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With new weed strains popping up all the time, what's going to be the next big hype strain? Here's who to follow to keep up with the best new strains in cannabis. Bekijk 150 reviews en ervaringen van klanten van Find the best cannabis seed growers and the full variety of their products on ✨| Feminized, Regular, CBD and Autoflower seed varieties!

5 cannabis breeders to follow on Instagram for hot new strains

With a new weed strain popping up seemingly every single day, it can be difficult to know who has the true real deal Holyfield Louisiana sweet heat dropping consistently, or what’s going to be the next big hype strain. How do you keep up with the best new strains in cannabis?

Luckily, social media exists and is the best way to know who’s creating what, and more importantly, when and where those new products will debut.

That said, here are some of the best breeders creating some of the best cannabis genetics today.

Seed Junky Genetics

Famous strains: Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake

As far as top names in the genetics game go, right now there isn’t a single one that rings off as loud as California’s Seed Junky Genetics. So many heavy-hitters that we are all smoking right now were created by that boy JBeezy, a famous cannabis geneticist who has been in this game for over 15 years.

Seed Junky has created Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Jealousy, LA Kush Cake, Kush Mints, and—I mean, do I really need to keep going? He is also co-owner of The Minntz, in collaboration with Cookies.

Right now, Jealousy is starting to bubble up as a highly coveted and demanded strain. I knew it would way back at the top of 2021 when I first saw him putting out pics of the cultivar on Instagram.

To know what cultivars and flavors are coming next from him, as well as potential seed drops, peep JBeezy’s main page and his backup page. Right now, both accounts have been pretty much wiped of cannabis strains and flower shots, probably because Instagram has been on an absolute rampage of shutting down cannabis accounts.


Famous strains: Cereal Milk, Gary Payton

Kenny Powers of Powerzzzup Genetics is another long-time breeder from the Bay Area who’s been moving heavy in the game for a cool minute now. He’s an OG Cookie Fam member and the mastermind behind Cereal Milk and Gary Payton, two strains from Cookies that have absolutely blown up in the past couple of years.

Especially that Gary Payton, oooohweee. First time I smoked that GP was in April of 2020 and it instantly put me into a super cerebral high and extremely good mood. I’ll never forget looking at that joint like “Oh wow, that’s how Cookies getting down out here?”

As far as what’s coming next from Powerzzzup, it looks like he’s gearing up for a big drop of a cultivar/flavor named 2090 Shit. Something futuristic. Follow Powerzzzup’s Instagram to see when, where, and how you can cop it.

Compound Genetics

Famous strains: White Runtz, Apples & Bananas

Founded by breeder Christoper Lynch, Compound Genetics out in California is the creator of bangers like Jet Fuel Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot—parent strain of Flavor Crystals, one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. They’ve also collaborated in breeding Apples & Bananas with Cookies and White Runtz with Runtz.

While known for dropping absolute heaters in the flower game, what I really rock with about Compound is how Lynch stays connected to hip-hop culture, which is pretty damn important. Any strain that takes off with rappers is immediately in high demand from the stores.

Peep Compound’s Instagram and you’ll see him dropping packs to people like 2 Chainz and Young Dolph. Compound also called with Cookies to bring forth Quavo’s Pavé strain.

Exotic Genetix

Famous strains: Cookies and Cream, Grease Monkey

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Falcon 9 (Courtesy Exotic Genetix).

Mike from Exotic Genetix out in Tacoma, Washington really does this breeding shit. Like, really, really does this. He’s been in the game since the medical days and he’s famous for creating more strains than I can really name: Cookies and Cream put him on the map, but also Grease Monkey, Rainbow Chip, and Strawberries & Cream.

So anytime I see him come with a new seed drop, I anxiously await the time it’ll take growers to get it in and out of their gardens, onto shelves, and into my king size Ultra Slim Vibes rolling papers (the best ones, by the way).

