medium sized pot

Medium sized pot

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  5. Professional plant pot – flower pot, square, for small and medium-sized plants – perfect for indoor & outdoor in the winter garden on the terrace or in the grow box, ca. 13 x 13 x 18 cm Vol. 2,5 Ltr.


The square shape of this flower pot is appropriate to narrow and tight positioning of a high number of pots.
The flower pot is solid manufactured, that’s why it is callous against impacts and percussions, that might occure while working with the pots. The flower pot can easily be transported and moved without taking much damage.
The pots fit exactly inside each other and are therefore space-saving stackable.

Inside top: 13 x 13 cm
Outside top: 14 x 14 cm
Bottom : 11 x 11 cm
Height (without base): 13 cm
Total height: 19 cm
Filling volume: 2,5 liters
Quantity: 1

Made out of polyethylene (PE)

You can fill the flower pot whether with soil or substrates.

The pots fit exactly inside each other and are therefore space-saving stackable Dimensions: Inside top: 13 x 13 cm Outside top: 14 x 14 cm Bottom : 11 x 1

Planters by Size

Help your indoor garden grow and flourish with pots of every shape and size. Indoor planters are usually smaller and lighter than outdoor pots, so you can move them around to enliven different spaces and catch the light as the seasons change. Choose a variety of extra small planters to fill your windowsills or brighten your tabletop. We’ve also designed large indoor planters for year-round indoor specimens, like citrus trees and tropical foliage plants. When it comes to outdoor planters, don’t be afraid to dream big! In durable materials like fiber cement and cast iron, our extra large outdoor planters are perfect for large-scale plantings and even trees. Choose planters with a weathered patina that will bring a new look to the garden each year, or choose modern, angular silhouettes. One other thing to keep in mind for large outdoor pots: make sure they’re designed with drainage holes so your plants have adequate drainage no matter the weather.

Shop terrain for planters sized to fit every space and specimen, from small planters for indoor spaces to large outdoor planters.