juicing cannabis leaves

Juicing cannabis leaves

The cannabis plant is an outstanding health supplement, and there are so many different ways to reap the benefits of the leaves, seeds, and flowers. New applications are constantly being discovered, one of which is juicing the raw leaves of the plant to drink.

The “Real” Green Juice

Juicing has been a popular trend for years among health freaks and those looking to lose weight. When it comes to marijuana, the typical methods of consumption actually destroy many of the nutrients contained in the plant, making juicing a natural progression from more harmful methods of consumption such as smoking.

Growers and trimmers typically throw away fan leaves, broad leaves and sugar leaves that are removed from the stem during the cultivation process. Saving and juicing them is a good way to minimize waste and infuse the body with healthy vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals – natural compounds occurring only in plants which can aid human health by guarding against chronic illnesses. They are not nutrients per se, there are tons of phytochemicals in basically every healthy fruit and vegetable, and are correlated with antioxidant and even anti-cancer properties. Though it’s still tough for scientists to prove exactly what’s happening, it’s clear that plants hold important medicinal value for our bodies.

In addition to the vast nutritional power of plant juices you might already by drinking, cannabis leaves are particularly rich in phytocannabinoids CBDA and CBG , while juiced flower can offer the benefits of THCA. All of these cannabinoids offer significant anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits that are hard to get from “activated” or heat-processed cannabinoids like delta-9-THC and CBD.

Who Is It For?

For people who want to avoid smoking or even vaporizing, juicing is a discreet and effective way to absorb your daily cannabinoids. Without heating the plant, the psychoactive cannabinoids are not activated or released. That means that a glass of juiced cannabis won’t get you high. However, you do want to be careful with the potency of this juice.

Want to try your own cannabis juice at home? Here are some tips for a great experience:

  • Juiced marijuana should always be diluted , either with water or with another type of fruit juice, as it will be extremely acidic.
  • Juicing has no inherent health risk, though you do want to be careful to watch your sugar intake with this diet method.
  • Though there is no empirical data to support this, several people have claimed that cannabis juice successfully treated their autoimmune diseases .
  • If you feel weak, tired or hungry perhaps begin with one juice a day, rather than liquefying your entire diet.

Taste The Rainbow

My favorite adaptation that I’ve tried is cannabis with organic apple juice, though since I’m not cool enough to be friends with a grower, it’s tough to find raw material. There are a plethora of amazing recipes online supporting this fresh, healthy stoner trend. From a refreshing watermelon potion, to a sweet blend of pear juice and sweet potato or even a cannabis smoothie with yogurt , there are healthy cannabis activists sharing their most delicious juice recipes on the web to help get your creative juices flowing.

Whatever you prefer as far as fruits and veggies go, remember that cannabis and hemp are some of the most important (and underrated!) superfoods in the world, and there’s a way for everyone to drink in the benefits and good vibes of the marijuana plant.

A grower’s “trash” might just be a treasure for people who love their health. ]]>