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2020 “High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice” Oklahoma Winners

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2020 “High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice” Oklahoma Winners

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 07/13/2020 in Medical Marijuana

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

The pandemic could not put a damper on the celebrations in Oklahoma. The High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition announced the winners of the coveted 2020 medical cannabis product awards. Unfortunately, there were no fancy dresses and designer suits at this year’s annual event for Oklahoma; the event was held virtually in accordance with social distancing requirements.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is the most internationally recognized cannabis competition. It was founded in Amsterdam by Steve Hager, the former editor of “High Times.” A blind competition of unlabeled products (in a kit) is provided to judges and the top three products by consumer choice in each category are awarded.

Who Judges All the Cannabis Cup Entries for the People’s Choice Edition?

Some would argue it’s the best job in the world. Volunteers selected by High Times have the enviable task of trying the most premium medical cannabis products cultivated and manufactured in Oklahoma. And since COVID-19 has transitioned trade shows, conferences and award ceremonies to virtual events, the lucky judges of the High Times Cannabis Cup each picked up a kit at their local dispensary to participate.

But there are a couple of caveats to becoming a High Times Cannabis Cup Judge. First, you can only participate in your state of residence. If your home state has a recreational cannabis program, you can apply to be a judge. If your state is exclusively regulated for medical cannabis, you will need to be a cardholding medical marijuana patient in good standing and provide your license number.

The High Times Cannabis Cup used to select from specific industry experts in each state. They recently opened the opportunity to sample and judge leading cannabis products to consumers, for “The People’s Choice” events. Between 28-35 judges are selected and each dispensary submits enough products in each category to create a sample kit that is mailed to for the blind test.

What Does Winning at the Cannabis Cup Mean for Cannabis Manufacturers?

You get more than a shiny trophy (they are great trophies though, and worth bragging rights). As a cannabis grower, processor, or marijuana product manufacturer, it is recognition for what may have been a year or longer in cultivation and product development.

The High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition creates just over 200 kits per judging category. The results are tabulated, and the winners are announced at the event and online.

The 2020 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup Winners by Category

The pheno-hunt is on in Oklahoma! Cultivators work to propagate the most beneficial properties of medical cannabis for patient care in each generation of plants, right down to each singular seedling. Here are the winners by category for the 2020 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup:

Indica Flower

First Place: Tina—Red River Pharms x Exotic Genetix
Second Place: Garlic Breath—ALTVM
Third Place: Glue 4—Texoma Labs

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Tropic Truffle—Red River Pharms x Exotic Genetix
Second Place: Biscotti—Trade Craft Farms
Third Place: Orange Krush—Higher Up Cannabis Co.

Sativa Flower

First Place: Lilac Diesel—ALTVM
Second Place: Nebula—Kured Cannabis Co.
Third Place: Thai Flower—Texoma Labs


First Place: Biscotti Infused Blunt Pre-Roll—Trade Craft Farms x Infamous Woodz
Second Place: StrawNana Infused Pre-Roll—Gorilla Gardens
Third Place: Thunderstick—Releaf Labs x ALTRD & Troy Buds

Solvent Concentrates

First Place: NC Fire—Sunday Extracts
Second Place: Garlic Breath Diamonds in Lilac Diesel Sauce—Oil Tycoons x ALTVM
Third Place: Crystal Queen Live Resin Sugar—Desert Extracts

Non-Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Garlic Breath Solventless Daily Delight—ALTVM x Leaf Logic
Second Place: Sundae Strudel Live Rosin Batter—Stability Cannabis
Third Place: Sundae Supreme Live Rosin—Nature’s Kiss Oklahoma x 918 OG

Vape Pens and Cartridges

First Place: Ultra-premium Hi-Cee Vape Cart—Electraleaf
Second Place: New York City Diesel Vape Cart—Sunday Extracts
Third Place: Watermelon OG Cart—Releaf Labs

Edibles: Food

First Place: Iced Out Oreo Bar—Crispy’s
Second Place: Lights Out Indica & Melatonin Gummies—Swerve
Third Place: Dill Pickle Chips with Green Crack—Tina’s Cannabis Kitchen

Edibles: Non-Food

First Place: Bloos Kloos 1000mg Tincture—Mr. Mack’s
Second Place: Cherry THC Cough Drop—Swerve
Third Place: 500mg Capsules—Helix Extracts


First Place: Extreme Pain Relief Cooling Roll-On—Electraleaf
Second Place: Flawless Anti-Aging Moisturizer—Sweet Stuff
Third Place: Cannabis-Infused Salve—Mary Jane’s Medicinals x Desert Extracts

Read more about ElectraLeaf + ALTVM founder Pedro Sotomayor, who won 10 awards at the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup in this feature article we wrote, after interviewing him with Sparkz Media.

This article was originally published by High Times.

The 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup: People's Choice Edition crowned Oklahoma winners in several product categories, such as topicals, flowers, and edibles.