jack harrer weed

Royal Jack Automatic

Title : Germination
Comment : Réussie9/9 toutes mes graines de 9 sortes sont tous germé . Auto Flo pour ma part en extérieure . Il y a plus qu’à attendre . Tit les plantes sont sans engrais mtn je vais essayer votre engrais commande à été faite. Donc on verra le résultat final .

Title : Super !
Comment : Mon cour de cœur de RQS en auto ! Le rendement pas ouf ( même ci je débute ) mais ci non les effet sont super cool ! Que des grosses tète bien odorantes, c’est vraiment une variétés que je referais la saison prochaine !

Title : Fifty Fifty
Comment : Just 1 out of 2 seeds was successfully germinated!

Title : Semi in omaggio
Comment : Questi semi mi sono stati dati in omaggio con un ordine , germinati in poco più di 30 ore , con una radice di dimensioni impressionanti , mi fa ben sperare sull’ottima genetica di questa pianta

Title : Good
Comment : Very health flower

Title : Dope!
Comment : Love it

Title : Royal jack
Comment : Royal Jack germinated 2/3. And 1 really small. Waiting to try it

Title : Beautyfull
Comment : groath, size, smell, time, 100% germination rate . very vell roundet product. RQS will definitly stay my choice in the feature.

Title : Germinated & Growing
Comment : Germinated 2 Royal Jacks seeds that were gifted to me, Everything is well

Title : Schnelles Wachstum
Comment : Bereits nach zwei Wochen hat die Pflanze eine Höhe von 15cm erreicht einfach top

Title : It is Cool
Comment : Very nice plant for gift

Title : Good Strain (won’t dissapoint)
Comment : Delivery speed and package 9/10 Germination always 100% Fast Grow, quite forgiving, loving warm climat (

26C), loving nutrients. Flowering wasn’t intensive in smell but was very pleasant,. Yield 450G on 1m^2 under 300Watts from wall LED lamp. Taste after 9 days of Flushing: Mostly tropical – not only fruits, very pleasent on throat. Smell: strong on 7/10 taste 9/10 High: Sativa part won’t throw you around room and make you to run like on cocaine. Indica part won’t couch-lock you and not make you to sleep. You will want to talk, play in games, go for a walk with dog – Perfect for camping. Medium CBD content makes you high but functional so mountain walking is possible after 3 hits.

Title : Royal jack
Comment : Very good seeds 🙂 i like them very much

Title : Royal Jack
Comment : Keimung nach 3 Tagen.Planze wächst gut uns macht einen sehr schönen Eindruck. Gerne wieder. Top Ware

Title : Super
Comment : Geile Sache

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Jack harrer weed

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the jack is coming along nicely