Marijuana Grow Shop – Cannabis Seeds

Grow Shop with the best seeds and crop products for marijuana plants. 【Free shipping costs*】 and 【safe gift】 Fast shipping! Do you agree with Marijuana Grow Shop – Cannabis seeds's 4-star rating? Check out what 35 people have written so far, and share your own experience. We cater to organic growers as well as cannabis growers and carry a full line of organic soil, coco, hydroponic equipment, pest control, nutrients, LED, HPS and CMH lighting

Marijuana Grow Shop – Cannabis Seeds

Discover the best feminized seeds for indoor and outdoor. Obtained through totally natural stress methods and with guaranteed superior quality.

The fastest seeds on the market await you at PEV Grow. Discover the latest in autoflowering seeds and enjoy their incredible properties.

Seeds with a high CBD content. If you are looking for therapeutic marijuana that offers you medical benefits, here you can find the perfect weed for you.

Welcome to PevGrow!

Your trusted online Grow Shop, where you can find a wide assortment of autoflowering seeds, feminized and regular, from the main seed banks in the world, as well as all the products necessary for your marijuana cultivation, to be a success! You will be able to find from specialized fertilizers for each stage of cultivation, insecticides to shut down any biological threat, cabinets for your indoor crops, and could follow and continue, but I invite you to discover for yourself, the thousands of specialized products for all types of crops. In your trusted Growshop you will become a professional Grower.

The basis of every relationship is trust, so I’m going to tell you more about us

Everything started more than a decade ago, when Alan Martinez, always eager for new ideas and projects, decided to fulfill one of his dreams, and that was none other than to found his own Growshop online in Spain. In order to do so, he brought together some good friends, with extensive experience as professional breeders and together we decided to embark on this difficult but so exciting challenge, which to this day and thanks to the trust of our customers, continues to grow and grow.

More specifically, our base is in Valencia (Spain), the city where most breeders are concentrated and where probably the largest number of seeds in the world are produced, so we had to be at the “heart of the matter” for a clear competitive advantage.

You may be wondering. Why set up a cheap Growshop online?

When we started to grow autonomously, we had a series of bad experiences, all this added to the difficulty of obtaining a quality material, made us wonder. Why not set up our own Growshop? And we did! PevGrow, is your Low Cost Growshop where you can buy safely, with a quality/price relation without comparison in the market, and with the guarantee that all our products are valued and always that we can test before being included in our catalogue, because for us the most important thing is that we are your first option when you think about growing marijuana.

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What can you find in PevGrow,
your trusted online Grow Shop?

Without a doubt our star product is marijuana seeds, since in our catalogue you will be able to find more than 3000 different varieties, whether autoflowering, feminized and regular, organized in more than 100 different seed banks, recognized worldwide. Buy Seeds

Our Growshop is close and cheap, has been conceived to reach each and every one of you, without exception, so our catalog has products for all pockets. A clear example of this is our section of cheap weed seeds, where under our own spanish seed bank, Pev Seed Bank, we create varieties with exceptional quality and an absolutely breakthrough price. I highly recommend you to take a look into our PEV Seeds, we work hard every day to improve and enlarge our catalog. Buy PEV Seeds

In addition to this wide assortment of marijuana seeds, in PevGrow we are specialists in crop products such as fertilizers of first brands, insecticides and all products in the fight against biological threats, lighting kits for your indoor crops, culture cabinets, timers, anti-odor filters, and a long etcetera that will help you raise your crop to the next level. Buy Growing Stuff

This is not all, since, in our paraphernalia section, you will find all kinds of useful accessories after the manicure process, and is that once finished, what do you do with the resulting buds? You can, for example, make resin extractions, and for that you will need a specific material that you can find in paraphernalia. And of course, you will find a wide assortment of cannabis literature, perfect for every self-respecting Grower! Buy Cannabic Paraphernalia

Find permanent offers in our Grow Shop online

In our online Grow Shop, you will find permanent offers on thousands of products every day, as well as a multitude of gifts in each of your purchases, such as free marijuana seeds and many other surprises, since we are aware that, in every relationship, the important thing is to keep the flame alive, and that is why we want to continue being your trusted Growshop!

I’ll tell you a secret, if you download the most complete marijuana dictionary on the net you will have a 10% discount on your next purchase plus safe gifts with every order you place.

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Also make sure you visit our new products section where you can quickly find new products that we add daily to our catalog.

At PevGrow, what really matters is you

We always say, “Our main asset, our customers” that was our motto more than 10 years ago and still is today, because without you this would not be possible. Therefore, we have designed a loyalty program, with which you can benefit from a number of exclusive advantages and rewards every time you make a purchase in our Growshop online.

You also have a help center (FAQ) to resolve any issue immediately, do not forget to visit it you will know first hand how we work.

Communication is the key

As in any good relationship that lasts and lasts, the key is communication, for it in each and every one of our products, you have a comment section, with the aim that we can interact, resolve doubts, tell experiences, tricks, etc.. All this with the aim of creating a cannabic family each time bigger and where we can enrich each other, putting in common all our knowledge.

Ah, and very important! In our blog, we publish weekly news related to the world of cannabis, tips to get the best out of your crop, and endless articles that we are sure, you will be very useful.

PEV Grow, seeds at the best price in your European Growing Shop

We’re a couple of clicks away from making you very happy. Your trusted Growshop puts at your reach the best strains of marijuana in the market with unbeatable conditions.

The shipment to the United States does not usually take more than two weeks and has a cost of only 8 euros.

In addition, for purchases over 150 euros in seeds, your U.S. Mail shipments will be free!

Yes, you are reading well. You don’t need to read the paragraph again, PEV Grow has arrived to make your cannabis dreams come true ;).

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Marijuana Grow Shop – Cannabis seeds Reviews

August 2, 2022.
After way too much aggravation and drama MGS eventually reshipped my order. I received it yesterday. The items arrived in generic packaging without any branded material.

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For now im giving mgs benefit of the doubt on the authenticity of the product. Im changing my 1 star review to 3 stars because my order was finally delivered. I will update with news on how the items turned out.

I placed my order 7 weeks ago. It has not arrived. I contacted MGS 5 or 6 times explaining this problem. They promised to reship and send new tracking information. That has not happened and my latest messages to them are unanswered. Im about to contact my CC company to initiate a chargeback.

[Order #44194] (1 June 2022)
Ive corresponded with MGS about this matter in many emails over the last month. The “customer service” suggestion is hardly plausible since those are the people who have ignored my recent messsges.

Updated just now
I did not receive any correspondence from usps. I have messaged you repeatedly to keep you informed of my experience. I have a long thread of messages that i can send to remind you of our communications. What are you smoking?

Please reship immediately and reply to this email address with the tracking information.

Sorry to hear that your unsatisfied with our service. On further inspection of your order status we noticed you have not replied to the correspondence of USPS for delivery and because of this your order have been sent back to us. Neither did we received anything from you. If you would like to have to your order reshipped for free please contact us and we are more then happy to help out 🙂

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