Marijuana Seed Germination Temperature Celsius

Learn how to successfully germinate your precious cannabis seeds every-time with this simple, easy to follow guide. A must read for all beginners. The germination of your cannabis seeds is the first step to getting your crop under way. Read more about the specific methods you can use. When to start germinating marijuana seeds for the best results and a big winter crop of cannabis flowers.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

When germinating cannabis seeds there are a few factors that play an important role. Cannabis seeds need humidity and warmth to sprout. A temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal. Also besides that, we recommended that you leave the seeds in peace.

A glass of water

Step 1

Place your seeds in a glass of sterilised water, the water temperature should be around 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. Gently push the seeds with your fingertip below the surface of the water and leave the seeds fo float. After 2 – 4 hours, your seeds should have sunk to the bottom of the glass, if not, Gently push the seeds again, they should fall to the bottom. Within 24 / 48 hours, your seeds will have small roots and be ready for the next stage.

Cotton pads – Paper towels

Step 2

Place the seed between 2 wet layers of your chosen material. Using this method, the water will evaporate quickly so it is best to create an environment where condensation can take place. You can do so by placing 2 plates on top of each other with the top one upside down for example. Make sure to check the humidity twice-daily! The material should be humid, not wet!
When the root is longer than 2 – 3cm, its ready for planting.

In soil

Step 3

Choose the size of pot that you will need and fill with a quality soil of your choice. Place your finger into the soil making a small hole in the middle. Carefully transplant the seedling into the soil with the root facing downwards. The seed head should just be covered up by the soil. Wet the soil carefully. Make sure it is wet enough for the seedling to continue growing. Check regularly. The seedling will require 18 hours of light a day in the growing (vegitation) stage.

Seed Storage

We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

How to germinate cannabis seeds every time

Learn how to germinate your cannabis seeds successfully every time in our easy to follow guide. Read more

What if my seeds do not germinate?

If your seeds do not germinate for some reason please contact [email protected] for a *free replacement.
*This only applies to seeds bought from this website.”

Germination Cannabis Seeds

Germinating your cannabis seeds is the first step to getting your crop under way. It is the process in which life within the seed is stimulated, turning it from a seed into a sprout.

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There are three main stimuli that trigger germination; Water, air and warmth. All three must be present for the cannabis seed to successfully grow. The first is water; the seed goes through a process called “imbibing”, this is where the seed soaks up water around it, eventually causing the seeds shell to split as the embryo inside expands. The second factor which is required to trigger germination is air. This will ensure that the embryo that it has what it requires to perform photosynthesis and transpiration. Finally the cannabis seed needs a degree of warmth to trigger growth. The embryo contained within the seed has a small store of food to get itself going; it just needs these indicators to give it the go-ahead.

As your cannabis seeds take their first steps into life they will develop a tap root, which bursts through the shell of the seed. As it continues to grow it will produce 2 small embryonic leaves known as the cotyledons; these will push off the remainder of the seed shell – do not attempt to remove it yourself, you are likely to do more damage than good. When these leaves appear it is very important to start providing the seedling as much light as possible, allowing it to start its process of photosynthesis, which produces the fuel for its future growth.

There are a few methods by which you can germinate you cannabis seeds, some of which are more reliable than others. It is generally recommended as a novice cultivator, that if you have 10 seeds start by germinating 5, followed by the other 5 the following week. This will ensure that if you spoil your first batch due to poor technique, you will still have some seeds left to try again. If you are confident in your skills, and you have done this a few times, then there is no reason not to do them all at once.

Generally speaking, cannabis seeds germinate best in temperatures of 69-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius), and will take around 2-7 days to germinate. Although many believe otherwise, it is fine to have your seeds germinate in daylight.

Extra Tips:

If you buy low quality/immature seeds then you are not likely to get very good success rates, no matter how experienced you are. Indicators of a bad seed can be a pale whiteness in color, but this can also be the appearance of some specific strains – so do some research or contact your seed bank if they have sent you white seeds you were not expecting.

