mango cheese strain

Mango N Cheese

$ 7.00 – $ 11.00 / Per Gram

Hybrid cannabis strain

Mango N Cheese Information

Mango N Cheese is a very evenly balanced hybrid weed strain with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. The THC ratio stands at approximately 15% THC, which is considered to be on the low side. When it comes to genetics, this strain was bred by Connoisseur Genetics as a cross between the strains Silver Nevil and Cheese.

The reason why most people buy Mango N Cheese online is the fact that it’s rich in terpenes and resin, as well as its very special taste. When speaking about the Mango N Cheese strain, the high resides more in the head than in the body. Users report feelings of euphoria and comfort, the cerebral high being almost instant.

Of course, Mango N Cheese will also work on the body, with the possibility of relieving pain and spreading a warm and cozy feeling through your muscles as you relax. However, the most amazing results will be felt at head level thanks to the Mango N Cheese strain. It can make you feel as if you’re floating away overjoyed, allowing for worry and stress-free experience.

Not only that, but the strain may help alleviate feelings of depression, panic, and insomnia. If you choose to buy Mango N Cheese online, know that it is a strain for flavour lovers. In other words, its taste and aroma are not for the faint of heart. Its smell is very tantalizing and almost pungent, which means you will have to opt for extra ventilation since this strain is not a discrete one.

This wonderful strain has been described to smell like a combination of mango and cheese layered with pine resin and just a touch of citrus, which makes its aroma almost diesel sour when wafting through the air.

The strain can be used both in the daytime and in the evenings. During the daytime, it can relieve pain, allow you to concentrate better, and even enhance creativity.

During the evening, Mango N Cheese could help you relax, alleviate the stress accumulated throughout the day and fight insomnia when you are ready for bed. Mango N Cheese is a unique strain with one of the most special flavour profiles you will come across. You can try this one of a kind treat if you buy Mango N Cheese online in Canada on our website and experience not only the great taste but also the benefits that come with it.

Mango N Cheese is a hybrid cannabis strain that can have a THC concentration of even up to 15%. It's rich in terpenes and resin, and has a very special taste.