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Dangers of Combining Lean and Weed

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Marijuana, when used in combination with opiates, such as the prescription drug codeine, can cause potentially harmful interactions to the brain and body. Codeine is sometimes abused by mixing it with soda and hard candy in a concoction commonly known as “Lean” or “Purple Drank.” Lean in of itself is dangerous; however, using Lean and weed together can be even riskier and result in profound drowsiness, central nervous system depression, and confusion.

What Are the Effects of Codeine?

Codeine is an opiate sometimes prescribed to relieve mild-moderate pain and as a cough suppressant. It can be administered in tablet form, but it is also commonly found in prescription-only cough syrups, especially in combination with the pain reliever acetaminophen.

Although codeine is less potent than most other opiates, it has a similar action on the brain and can cause the user to feel relaxed and euphoric. And like other opiates, codeine can induce adverse side effects that can include the following:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Profound sedation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Constipation

Despite its potentially dangerous effects, the abuse of prescription cough medications containing codeine has become popular among teenagers and young adults. It has also been glamorized by hip-hop artists who combine the drug with soda and candy to decrease the bitter taste.

As noted, this combination results in an addictive cocktail referred to as Lean, among other slang terms. Also included may be promethazine, an anti-allergy medication commonly used to treat allergies, cold symptoms, insomnia, and nausea. Common side effects may include confusion and sleepiness, and the use of alcohol or other sedatives can make these symptoms worse.

Drinking this mixture is extremely risky, as demonstrated by many who have been hospitalized or have died due to complications.

What Are the Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana is a mind-altering substance produced by the cannabis plant. The chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found naturally in weed is the primary ingredient responsible for its sought-after psychoactive effects. In addition to euphoria, marijuana can also produce feelings of relaxation, heightened sensory perception, increased appetite, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, accelerated heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and impaired memory and concentration.

The Dangers of Combining Codeine and Marijuana

Although some individuals may believe that codeine is relatively harmless compared to other opioids, in excessive doses, its use can lead to respiratory failure, coma, and even death. This risk is particularly high when codeine is combined with other CNS depressants, such as alcohol or other opioids.

And although it is not technically classified as a potent depressant, certain compounds in marijuana can depress the CNS and induce side effects such as lethargy and low energy. The depressant properties of weed make it dangerous to use in conjunction with codeine because it may cause a compounding of effects, resulting in worsened depression of the central nervous system.

Research has shown that the combined use of marijuana with opiates like codeine results in increased anxiety and depression compared to the use of opiates alone. The combined use of weed and codeine also increases the likelihood of substance use disorders. Studies have also revealed that marijuana users are much more likely to abuse prescription opiates and develop a prescription drug use disorder compared to non-users.

Like other opiate drugs, codeine has a high potential for abuse. As the frequency of codeine use increases, a tolerance can develop, a condition in which ever-increasing amounts of the drug are required to experience the desired effects. This pattern will eventually result in dependence, which can be especially challenging to deal with for those who also abuse marijuana. Results from a recent study suggest that 30% of marijuana users experience some level of dependence and will encounter withdrawal symptoms when the use of the drug is discontinued.

Treatment Options

If you or someone you love is suffering from codeine and marijuana abuse, please reach out to Just Believe Recovery today to learn about the available polysubstance abuse addiction treatment programs that can be tailored to your specific needs. Due to the harmful and unpleasant symptoms associated with codeine withdrawal, the first step in recovery will likely be a medical detox, in which medical and mental health professionals can address any complications arising during the detox process followed by residential rehab.

Our approach to addiction treatment includes a variety of evidence-based services beneficial for the process of recovery. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Peer group support
  • Substance abuse education
  • Health and wellness education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Art, music, and adventure therapy
  • Aftercare planning
  • Alumni activities

Are you ready to reclaim the happy, healthy, and fulfilling life you deserve? If so, we urge you to contact us today and discover how we help people who need it most break free from the dangerous cycle of addiction and maintain long-lasting sobriety for life!

Dangers of Combining Lean and Weed – Marijuana, when used in combination with opiates, such as the prescription drug codeine, can cause potentially…

THC Lean: Cannabis Syrup Purple Drank

If you have paid attention to pop culture in the slightest bit, especially hip hop and rap , you have mostly heard the word lean. Sometimes called sizzurp, syrup or more often referred to as purple drank, some people will drink certain cough syrup (typically a codeine-based cough syrup) by itself or mixed with a soda such as Sprite in order to achieve a high.

While the high may be a bit more desirable than some other highs of other drugs, taking this substance can be very damaging to the body. It could potentially be lethal if someone ends up taking too much of the substance a time. Many popular and great rappers have died because of too much abuse of this substance.