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Other factors that can cause cannabis seed germination to fail are incorrect pH levels, seed exposure/drying out, the incorrect depth, over feeding, physical damage or bad soil. Take care where you store you germinating seeds as well; for example, a cold draft could end up damaging your seeds, causing the growth to be stunted.

If you are growing in soil then refrain from the urge to uncover your seeds to see how they are doing – no matter how long you think they are taking. It will do more harm than good, as you can damage young roots.

Finally, some strains of cannabis can grow with fairly weak stems. If you notice your seedlings leaning to the side, prop them up with a small stick until they are stronger. Never use a stick from the outside; they can bring in unwanted, negative variables such as pests.

When to germinate marijuana seeds for outdoor cultivation

How to know when is the ideal time to start sprouting hemp seeds?

When we can already feel spring outside the windows

Winter is receding and the first rays of spring signal the arrival of spring, which for many cannabis growers signals the most anticipated event of the year. That’s right, it’s the start of the marijuana growing season.

Some ganja growers are looking forward to testing out their newly loaded growing techniques that they have studied over the winter. Growing outdoors then, like most cannabis growers, you’ll be harvesting huge quantities of ganja so that your winter supplies will be plentiful. But this is preceded by good preparation. When you start germinating your cannabis seeds will also be crucial for the coming months.

Don’t be fooled by the first rays of spring and don’t start sprouting cannabis seeds straight away, as this may be too early.

But don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips to help you choose the best germination time for your ganja seeds.

1. Don’t be hasty in growing marijuana

Yes, I’m sure all of us have experienced it. All winter long you look forward to the sun coming out, the weather outside getting warmer and you can see yourself planting marijuana seeds in your garden. Don’t ever be tempted so early, as the weather in spring is quite fickle and can surprise you very unpleasantly.

Has anyone ever told you that the sooner you plant cannabis seeds, the sooner you will harvest large marijuana plants? Don’t believe it, it’s nonsense.

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Planting marijuana seeds earlier will never guarantee you a bigger or faster cannabis harvest. That’s why more experienced cannabis growers already know that they have to be patient, and that’s why they wait for the right moment when the weather is already settled.

You must always bear in mind that the cannabis plant is tiny, fragile and delicate once it has germinated from the seed. And if you don’t want it to die you need to give it plenty of warmth and sunlight.

If you think that planting autoflowering cannabis varieties will help you, you are mistaken, because if you rush and plant them early, the results will also be disastrous.

Even though the life cycle of autoflowering cannabis varieties is around 2.5 months, it is important to maintain good enough conditions for growth for the first 14 days, otherwise you will get a blockage. And even if the sun starts to shine after that, which could get them going again, it’s usually too late.

So whether you plan to plant autoflowering or feminised cannabis seeds, avoid germinating and then planting cannabis too early.

2. Consider the climate in your area

The time at which you start sprouting cannabis seeds depends a lot on the climate you live in.

So what is the right time to germinate cannabis seeds? You can either make a common sense decision and see if the weather is already warm and stable, or you can do more research and study old weather records to see which date would be best. In the Nordic countries it may be safe to plant cannabis at the end of May, in central Europe it is usually early to mid-May and in the south can be planted up to a month earlier.

3. Watch as the cannabis growing season begins?

If you’re new to growing outdoor cannabis and aren’t sure when to start planting, ask a regional fellow growers if you can.

If you don´t know anyone, then you have to study historical weather data and follow forecasts.

4. A few words in conclusion

Start germinating your cannabis seeds as soon as the weather outside is nice with a steady supply of sunshine. The night temperature must not be less than 14 degrees Celsius.

Plant your plants on the south side, so that there is no obstacle between them and the south that could shade them (trees, buildings, hills, etc.) They should get at least 12 hours of sunlight a day.

If you haven’t bought your cannabis seeds yet, take a look at our NukaSeeds range where you’re sure to find the freshest marijuana seeds.

The time for planting marijuana seeds is slowly but surely approaching.