kush breath

Kush breath

I didn’t find this strain to be anything “special” about OGKB (which is a GSC phenotype), but the indica leaning hybrid hit most of the spots just right making this a really nice go-to strain for evenings, nighttime, or after work if you want to really wind down. Definitely strong cerebral effects, much more so than classic GSC, the cerebral effects are almost similar to GMO, or any indica Chemdawg cross. There is also a bit of that classic chill feeling that waves over you quickly like OG Kush, which also seems to be more dominant than in other phenotypes of GSC. The buds of this flower also lean closer to a typical Kush flower and are not as dense, nor the same structure as the classic GSC. The buds themselves are olive-green, with some buds displaying some forest-green, purple-leaning leaves, with nice bright burnt-orange hairs. Away with the technical stuff, for aroma you’ll get strong earthy, pine and musky notes accompanied by mild floral notes and a lemon hint, as Limonene is abundant in this strain. The flavor is also earthy and piney but this is where the citrus comes out the most and hits you with a mild lemon zest, which I enjoy quite a bit. The effects are very nicely balanced for an indica leaning hybrid, there is a good cerebral punch, along with general body relaxation, some couch lock and an improved mood that helps wind down.

Super dank and amazing pot. So flavorful its unreal. It actually leaves you with kush breath. The taste just lingers, and lingers and I love the flavor of this one. You can really see where girl scout cookies gets her genetics. Try the cookie breath which is bred from her, its fire and might be easier to find than the OGKB these days.

OGKB, also known as “OG Kush Breath,” is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is a variety of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies, a NorCal Sativa Durban X Florida Kush cross. This bud has an insanely delicious flavor, with a fresh nutty vanilla inhale that's accented by a berry herbal exhale t…