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The Adventure of Growing Plants
It’s Child’s Play with Jiffy’s Products!

Have you always wanted to grow healthy vegetables, wonderfully fresh herbs and beautiful flowers yourself but didn’t know how?

Whether you prefer the traditional method of using pots and soil, or the convenient Jiffy-7® peat pellets – Jiffy has the solution!

JiffyEasy – simple and effective starter products for growing just about any type of plant from seed – just like a professional nursery!

JiffyPro – selected products for the ambitious hobby gardener.

With the “Green Fingers” guarantee from Jiffy, you will always succeed!

Growing your own flowers and vegetables gives you full control over what you and your loved ones eat, use for crafts and decorations, or give out as presents. And on top, you will learn more about the fascinating world of nature and plants.

Jiffy products are environmentally friendly, easy and clean to use, and have a variety of applications. Professional quality for safe and high-yield growth.

Just try it – it is so simple!

Don’t be afraid – it is not hard. With detailed instructions and illustrated step-by-step descriptions, Jiffy will guide you through simple and purposeful processes, making the results literally bloom. For beginners, we recommend our Jiffy Starter Sets: a complete, easy-to-use package with no mess – just add water! This will guarantee success right from the start!

Erlebnis Pflanzenanzucht – Mit Produkten von Jiffy ein Kinderspiel. Ob traditionell mit Topf und Erde oder bequem mit den Jiffy-7® Torfquelltabs – Jiffy hat die Lösung für Ihr Saatgut!

How are Jiffy Seed Starting Indoor Greenhouses used? What are the benefits to using Jiffy’s indoor greenhouses?

In a continuation of what we here at Ferry

Morse have now deemed Indoor Seed Starting Awareness Month we cover yet another *amazing* gardening accessory by Jiffy: Greenhouse Seed Starters! Which are miniature indoor greenhouses (22” x 11” x 3” at their largest) you can use with your Jiffy Seed Starting Peat Pellets. You can use these greenhouses with dirt and soil as well. Determining how you use these items is a matter of preference which you can tailor to your liking and/or need!

Most Jiffy Professional Greenhouses will include peat pellets, one re-usable watertight plastic tray, one re-usable and/or recyclable plastic Gro-Dome and bonus items such as plant markers and SuperThrive. Other Jiffy Greenhouses will come with cell trays (peat pellets not included) and a humidity dome. Be sure to read the product details in order to confirm what is included with your Jiffy Professional Greenhouse!

Every Jiffy Greenhouse will include instructions specific to the product you are using. These instructions are easy to follow and should act as a guideline when sowing your seeds inside the greenhouse. Typically, however, you will be instructed to:

  • sow your seeds (in either peat pellets or soil)
  • add warm water (this may be your first step if you’re using peat pellets!)
  • apply the Gro-Dome cover (Gro-Dome = humidity dome)
  • place the greenhouse in a warm location away from direct sunlight

Yes, it actually is as easy as that when you’re using Jiffy’s Greenhouse!

You might be thinking “Ok, now I know what kind of greenhouse options I have and how to use and assemble them…but what good are they to me?” Well, let us give you a quick rundown of what makes Jiffy’s Professional Greenhouses so great for indoor seed starting.

For starters, they come with a reusable watertight tray. Keep your tray for seasons to come because it can be used multiple times AND it’s made from 100% recycled materials. Also, there’s that mention of watertight. That’s no exaggeration…greenhouse trays hold water so you don’t have to revisit watering your seeds as often as you’d think.

Next, we have the greenhouse Gro-Dome which is plastic that can be reused or recycled! The Gro-Dome is a humidity dome locking in essential moisture and, once again, eliminating the need for frequent watering. The humid environment the greenhouse creates will aid in the germination of your seeds with little to no effort on your end.

When first seeds have sprouted inside of your Jiffy Greenhouse you can simply prop the dome open. When all of your seeds have sprouted, you remove the Gro-Dome piece completely and place the tray in a sunny location until transplanting time!

TL;DR Jiffy Greenhouses are miniature hothouses that mimic an environment which encourages seed germination with little to no effort on your end. Once the seeds have sprouted you can easily transplant them anywhere from your greenhouse!

Sow your seeds indoors and watch them sprout into life using Jiffy's line of indoor mini greenhouses. Jiffy indoor greenhouses are great for indoor seed starting because they mimic the perfect environment which encourages proper seed germination!