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Medford is located in southern Oregon and is known for world-class fishing, rafting and hiking. While visiting, you can also enjoy many plays, musicals and wineries. If you are looking for a medical or recreational dispensary in the area, check out our local listings below to find one near you.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Medford, OR

Medford Marijuana News & Events

How Many States Have Legalized Medical Marijuana?

As the decriminalization of cannabis continues across the country, chances are high that you live in one of the states where weed is legal, or at least one of the 35 states with medical marijuana (plus Washington, D.C.) as an option for patient use. .

How to Talk With Your Family About Marijuana Use

Marijuana continues to gain legality and its cultural acceptance is steadily on the rise – however, there are still a lot of people that don’t understand cannabis or the culture that surrounds it. Especially if you’re an active user or advocate of.

2020 Election Results: Marijuana Legalization Wins Big

The 2020 Election was nothing like we’ve ever seen before, politics-wise. While we still sit and wait for election officials to finalize the “big decision”, many smaller statewide ballot measures have officially passed. Who are we calling th.

Why High-THC Cannabis Rules the Marijuana Market

No matter which legal cannabis state you are in, most cannabis dispensaries have an extensive menu that goes on for pages. With so many strains, vape pens, topicals, resins, rosins and other options to choose from, it can be hard for customers to kno.

Medford Dispensary Reviews

I got ripped off here. They said it was 1/2 oz but I discovered when I got home it was only 1/4 oz. When I called them they admitted they were wrong but refused to make it right. They wouldn’t give me the second 1/4 oz, only a “discount”. BEWARE

These guys are the best. ALWAYS friendly, fast, and awesome attitudes. Their recommendations are spot on, and after a couple visits they not only remember you, they remember what you like!

These guys really know their business. So friendly and welcoming, yet they do enforce the mandatory mask wearing so thank you. So many varieties of product and accessories. Easy to find on Hwy 101 South, plenty of parking even for big RV’s. ATM on site, cash only business. Best product and deal in town!


Put in an order at Cola Cove today. Ordered a strain on line called Sweet Thunder, went & picked up and found it was not what I ordered when I got home, but “Sweet Tarts” a strain that sucked. They changed the name on the product listing online to avoid the candy copyright of “SweetTarts” but of course, on line its Sweet Thunder. If I had known I would have never bought. Cause I’ve already wasted money on this horrible strain. I’m also not happy because your employees just basically said, “TOO BAD!” They said, “It was named properly in the store! But I didnt order in the store, I ordered on line. and again “sorry but not sorry.” Now im stuck with 3/4 of oz of lame, dull bud. I wont ever go back. Shoot I can get a better deal at Chalice or if desperate, Nectar.

Find Medford, OR dispensaries, marijuana delivery services, and mmj doctors to get your medical card and buy cannabis legally .

Marijuana Tax Revenue

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Q: How much are the taxes on recreational marijuana?

Q: Where will the tax money go?

A: Measure 91 provides distribution of revenue (17 percent) after costs to the following:

  • 40 percent to Common School Fund
  • 20 percent to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services
  • 15 percent to State Police
  • 10 percent to Cities
  • 10 percent to Counties for enforcement of the measure
  • 5 percent to Oregon Health Authority for alcohol and drug abuse prevention

The City of Medford’s Budget Committee, which includes City Councilors, will determine how the local and portion of the state marijuana tax revenue will be spent.

Marijuana Tax Revenue Finance Home 2019-21 Adopted Biennial Bud. . . MURA Financial Statements MURA Budgets City of Medford Budget 2017-. . . Transient Lodging Taxes