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Cannabis Oral Spray: Everything You Need to Know

The rising popularity of cannabis is undeniable, especially since Canada’s push toward legalization has started to gain traction. Still, there remains to be some concern about the health effects of smoking marijuana. Fortunately, smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy this incredible substance!

Thanks to cannabis oral spray, you can try marijuana without ever having to inhale smoke. To use this product, all you need to do is simply spray the substance in your mouth and underneath your tongue. Then, enjoy all the health benefits that cannabis has to offer. This particular delivery method has unique benefits from other methods.

Marijuana spray is one of the most exciting ways to experience everything cannabis has to offer, whether you’re interested in medicinal or recreational use. Learn all about how designers were able to put cannabis in a spray can, the different kinds available, including CBD spray, and more helpful information in this handy overview of cannabis oral spray.

Does it Get You High?

First, let’s get the most important question out of the way. Can marijuana spray get you high? The short answer is that it depends on the product. Some sprays have a high level of THC and are designed to get you high. If that’s your goal, make sure you look for sprays with a high THC count.

When you find a spray you like with THC, there are a few extra benefits you can enjoy that you won’t find when smoking your typical joint. Due to the concentrated nature of the THC, you can enjoy highs that will last for several hours. The amount you’ll need to spray will vary based on your tolerance and size, so keep that in mind when you try it.

If you don’t want to get high and simply just want to receive the health benefits of cannabis, choose a CBD spray that doesn’t contain any THC!

How to Spray

Using the spray is easy, but there are some things you need to do if you want to maximize its effects. Don’t just open wide and spray aimlessly. The best thing you can do is spray directly under your tongue or on your cheek.

Also, make sure you don’t swallow the spray immediately. Doing so will severely diminish the effects, and you want to get the most out of your spray. Instead, wash around the spray with the tip of your tongue in your mouth.

If you get the good stuff, it will taste delicious, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with this part. Feel free to repeat as necessary in order to get the effect you’re looking for, just make sure you’re familiar with your limits first.

Enhancing Your Cannabis

You don’t necessarily have to choose between smoking cannabis and using cannabis oral spray. You can simply do both. Smoking may be satisfying, but using the spray is quick, easy and discreet. You’ll be able to maintain necessary cannabidiol levels, no matter where you are, throughout the entire day.

If you normally smoke your cannabis, it may be a good idea to jump start your day with a quick spray instead. Using the spray before you smoke can make the effects last significantly longer and provide a much more enjoyable state of mind.

Non-Recreational Uses of Marijuana Spray

Like cannabis in general, this oral spray does much more than simply get you high. In fact, there are oral sprays that aren’t designed to get you high at all. When you’re asking yourself, “where can I buy cannabis spray?” you first need to consider the type of cannabis oral spray that you need. Are you looking for THC or CBD spray?

Most sprays have both THC and CBD, as they are the primary active ingredients in cannabis. THC is what contains the psychoactive properties that create euphoric feelings, while CBD generally contains the numerous medicinal and other effects. When you get a spray that has a higher concentration of CBD with just trace amounts of THC, you won’t feel high at all after use.

CBD or cannabidiol is a component of marijuana that offers several medicinal treatments as demonstrated by well-researched science. We’ve known about the medicinal properties of marijuana for years, and we can now thankfully enjoy them without worry.

Cannabis has been shown to provide general pain relief and inflammation reduction. Some data suggests that it can also help with seizures and cancer. While the seizure deterrent is fairly well-documented, its ability to fight cancer should be seen as more of a bonus than a full-fledged treatment. You’ll still need to take other measures to prevent the formation and spread of cancer.

CBD spray can also offer mental health benefits. Many people use this spray to help with anxiety and stress throughout the day, as it has been shown to reduce both.

Depression is a bit harder to tackle. While this spray can’t treat it alone, it certainly helps in any ongoing treatment you might have.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Spray?

If you’re looking to get your hands on cannabis in a spray can, you should be able to find them at your local dispensary. They come in a convenient little spray bottle that you can easily store in your pocket or purse. When shopping, be sure to keep an eye on the THC and CBD ratios. Many brands offer different mixtures to cater to different needs.

Remember, if you’re looking for a quick way to feel the medicinal effects of cannabis, focus on sprays with high ratios of CBD. If you’d rather have a spray to enhance your feeling of euphoria, however, focus on ones with higher rates of THC.

Whatever your needs are, the benefits of cannabis oral spray are apparent and easier than ever to enjoy. We hope you’ll give it a try yourself and experience everything this fun and simple cannabis delivery method can offer.

Cannabis oral spray is one of the most convenient ways to get your CBD and THC without smoking. Learn about its benefits and find out if it’s right for you.

Possession Equivalency Chart

The Cannabis Act legalizes the possession of 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis in public. The Act creates seven “classes” of cannabis that each have an equivalency to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

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Convenient. Discreet. Get lifted on the go with our THC Spray that freshens your breath and your perspective.

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Convenient. Discreet. Get lifted on the go with our THC Spray that freshens your breath and your perspective.