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Marijuana and Kundalini Yoga

Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the world. Its use is a very controversial topic and has been long debated. Some cultures use marijuana for religious rites while others outlaw its use.

Depending on the user’s reaction to marijuana, it can be defined as a depressant, stimulant or hallucinogen. Common reactions to marijuana use include distorted perception, memory impairment, poor concentration, delayed motor functions, paranoia, stress relief and increase of appetite. The drug effects the nervous/ sensory system, immune system, mucous production, heart rate, blood pressure and the brain. In the workplace, employers have found that habitual marijuana use leads to lack of productivity, laziness, absenteeism and tardiness in employees.

According to Yogi Bhajan, marijuana is a drug and when it comes down to Kundalini Yoga, he said that, “Drugs and Kundalini Yoga don’t mix.” Yogi Bhajan specifically said, “The term ‘pothead’ derives from a state of mind peculiar to those who use marijuana. This state of mind is said to be caused by blockage of spinal fluid and acupressure meridians at the base of the neck.” Also intoxicating drugs like marijuana are tamasic which ties one to Maya and the illusions of the earthly realm.

There are millions of ways to escape your inner and outer realities through consuming drugs, alcohol, sugar, junk food, sex, etc. Marijuana is just another vehicle. After smoking marijuana, it can take hours for the effects to wear off and days for it to get out of your system. At least with meditation, one can come back at anytime.

Working with drug use actually doesn’t have as much to do with the drugs themselves, but the underlying reasons why a person needs to take them. If you are ever feeling anxious and smoke marijuana, the anxiety seems to disappear. The truth is that the anxiety doesn’t disappear, but the link to that feeling gets disconnected. This doesn’t mean that the anxiety is resolved, it just means that you will have to deal with it later. Truly as a conscious being, when faced with anxiety, we need to meditate on it to investigate the root cause to integrate it with our consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga’s aim is to bring awareness where there isn’t awareness. That means being completely aware of all that is going on in your mind, body and external environment. You are free to make any decisions that you want as it is your life, however marijuana can take one away from the reality that they are seeking. Marijuana doesn’t help one develop a meditative mind. On the contrary, it can take years to repair the system to get to the point where you were prior to marijuana use. Just remember that there are no short cuts in the process and you cannot rely on any outside substance to bring you into yourself. There is no substitute to Sadhana. Sadhana is hard work and commitment that cannot be bought anywhere.

When dealing with any kind of substance abuse, it is important to work on the underlying emotional root causes to truly heal. There are tons of great resources and kriyas for every kind of disorder. It just takes hard work, consciousness and taking responsibility.

With Marijuana specifically, a great resource is Sadhana Guidelines which has the following kriyas and meditations that work with repairing the system from marijuana use:

  • Maha Agni Pranayam: This meditation was taught by Yogi Bhajan as a remedy to relieve “Marijuana Brain”, which is a reaction from marijuana use.
  • Meditation for Habituation- The most recommended meditation for dealing with addiction.

Sa Ta Na Ma – 62 minutes by Snatam Kaur

Kundalini Yoga: Sadhana Guidelines

A few good remedies you can use to repair the system from drug use include:

    Yogi Tea- for the nervous system

For more information on Yogic remedies for drug use, check out Yogi Bhajan’s Food for Health and Healing.

Foods for Health and Healing

For additional resources on substance abuse and Kundalini Yoga, check out:

Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

Marijuana and Kundalini Yoga Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the world. Its use is a very controversial topic and has been long debated. Some cultures use marijuana for

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Awakening from the dream of birth and death: The use of Psychedelics and Herbs

I do not consider cannabis as a drug which is what pharmacies and cartels are for that deal with toxic legalized chemicals that eats peoples bodies from inside out, but like anything in this world, it is recommended to use the green herb responsibly and with the right intent. There are proofed medical benefits for drinking, eating cannabis for those who are in physical and mental pain. You can also smoke it, but it is supposed to be the last option. It is quite usual where people with constant brain chatter, which may end up producing a stroke like body functioning, will find benefits and revelations when using pot products. This is because it gives you a hint of a none chattering mind and the benefits the none chatter of the mind has on the brain and thus the body. However pot does not teach you how to get to this state of meditation without the help of pot so many get depended on pot in their beginning stages, and will find hard to remain in constant meditative state without pot. Now all that said, Ascension or awakening from the physical experience of birth and death is a process of reaching higher dimensions, or higher states of consciousness. Many are failing but you are ascending otherwise you would not resonate with my writings.

Awakening from the dream of false physical universe is a process of becoming naturally blissful while you still appear to be in a body in a world of duality where many have become absolutely insane, and are actually marked for death because they are unknowingly part taking in a wicked system, that lives at other peoples expense mindlessly. So the more you vibrate with joy that does not depend on anything external, it means the atoms within are actually vibrating, you repel negative people and you are a sponge to cosmic communication with great benefits. If you use psychedelics such as marijuana on daily basis it may lead to a point where you realize it opens you to lower frequencies that usually takes the form of people who are passive abusers, and will use your laid back pot head mind to suck energy out of you since you are not aware of protecting your aura field. The same can happen in etheric realms, and may produce intense dreams that are not pleasant. When you advance, this is not the case though.

Psychedelics tend to point out quite fast that there indeed may be an ego consciousness that lies within humanity and controls their minds, emotions, thus their decision making abilities like a parasite, which is why it is also understandable, that for some, using psychedelics and the revelations that comes with it is not recommended: they would freak out about even the smallest discoveries because it goes out of their comfort zone. A Course in miracles, Buddhism, Hinduism and thousands of other paths are mind training programs to balance the mind that has been stuck in ego consciousness. A Course in miracles with the combination of understanding Bible, and it origin may be the most straightforward one because it alarms we have reached the peak of wickedness, thus are living the end times, while other paths are too hipster type, and will not motivate you to be vigilant. Using these scriptures Religiously has not worked most of the time because it does not address the body as a projection of the mind, but tries to establish the dream body figures as flesh, blood and bone, which is a lie although a experience we should not take for granted. Psychedelics, even pot, tend to be a gateway to show us we are more than flesh, blood and bones and we can actually experience that we are more than flesh with proper mind training by undoing the ego. It has to be a slow gentle process because the brain that we think is real needs to adjust psychologically and physically to the changes in the mind. If the process goes too fast, which psychedelics can produce, well, again, you freak out, and may experience psychosis which is basically a word for an individual who has become un-grounded, or detached from the body which is not the purpose of Awakening. We all have a purpose here because we are living dark times. Do not fall for the trap of thinking “If life is an illusion then it does not matter what I do here”. That attitude, as Gary Renard points out well, will only make life appear meaningless.

So, Psychedelics have been a catalyst for the journey to self realization to many people for thousands of years. There is nothing new about this so Im not really into writing about this subject because it should be obvious. Some use it and some do not. We have been in this physical universe for what appears like eons so everybody has used it in some point anyway. Some abused it, and some used intuition.

kundalini awakening marijuana Awakening from the dream of birth and death: The use of Psychedelics and Herbs I do not consider cannabis as a drug which is what pharmacies and cartels are for