For those who are lovers of lean but who are looking to avoid some of the hazardous consequences of using the substance, there is great news. There is also a THC lean syrup that can be used in its place! Let’s take a look at this unique substance and what it accomplishes in place of traditional lean.

What Is THC Lean?

THC lean is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than the active ingredient being codeine that is mixed into the syrupy substance, manufacturers instead combine the syrup with activated THC concentrate. Weed lean syrup is then usually flavored in a variety of ways to mimic the types of flavors you would encounter when using regular cough. Basically, THC lean is just marijuana concentrates mixed with a syrupy substance. It has been created to replace the active ingredient that makes cough syrup dangerous to use recreationally.

CBD Lean

Just as there is lean weed, there is also CBD lean. Unlike THC lean, CBD syrup just combines a syrupy substance with activated CBD. Instead of getting high, you are simply getting the benefits that come with CBD and can combine this substance with any drink that you wish.

What’s the Difference Between THC Lean vs Codeine Lean Syrup?

If you have ever drank lean, you know what type of high it produces. When consumed in large amounts, codeine lean syrup will often produce a type of high that is similar to being drunk but makes everything slow. It doesn’t come with all of the fuzziness or forgetfulness that you would get when you have consumed too much alcohol. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its dangers.

Too much codeine can cause confusion and other mental issues. Even worse it can also cause respiratory problems that can lead to death if too much is taken. THC cough syrup, on the other hand, only provides the high that you would get if you were smoking a joint or eating an edible. Most people already know that it is near impossible to overdose on weed. Have a peace of mind knowing you can safely get high and enjoy a liquid weed drink without having to worry about the dangers that come with codeine lean syrup.

Benefits of Weed Lean?

A THC drink comes with a wide variety of benefits that make you question why you would even pursue regular purple syrup in the first place. The most notable benefit of weed lean is that it is yet another solution to the question, how can I take my marijuana? Also, how can I avoid more dangerous drugs? THC lean is yet another option that people can use if they don’t like the many other ways of taking marijuana.

It is delicious as these syrups come in several flavors and it helps to keep you from having to use regular lean. In addition, THC lean comes with all of the recreational benefits and medical benefits that you would find in any other weed-based product. It is easy to bring around with you, to mix into drinks and use wherever you are, and is more discreet than other products. Overall, THC lean is a great product.

Effects of Cannabis Syrup?

Cannabis syrup is just like any other product as it will provide you with the high that comes with using THC. As with other substances too, the effects that you will feel when you use cannabis syrup will depend entirely on what type of THC dose is contained within your syrup mixture. With this in mind, cannabis syrup does tend to be more potent than other products and will also give you a longer-lasting high than other THC products.

This is mainly because of how marijuana is digested. Unless you smoke, dab or vape your weed, it is most likely to be metabolized in your liver. Weed gets metabolized and turned into 11-hydroxy-metabolite which gives you much different effects. If you have taken edibles and realized it’s too strong to handle compared to smoking, this is what you’re experiencing.

Proper Dosage

THC lean is a little easier to dose due to the fact that it is a liquid and you should be able to determine how much weed you want at a single time by determining how much is in your fluid and how much fluid will contain a certain fraction of the total THC does. However, if you are not familiar with taking certain milligrams of THC, a good place to start is at around 10 milliliters of your solution at a time. This is a general rule and should give you the high that you are chasing. However, you should experiment as this may change given the amount of THC in your solution and its overall strength. Give it some time to kick in before you start taking more or else you may get too high. The best way to dose your product and to test out your own limits is to take a little at a time and then measure how you are feeling as time progresses. This way, you won’t take too much and get so high that you can’t properly enjoy your THC lean.

Recipe – How Is Weed Lean Syrup Made?

If you’re feeling adventurous and are looking to make your own lean syrup or are just curious as to how weed lean syrup is made, the process is actually rather simple. A type of THC concentrate like shatter or wax, which is made by separating the THC from plant matter, is added to a syrup solution. It is then mixed together in order to create the solution. Pretty simple right?

Even more surprising is that the syrup itself is easy to make as it is just a mixture of sugar, water, glycerin, and the flavorings of your choice. If you are looking to make your own weed lean syrup, there are more than enough resources and recipes out there that will help you along the way.


Much like some of the other THC and CBD products that don’t receive as much coverage on weed sites, THC lean syrup is one of the few offerings that people don’t often hear about. It is one that could truly improve your overall marijuana experience regularly from discreet use to a quick sip.

To get started with your own weed lean journey, learn more about this substance and what it will do for you using the information provided above.

Many people are switching over from codeine purple drank to THC Lean Syrup but what is the big deal about cannabis based lean and is it good?