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In this article we talk about some interesting facts about the city with a focus on the main issue, Marijuana.

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  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • What are the latest laws concerning permits and ordinances?
  • How can I get a Doctor’s recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?
  • Chico is home to the national GBBA (Gay Black Bikers of America), who hold their national Black Gay convention each year at Riley’s bar.
  • The Titan I missile base north of Chico had one of its missiles destroyed by an explosion when a buildup of oxygen sparked.
  • The stone walls in the areas surrounding Chico were built by Portuguese and Italian laborers. An alternate legends about the origins of the walls say they were built by Chinese laborers, and when they were supposed to be paid for their work they were rounded up and shot.
  • In 1976, student protesters occupied the Kendall Hall administration building, upset that the University Police had been armed for conflict. The protesters remained in the building for about a week before vacating it. The University Police remain armed to this day. The only real violence occurred when Officer Mike Storm accidentally shot himself in the leg.
  • Famous astronomer Carolyn S. Shoemaker is a Chico State alumna and is a “Wildcat”. One of the her asteroids was named “Wildcat” (object 17493).
  • Chico has the third largest lesbian population in the State of California.
  • The world’s largest Valley Oak, was discovered in Chico. The so named Hooker Oak Tree was actually two separate trees growing together. Chico has one of the largest walnut trees in California, located in not really the best of places, near the end of the runway of the Ranchaero Airport.
  • As a result of superstition, there are no addresses in many parts of the city starting with “1300.” All the addresses skip from 1200’s to 1400’s at West Fourth Avenue. 13th street, is a discontinuous street.

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With a population of about 80,000 people, Chino is the 98th largest city in California. The city’s nickname is the “City of Trees” and was fittingly designated a “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The first inhabitants of present day Chico are thought to be the Mechoopda Maidu tribe of Native Americans. After the Spanish got the boot out of California in 1848 and the Anglos came to town, a new settlement near city hall shot up. In 1860 the City of Chico was founded by a Mr. John Bidwell, a member of an original wagon train that made it from the east to California some 20 years earlier. Not long after incorporation the cavalry set up camp outside Chico, insuring a stability not every western town had.

To Chico’s great shame, there was a significant Chinese American community when it was first incorporated, but arsonists burned down Chico’s Chinatown in 1886 and most of the Orientals left.

Landmarks in Chico history:

  • 1850 – arrival of John Bidwell
  • 1870 – the arrival of the California and Oregon Railroad
  • 1887 – the establishment in 1887 of the Northern Branch of the State Normal School
  • 1900 – the purchase of the Sierra Lumber Company by the Diamond Match Company
  • 1960 – the development of the Army Air Base, which is now the Chico Municipal Airport

Did you know? Playboy Magazine naming Chico State the number-one party school in the nation in 1987

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The proposed grow would be located in one of the largest vacant buildings in Chico, California, located at Chico Municipal Airport Industrial Park, once occupied by clothing distributor Koret, reports Toni Scott of the MediaNews Group. The property is being eyed by Plant Properties Management, LLC, which has hopes of creating a business model unparalleled in the medical marijuana industry.

When they searched the marijuana grow site they found 2,137 plants. It looked as though the cultivators had already harvested this year and the current plants were for October. The plants were hidden beneath a canopy of bushes and other vegetation to avoid detection.

The cultivators also diverted the normal flow of the creek. The creeks would normally flow into Big Chico Creek but, the water was now being contaminated by the fertilizer before flowing into Big Chico Creek, a salmon spawning creek.

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