marijuana in seattle

Seattle’s 10 best recreational cannabis stores, mapped

Find your neighborhood connection

The Seattle recreational cannabis market has exploded. When Initiative 502 first legalized weed outside the medical space, only 21 stores in Seattle were allowed to open. Earlier versions of this map just listed all that were currently open, but after we got to 40, we started doing a little curation.

There’s a whole lot to sort through, especially in an altered state, so we cut back to just the ten very best stores in the city. Chances are you probably have one within a few miles of you, although if you need a closer connection, there’s always the state’s comprehensive license map. Find your neighborhood hookup below. (Did we miss your favorite? Let us know.)

Already got the cannabis covered, but need something to do besides sit around Myrtle Edwards? We’ve mapped out some great places to get weird, too. At the very least, you can have a good stare at these 10 high-design shops across the country.

Map points are ordered north to south.

The Seattle recreational cannabis market has exploded, and it’s a lot to navigate. Here’s where to stop first.