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Cannabis Lip Balm

Cannabis Lip Balm: The Subtle Health Craze

Everyone loves a good lip balm. It’s the perfect way to avoid chapped lips, and to restore or recover from dry, cracked skin around the mouth. It was only a matter of time before cannabis found its way into the beauty industry, and it should come as no surprise that there is now cannabis lip balm available. In many ways, it’s a natural fit. After all, cannabinoids offer a lot of health benefits as well as the fringe benefit of getting you high.

Lip balm also comes in a huge variety of flavors and formulae so that no matter what your preference, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. For people who are sensitive to certain chemicals, or who simply want to do the right thing for the environment, there are all manner of all-natural lip balm choices.

But what exactly is cannabis lip balm, what does CBD lip balm do, and what are the benefits? Let’s explore the world of cannabis lip balm.

Can You Get High From Cannabis Lip Balm?

The first question people typically ask when they hear about any new edible product is whether there is THC in it. That is, does cannabis lip balm get you high?

With cannabis lip balm as the latest trend in the industry, it’s a reasonable question. This kind of product is the perfect way to enjoy your cannabis fix without smoking, or eating edibles that are typically high in calories.

The truth is, cannabis lip balm can get you high if it contains THC. But, it’s important to note that generally speaking, THC cannot be absorbed through the skin. This means that it won’t be absorbed into your body if you apply it to your lips. You’ll need to lick your lips over and over to ingest the THC. While cannabis lip balm can get you high, it might not be the most efficient way.

Medicinal CBD Lip Balm Benefits

There are actually a range of medical benefits you can get from your marijuana lip salve. Obviously, the main benefit is to soothe, hydrate and coat your lips with a salve that will protect them and re-moisturize to avoid and treat chapped and cracking lips.

Others that have CBD only won’t give you a buzz, but they will provide the health benefits of cannabinoids: improved cognition, immune response, better memory, and a number of other potential benefits.

There are indications that when used on the temples, it can help to alleviate headaches. CBD is also known to balance your digestive and nervous system, reduce pain, and to balance your mood.

The Cannabis Beauty Market

Cannabis edibles are taking off and cannabis lip balm is new to the game. It’s a very discreet way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without advertising your cannabis use to the world, and without the harmful effects of smoking marijuana.

Lip tincture infused with cannabis which is derived from the entire plant can offer a wild variety of features, depending on the strain of marijuana plant that is used.

Not only does each strain provide different qualities (indica is best for mellowing out, while sativa is great for a high-energy pick-me-up, for example), they also have different flavor profiles, which will make a big difference in enjoying your chapstick.

Cannabis beauty products don’t stop at lip unguents, either. There are tons of products out there and ready to go, which help you to look and feel great, while providing lots of health benefits. These can include topical lotions and balms, cannabinoid patches, acne treatments, bath salts, and even shampoos. There’s even cannabis-infused toothpastes.

Other Ingredients in CBD Lip Balm

In addition to the many CBD lip balm benefits in a health and medicinal sense, it also tends to be great for the environment. While there are likely manufacturers out there who use artificial ingredients in their moisturizers, the best CBD lip balm companies use all natural ingredients to be safe for the environment as well as for your body.

Some of the most common ingredients in lip tinctures infused with cannabis oil include coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and avocado oil. All of these ingredients provide outstanding moisturizing and lubricating profiles, and bolster the overall health benefits one receives from cannabinoids.

Where to Get the Best CBD Lip Balm

You can, of course, buy cannabis lip tincture from a variety of places; just about anywhere that sells other marijuana beauty products and edibles should carry it. Some of the most well-regarded brands around include Mary Jane’s Medicinals Lip Bong, Gemstonz Lip It Lip Balm, Goodwitch Lip Balm, Jambo Superfoods CBD Lip Balm and Evergreen Organix Chapstick.

Many people find the price too expensive, however, and prefer to try making their own at home. Creating your own can actually be a great deal of fun and allows you to feel crafty and accomplished, while giving you the exact balance of ingredients you need to protect your lips and get you feeling blissful in no time at all.

Making Your Own

Making your own cannabis lip balm can be done in just a few steps. There are tons of recipes online, and even instructional videos. All you need is beeswax, coconut oil, marijuana, and optionally, the right essential oils to enhance the flavor, scent and even medicinal properties. Just be careful that you choose the right oils; the wrong ones will actually offset the benefits.

The process involves baking the cannabis to bring out the cannabinoids in it, boiling the oils and beeswax, stirring in the marijuana, and adding essential oils. Then filter out the remaining cannabis leaves and place the mixture into containers, where it will wait until it hardens. You’re ready to go!

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