days with its automation & high capacity (10) gal water reservoir allowing seed germination to full harvest.

The PIG is the only grow box available that allows you to check water level, test, add water and nutrients without opening.

The ‘PIG’’s “patent” GROW BOX design provides:

  • State-of-the art materials
  • A Irrigation system with non-clogging water nozzles (no drip emitters)
  • 80 (x2) CFM ventilation fans
  • 360 degrees circulation air system with ODOR CONTROLED manifold
  • Efficient lighting and electrical automation system
  • Aeration and reservoir discharge systems
  • Simple to operate, no experience needed
  • Lightweight – ships UPS worldwide
  • Quiet, No light leakage, No odor
  • Comfortable stand-up operation

When you are considering either a GROWING CABINET or looking to BUY A GROW BOX, you need a Personal Indoor Garden (‘PIG’). All components are high quality, standard size for replacement and easy availability. All electronic parts are UL listed.

The ‘PIG’ is a GROW BOX hydroponic grow system

It’s shell and components are fabricated using high tech computerized precision CNC cutting machines.

A perfect ‘PIG’ every time!

The ‘PIG’ is constructed of approved, marine grade, virtually indestructible light weight polymer sheeting.

All hardware is marine grade 316 stainless steel and aluminum

Four (4) individual plant grow baskets

The Medium is rock wool within grow baskets

The Reservoirs “patented” design allows for easy removal of unwanted plants without disturbing the others.

New Patented Technology in a Grow Box Design Any Plant, Anywhere, Anytime – Guaranteed. Hydroponic Plant Grow System, Self Contained and Ideal for Indoor or outdoor growing.