Currently, he’s dropping a fresh line of Red Runtz crosses with popular strains like Apple Fritter and Biscotti. Peep his Instagram for details on their September rollout.

Archive Seed Bank

Famous strains: Face Off OG, Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos. (David Downs/Leafly)

Archive Seed Bank is a legend when it comes to breeding cannabis strains. They’re one of the longest running seed banks, with decades under their belt. They’re based in Portland, OR, but the Archive genetics can be found all up and down the West Coast.

They’re famous for creating Face Off OG and Do-Si-Dos, as well as Duct Tape, which feels like the newest rendition of GG#4. Rainbow Belts from them is already bubbling up as one of the next big strains, especially for hashmakers. Recently, a friend from Refine, an extractor out in Seattle, Washington, told me to keep my eyes peeled for its emergence over the next year or so. You can too, by following Archive Seed Bank on Instagram.

Additionally, if you’re looking for clones to grow yourself at home from this genetics juggernaut, their website says Breeders cuts are coming soon. Because they’ve all sold out. Because that’s how high quality and in high demand Archive Seed Bank strains are.

Reviews voor

order is always correct, very fast and discreet delivery, seeds germinate at 100%.

Very happy with supplements best on the market full stop

Very professional service all round without supplements delivered well padded and boxed always cheers mark

The service is excellent and everything popped.

I received product in a reasonable amount of time and have continually ordered from them. I wouldn’t go elsewhere. There has been no issues with anything, shipment etc. Lyle A

Even though there were issues, team MSB made everything good without having to ask.

First time purchase from MSB. I got the medical marijuana seed mix pack it came with 9 auto feminized seeds. 3 each of the following; white widow, critical and cheese. I also purchased the gelato grow kit. I used the kit as instructed. I placed 2 gelato and 1 each seed of the ww, cheese and critical. The Critical and Cheese didn’t pop/split, the gelato and ww did and are growing as expected healthy and no issues whatsoever. I accepted that 20% didn’t germinate. Life went on I didn’t complain or make any demands. I then received an email from Henk and Bob asking was I happy with my experience. I told the above story through email explaining that although I was satisfied with the results but unfortunately I wasn’t Happy. The next morning I received an email stating that my order was placed and included a tracking number. I hadn’t placed an order WTF! I then read the reply from MSB from the prior email. It stated that MSB was not happy that I wasn’t happy and replaced the entire order costing over $200 USD. Who else would have gone to this extreme? I was in shock at their actions taken to ensure my happiness. In closing, MSB is my go-to supplier for all of my grow needs they have ensured that I will be a lifelong customer. PS: The educational info on their site is short sweet and to the point. I’ve read it all and learned new techniques. If you’re new to growing your own it’s well worth the time to read. I also like the bios of the team at MSB. It gives me a sense of knowing them individually.

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GreenCrack! Yay!

Shipping was fast and I received my seeds. Not a big fan of third party bill processors, but it is what it is. Until we can get Washington out of the the pockets of big Pharma, we have to play the game. MSB customer service is very attentive, and concerned about the customers needs. I’m not afraid of using regular seeds. I like that I can occasionally get a male so I can pollinate a branch of one of my females to get more seeds. I haven’t germinated just yet because I still have some other plants growing. I plan to get these going in a couple weeks. Thank You, Mad_Andy

New to growing pot

Your seeds and grow kits are great just follow directions they got it all figured out. My plants are going into flower state now. Thank you Guys

Happy with my orders!

I have ordered a few times with MSB and have had an overall positive experience. First off, the seeds were excellent and all germinated. We had an issue on one of the orders but the folks at MSB actually care about their customers and made things right. I will order more seeds from them for sure.

Nothing but problems

Buy 10 and get 10 free scam. Nothing but problems from the start. This is my second order and I had problems with both of them. The second time I wrote an email to confirm by 10 get 10 free and low and behold the order was canceled before he only sent 10 seeds. Scammmed. Go elsewhere.

Excellent products! Excellent customer service!

