mad weed

Mad Weed
by First World

Hip Hop’s Not Over

Day One 1994

Knowledge Born , The R.E.V.

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Mad Weed by First World – discover this song’s samples, covers and remixes on WhoSampled

Mad weed

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There’s still people writing letters with feathers. I could write novels and letter excerpts about the hope of humanity to this. Coordinates of words seeping from the wind. _nliketheletter

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I love this so much. Ashutosh Singh

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Equal parts dark and ethereal, this is an intimate and touching album and one of my favorites of all time. beatnikgreen

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I find myself comparing this album to Happy Hollow a lot. They’re both reflections of specific times that show both how much and how little things have changed. There’s no “Into the Fold” to lull you into a false sense of security on ‘Get Fixed’. The closest we get is “Marigolds”, which is both more dissonant and desperate and reads more like a personal testimony. ‘Get Fixed’ is the sound of your own home collapsing on top of you. It’s the sound of the end. A great album for garbage times. menee

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Why I Smoke Mad Weed by Kind Of Like Spitting, released 04 July 2006