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iHeartRaves' 420 Collection features our weed clothing for cannabis lovers. Inspired by our love of good kush, our marijuana clothing will make you smokin'!

Clothes Made Out of Marijuana

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  • Escrito por : Ciara
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For thousands of years people have been looking for the best kinds of materials from which to make long-lasting, strong clothes. When this started, people wanted natural fabrics that didn’t need too much work put into them, but as the years went by people began making synthetic materials that gave much better results. A few years ago it was discovered that natural materials could produce high quality clothes, which is why nowadays you can find many more items of clothing made from hemp.

Hemp is the plant where our amazing marijuana is born, and it’s also one of the preferred materials by a lot of textile companies and brands; they find the perfect strain from which to get hemp fibers by investigating seeds.

This decision is usually made due to how much easier it is to work with hemp than other kinds of materials and it’s also much easier to mass-produce. Although clothes made out of hemp are light, they’re extremely resistant and hold up extremely well over time, which is why clothes that get a lot of use or fabric items that hold weight like backpacks are more likely to be made out of hemp.

Apart from clothes, hemp can be used to make a whole myriad of products; it can be used to substitute linen, making for a material which air can pass through easily, making it perfect for humid areas or areas with high temperatures. It can also be used to make suede products like pyjamas, towels or jackets which keep you warm but also dry due to hemp’s absorption qualities.

One of the most peculiar products made with hemp is hemp jeans; if woven correctly, hemp can create an extremely similar texture to jeans, which is much easier to make than traditional jeans.

Clothes and materials made with hemp have a series of unique characteristics:

  • Hemp doesn’t wear out, in fact it gets better after time; clothes made with hemp will become softer and more adjustable.
  • Hemp is antibacterial, just like the plants that it comes from.
  • Fire resistant. Hemp puts up with heat and fire better than other materials, taking much longer to actually catch fire, making it perfect for household materials like bed sheets.

Clothes made from hemp:

Finding products made with hemp is becoming an every-day occurrence now, and there are companies that specialize in using hemp for textile purposes. Some of the items of clothing you might find are:

  • Nike Cannabis Shoes: This famous sports brand has put a brand new pair of shoes on the market; they’re completely made out of hemp and marijuana themed, and you can get them for about 100 euros.
  • The Naturellement Chanvre brand sells all sorts of hemp products, like their amazing jeans that follow in Levi’s footsteps, as the first ever pair of Levi’s were made out of hemp.
  • Work shoes: Many shoes that workers in Spain use are still made out of hemp to this day due to their strength and resistance.
  • H&M Conscious: This amazing clothing brand often uses hemp in the clothes from their Conscious collection, in order to help the environment. The dresses and t-shirts released in 2016 are almost all made out of hemp.
  • Hermès: This French brand has been using hemp in its clothes since way back in 2008.
    Translation: Ciara Murphy

Marijuana has a myriad of uses, and more recently (although it has been done for centuries) people are raving about clothes made out of marijuana.