Bob and Henk know their stuff. I have been a customer for awhile now and I am very happy with the results. The customer service is wonderful.

Great first time experience

Being a beginner and first time grower, i have had an amazingly good experience. Bob has gotten back to me on several occasions with information and direction as i have needed it. I will be ordering more seeds with them soon, as the grow kit i purchased from them came with enough material for many grows. Thanks for all your help, i am hooked and love the process of growing.


Couldn’t be happier with my purchase Thank you

Excellent products, service and communicaton.

These guys love what they do and their passion for cannabis and customer service is obvious. You will not be disappointed. I found MSB last year. I ordered 10 Blue Dream feminized seeds and received 3 free feminized Critical beans. I only germinated 3 BD and 1 C and they all split within 36-48 hours and were immediately planted directly into 10 gallon pots filled with my custom blended organic, recycled, peat-based soilless media. I vegged them under a 600 Watt MH lamp, 24X7 until they reached 18″-20″ tall. Then they matured under a 600 W HPS until the trichomes started to turn amber. Two BD plants reached the top of my 6 1/2 foot tall tent and I yielded a few grams under 16 ounces and just shy of the Holy Grail of 0.98 GPW! I would have passed the pound mark but I lost the tip of one bud to bleaching. The C yielded just shy of 5 ounces of premium dried flower! I do not train, top or lollipop my plants. I only remove fan leaves that are no longer viable. I utilize earthworm castings and dry, organic fertilizers and minerals. I also brew my own ACT and create my own RO water since my well water averages 800 TDS. The yields, flavor, aroma and potency were great! I placed my second order with them last month. I ordered their feminized Down Under Mixpack. While talking shop with them they recommended I try mycorrhizae fungus. It so happens the mixpack came with a free bag of Mycorrhizae Mix as part of a sales promotion. I can’t wait until I germinate them next spring. The orders arrive in a timely manner considering that COVID is still negatively affecting us all. The seeds are well hidden so do not throw anything away! They will tell you where to look in their emails. They take cash which is my preferred method of payment due to the legality of our grows here in NY. Their Website is clean, informative and well organized. A big thumbs up to my friends in the Netherlands.

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Great product

Discreet packaging, arrived on time, seeds A+ thank you

100% satisfied customer will be back soon

Have nothing but good to day about my experiences with MSB. I grew out their gear last summer and have some going in my tent. Ladies have been very good to me. Strong growth and great harvests. The one time that I ran into an issue they immediately got to fixing the problem. Great genetics and great customer service. Top marks all the way around in book.


Many years always success

Quality products and very easy to do business with.

The team at MSB have quality product and a provide a quality experience. I’m completely satisfied!

It has been fantastic!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Love these guys and will continue shopping with them!! They actually care about you and their products.

Top notch service and quality seeds

Easy tracked delivery and well packed goods. Seeds are all good quality. Can’t wait to try it this summer.

Very discrete, I’m quite impressed so far, looking forward to testing the final results.
Damaged goods

Let me start by saying I’ve grown for a very long time, I purchased 60 seeds and started 40, only 12 made and every single one I was lucky to get 2 ounces from it all. From the get go the seeds looked to be deformed and did not look right, as they germinated and grew they was yellow at all times and just looked diseased. I spent alot of money and trusted that I would get at least something I could work with. I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the product I was given I was hoping to make this a every year thing but see I am better off just getting my own. Would be nice if they would attempt to make things right with me but I’m not one to hold my breath, but I’ll let you know if they do. MSB reached out to me and offered to send new orders that my original order had a good chance of being crushed while on its way to me during shipping. While it sucks that a entire growing season was wasted I’m hopeful for the next as MSB got ahold of me and offered to make it right, I’m not a big internet person that trusts and engages slot on it but as far as I can see MSB is a trustworthy company in retrospect to making things right and caring about their customers. They sent me a tracking # the very next day, hopefully these make it without incident. I will follow up in future, I seen where one can do a diary of progress which I believe would be helpful for others.

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