kush mobile

Kush Me mobile app development

Your pal for recreational marijuana runs – Kush Me delivers marijuana to your doorstep.

client brief

Kush Me is a user-orientated app designed for people to connect with marijuana dispensaries located near them. Currently operational in 9 U.S states, where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized, Kush Me enables users to enjoy easy, reliable and hassle-free deliveries.




the introduction

It doesn’t matter where you are, Kush Me locates a marijuana dispensary nearest to your location. The strong user-orientated functionality is what makes Kush Me stand out, as an easy-to-use application.

the problem

The biggest concern was to be able to merge effortless user experience without compromising on the detailed accuracy and functionality of the app. The idea was to facilitate users and sort out technical features that would allow accurate tracings of pickup and dropoff locations.

the solution

Our development and marketing teams met a hefty collaboration, resulting in a user-friendly app, that contained each dispensary’s operation times and other helpful details to aid users in placing orders. To enable accurate location mapping, we integrated the app with Google’s user-centric APIs. This ensured a smooth and seamless user journey, through every step of the way.

the highlights

Integration of key features that enables users to interact with the app in a way that delivers a top-notch experience, is what sets Kush Me apart from the rest. The app is also equipped with a News feature that provides users with regular updates about current happenings and the use of marijuana.

the results

The end product that we created was an app with a high concurrency rate and unmatched user experience, that will have an overwhelming impact on how people get recreational and medical marijuana.

Your pal for recreational marijuana runs – Kush Me delivers marijuana to your doorstep.