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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana Want to buy marijuana seeds online? Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Louisiana! Based in sunny California, we stock over 100 strains Buy Louisiana cannabis seeds from a mail order Louisiana Seed Bank. I49 is a marijuana seed supplier that offers discrete shipping and billing. Call 1-888-441-4949. Ph: 1-877-691-1509 – Call or Click for Priority Service. Cannabis (Marijuana) Seeds in Louisiana. Highest Quality Shipped Directly to Your Door.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana

Want to buy marijuana seeds online? Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Louisiana! Based in sunny California, we stock over 100 strains of fully feminized, ungerminated cannabis seeds for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for sativa, indica, kush, or CBD seeds, we’ve got what you need! To buy online, just browse our inventory, find the seeds that fit your needs, and check out through our secure server. We’ll deliver your seeds right to your door, and we even offer tracking on all of our orders!

Marijuana Culture In Louisiana

As they continue to grow in popularity, marijuana seeds are becoming more and more mainstream in Louisiana culture. Easily, the first things that come to mind when you think “Louisiana” would be Mardi Gras, sprawling southern plantations, and Cajun cooking.

Strolling the French Quarter of New Orleans in search of the perfect beignet; taking a riverboat gambling cruise in Shreveport; sampling crawfish fresh off the farm in Lafayette, Louisiana has so much to offer. There’s something to see and do on every corner, and for those living, loving, or just visiting, marijuana can help make things happen.

According to state law, recreational use of marijuana is not allowed, although it has recently been decriminalized. Buying medical marijuana and marijuana seeds is accepted in Louisiana, which is good news for proponents of this powerful plant, and those looking to reap the benefits of growing their own supply of all-natural medicine in the comfort of their own home.

There are no medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana yet, but you can still get your hands on high-quality marijuana seeds by shopping online for Pacific Seed Bank marijuana seeds. Our online catalog has a wide selection of premium feminized and autoflowering seeds that suit a range of needs.

What’s the best climate to grow marijuana seeds?

Marijuana is a weed, hence the popular moniker, and like dandelions and thistles, it can thrive outdoors under the right conditions without human intervention. Unfortunately, if you want to really maximize the return on your investment, you need to understand that cannabis and climate go hand in hand.


Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Louisiana?

As of right now, marijuana is still illegal in Louisiana except for approved medical uses. However, it’s still legal to purchase and own marijuana seeds. If you’re a resident of Louisiana and you’d like to purchase cannabis seeds, we have the biggest selection available. We offer a full support team to help you decide what to purchase and can have it shipped to your home fast. Browse our available seeds to read here to learn more about the legalities of owning marijuana seeds and everything you need to know before making your first purchase.

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The State of Marijuana Legalization in Louisiana

Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Louisiana, but the penalties were reduced in 2015. Right now, a first-time offender who is accused of possession of fewer than 14 grams of marijuana faces less than 15 days in jail and $300 in fines. The potential penalties increase if the accused has a larger amount of marijuana in their possession as well as if they’re accused of distribution. New Orleans, however, does have different laws. As of 2016, marijuana is decriminalized in the city, which means the punishment for small amounts of marijuana is a fine of up to $100, instead of jail time and higher fines.

While it has taken a while to get started, medical marijuana is legal in Louisiana for approved conditions. In 2016, the original 2015 bill was expanded to include recommendations of marijuana use instead of just prescriptions. In 2018, the bill was expanded to include more qualifying conditions. In 2019, patients were able to start using medical marijuana in the form of oils, pills, liquids, topical applications, and inhalers. As with other states, the possibility for medical marijuana to be expanded and for recreational use to be legalized is being considered and could become law in the near future.

Can You Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana?

Marijuana may be illegal in Louisiana, but the seeds are not. In the US, marijuana seeds are considered an adult novelty product. This means they are regulated differently from marijuana plants and products. Instead of falling under the same laws, seeds are legal to purchase and to own. Residents of Louisiana cannot cultivate the plants legally, but they can legally purchase the seeds for souvenir purposes. This means they are able to purchase them from our store and have them shipped to their home without worry. Due to the way the seeds are viewed, residents in Louisiana can purchase any type of cannabis seeds they might be interested in owning.

What to Know Before Buying Seeds

Before buying seeds, it’s a good idea to understand what you’re buying. Though most of the details will relate to the plant, this could be helpful to know if you’re trying to find the perfect seeds to purchase. Seeds are split into a few different strains, and there are different types of seeds available. Strains include Sativa, which is known for providing extra energy during the day, and Indica, which is known for promoting relaxation. Hybrid strains are also available, combining Sativa and Indica.

