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8 Best Smoke Tricks You Should Be Able to Master

Are you tired of being the person in the background who watches the cool guy do smoke tricks at the smoking circle? We’ve all been there. There’s no shame in committing yourself to smoking isolation until you’ve nailed some smoke tricks to share. We’re going to help you in this endeavour. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of some of the coolest smoke tricks.

  • 1. Smoke rings: the oldest trick in the book
  • 2. The French Inhale
  • 3. The Bane Inhale (French Inhale with a twist)
  • 4. The Waterfall
  • 5. The Tornado
  • 6. The Dragon
  • 7. The Bull Ring
  • 8. Smoke or Vapour bubbles

I know I’ve arrived at the party to watch many people do some very cool smoking tricks and felt – well – inferior. Mastering the stoner etiquette, showing off your homemade bong and even bringing a stash of homegrown weed sometimes still doesn’t feel good enough. If you smoke weed, it’s almost a birth right to be able to share in those visual oddities that are smoke tricks.

A smoke trick is almost like a moving piece of art that disappears just as quickly as it was created. But it is so damn satisfying to watch someone perform a smoke trick – and even more satisfying when you do it yourself!

So, you want to be cool? Well, so do I. But until the day comes where I really am cool, it’s better for me to keep practicing my smoke tricks alone. We want you all to feel cool too, so we’re going to teach you some of the coolest smoke tricks out there.

As a side note, vaping creates way more “smoke” than a regular joint. If you want to make smoke tricks with some epic clouds of smoke, it’s probably better to use a vaporizer than a joint!

1. Smoke rings: the oldest trick in the book

If you’re not keen to practice a single smoking trick for weeks, you should at least learn how to blow smoke rings. It really is the oldest trick in the book, and even so, it is still impressive.

Take a big puff of vapour or smoke. Let the smoke sit in your cheeks for a few moments. Then open your mouth to form the shape of an O. It’s as though you’re about to kiss someone, but your mouth is slightly open rather than being pursed.

Now, this is up for debate, but I think it’s important. You want to poke your tongue inside your mouth. Don’t stick it out, but poke it all the same. Then use contractions of the throat to push the smoke rings out. You don’t want to blow – this will create some very messy smoke rings. Rather, open and close the throat using the muscles there to push the smoke out of your mouth.

A different method is to open your mouth, make tight lips that go slightly inward, stick your jaw out, and do small coughs.

It can take some practice, but when you nail it, it’s a popular smoke trick!

There’s one thing that’s more fun than smoking weed. That’s smoking weed while pulling off some cool tricks at the same time. Every smoker should enjoy the fame that comes with cool smoke tricks. Learn the ones that we think are the coolest.