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Please be very careful of scammers

Please be very careful of scammers. I placed and order and till date it has not been shipped nor delivered
When I tried Wickr App : (Michaelmeds). Com,, all my problems where being solved and are 100% good in terms of customer service. Rush now and deal with .Wickr App : (Michaelmeds)

They are the surest plug

They are the surest plug, they are fast and reliable. Delivery is discreet with no hassle you can contact them on **Wickr App : (Michaelmeds)
For all prescription drugs like Adderall- Acl torn treatment – Percocet’s- molly-crystal meth-promethazine-Fentanyl powder-Oxycodone-morphine. Ephedrine -Amphetamine-Xanax-Ecstacy and weed and kush strains
Delivery is within 24hours in America and 48hours overseas

Bad experience I ever had to do…

Bad experience I ever had to do business with them.didnt received my package. Thanks to who provided me with the best quality product and their amazing customer service.

Believe it or not this place is a total…

Believe it or not this place is a total scam! Can’t let you guys keep stealing from people that’s unfair. Why do ya’ll drain down ignorant people. Stop buying from medical marijuana online dispensary they are a total scam. Rather I found a new place where you can spend your money mcleoneldispensary. com they got good customer services, fast and reliable. Please stop losing money to this fake website.

Whomever gives negative reviews to MMJ…

Whomever gives negative reviews to MMJ is just an internet keyboard warrior and a complainer. Let me start by prefacing this review and say: I was a L.C.D.R in the Navy and I am also a U.S National delegate. I am not going to attach my good name to a marijuana dispensary, unless I believe that they exemplify the navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

I seldom right reviews and most of the time it is negative but it is also well deserved. I have been to over 90% of the dispensaries in Vegas and I am from LA so I have high standards(no pun intended). Let me break down the pricing, the staff and the ambiance.
1-The pricing. there are three levels for everyone’s budget Diamond, King and Queen. You can find some decent product in even the Queen and it will not break the bank however, I opt for the platinum. If you are a veteran, you get a 15% discount. For me nothing is over $60 for top shelf, which is at least comparable to LA prices. Everywhere else you can pay 10-15 MORE.

The Staff- I met most of the ladies, Alyssa and Angel are very helpful but they al are. The manager and the staff are honest and they have integrity. They will not try to upsell you and their products have not disappointed yet. That is why I am a loyal customer and recommend them to my girlfriend, family and friends.

The ambiance: the store is always clean and there is parking available. Worst case you can park on the street. It is right next to the Home Depot, past Trop and Decatur. The store is usually stocked with the top growers but if flower is not your thing, they have a wide variety of tinxtures, edibles, and other goodies. If you get 500 points $1 per point, you get 20% off your purchase.

I would not be attaching my good name if i did not believe in them but MMJ deserves this five star review. I WISH I could give them ten stars, if I could I would. Thank you for helping us go through these difficult times, with the new normal, there is a place that we can trust, where the owner, manager and employees are not schisters.
One time I picked up a good beaker water pipe and it was very reasonable. It was chaper than going to a smoke shop, I purchased it for $60 and at the shop, a 7mm thick beaker water pipe is easily $100. They have a variety of pipes and or water pipe, and bowls if necessary.
Stay safe out there and happy smoking.

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