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Different types of seeds are also available. Regular seeds are the seeds collected from most plants and can grow male and female plants. These are often considered the best for beginners because they’re inexpensive, but the male plants will need to be thrown away.

Feminized seeds are created from plants that have been grown to only create female seeds. There is no need to wait until the plants are grown to determine if they’ll be male or female because all of the seeds will produce female plants. There are also auto-flowering seeds. The plants that grow from these seeds will automatically flower at a certain point in their lifecycle, so they’re easy to grow if you don’t have enough time to watch them carefully.

What Should You Buy Today?

What you’ll buy today depends entirely on what you are looking for. Some of our more popular options include Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds and Blue Dream feminized seeds. Are you looking for something that’s new? Try out Critical Mass CBD feminized seeds or White Russian Fast feminized seeds. If you’d rather go by the highest ratings, purchase the Chocolope and Candy cross regular seeds or Agent Orange regular seeds. Our support staff can also help you find the perfect seeds to by, but no matter which ones you purchase, we’re sure you’ll be pleased.

Purchasing Souvenir Seeds in Louisiana

Though the cultivation of marijuana seeds in Louisiana is still illegal, it is legal to purchase seeds for souvenir purposes. We recommend learning about the different types of seeds we have available to determine which ones you might want to purchase. Then, you’ll use our easy shopping cart to make your purchase online. Our checkout is fully secure and easy to use. Once your purchase is made, we’ll pack everything in a discreet package and get it to your home as fast as possible. We make it easy to purchase the seeds you want, no matter what kind you purchase, and we’re available to help at any point during your purchase.

Is i49 Your Best Option?

As you have plenty of seed banks to choose from today, why should you purchase your seeds from i49? We are the best seed bank for a number of different reasons. We only offer high-quality seeds and have a huge selection for you to choose from. We are experts in marijuana seeds and offer a support team that can help you with choosing the right seeds to buy or answering any questions you might have. We make the entire process of finding and buying seeds easy, plus ship them to your door fast.

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Even though marijuana is illegal in Louisiana, laws are changing, and it might be different soon. Marijuana seeds are legal, so if you’d like to purchase marijuana seeds, take a look at our vast collection now. We have support staff available if you have any questions and can help you find the perfect cannabis seeds to purchase.

Outdoor Grow Calendar Our marijuana growing calendar will take you through every step of the grow cycle, depending on the region you are growing in North America.

Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana

The first Southern state to legalize medical-grade Marijuana for chronically ill patients suffering from glaucoma, the negative side effects of cancer treatment (such as chemotherapy), and spastic quadriplegia; there are a range of caveats that go along with the specific laws put into place in Louisiana. It is perfectly legal to own, store, and display cannabis seeds in terms of novelty items, however.

OG Kush Seeds Feminized 80s/20i 24% Daytime
White Widow Strain Feminized 70s/30i 17% Daytime
Sour Diesel Strain Feminized 65s/35i 21% Daytime

Using cannabis to treat chronic pain

There have been a number of studies within the past decade or so that indicate the many benefits of Marijuana when used to treat pain relief in those with chronic conditions. Working alongside the bodies’ ability to block pain receptors to alleviate physical discomfort, it also has secondary applications that can offer even greater rewards. Helping to heal problematic areas in terms of cell regeneration, and reducing swelling with anti-inflammatory properties; it can offer a powerhouse of treatment to those in need.

Different strains for specific ailments

Cannabinoids are the natural components found within cannabis plants that promote health benefits and the highest concentrated of these are THC and CBD. Where THC is the psychoactive compound found in illegal strains that are synonymous with negative issues, CBD works to counteract these effects and boost positive traits to treat internal health.

Where seed strains that are cultivated to be even higher in cannabidiol than others are good for pain relief in specific, there are strains that have been created to focus on treating other issues. For example, the Sour Diesel Strain can be used to treat loss of appetite and even fatigue, whereas sativa-dominant cannabis strains, such as Super Lemon Haze, can be used for insomnia and stress related issues, due to the fact that they focus more on promoting the euphoric high that cannabis is well-known for (without the presence of the psychoactive properties).

Buying cannabis seeds from reputable suppliers

Here at Farmer’s Lab Seeds, we ship high quality weed seeds across the U.S – including throughout Louisiana; in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport areas, and many more