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The following marijuana and weed seed suppliers have earned their place on our scam blacklist. We do not recommend buying marijuana seeds or 420 related products from ANY of these vendors.

We Hate Rip-Offs.

In that vein, we want to save others from being taken advantage of, or ripped-off by vendors. Marijuana and 420 scams or merchant rip-offs online.

It’s about time somebody took a stand against being ripped off. They all think. “What are we going to do? Call the police?”

Well, we can do better than that – We can hurt them in their wallet & reputation with your help!

The reason we are providing this list is to protect our users from marijuana seed scams, cannabis rip-offs, lies and bad business online.

We have had direct and personal negative experience with these seed suppliers and marijuana related vendors. We provide enough detail to allow you to make your own purchasing decisions based upon the listed facts. We recommend our trusted, tried and true Merchants – If you send any of these blacklisted vendors your money, you are at risk of losing that money or not getting what you thought you paid for.

Your safety is our first priority. We may have been lied to, ripped-off, or not treated the way we expect our customers to be treated. We are not making friends with these firms, but instead are trying to save you from any risks or loss of your money.

At first, I really did not want to offer these pages. not really my nature. As I continued however, I somehow maybe felt chosen. I know, really weird right? But who do we go to if we get ripped-off in this market?

My point exactly.

So now, I feel like maybe it is about time someone did speak out about these companies and/or their tactics. If these firms treat us in this manner, how will they treat you? Your order? Or your personal information?

(I think) Just because we are stoners is no reason to be taken advantage of. as a matter of fact, they should be doing everything possible NOT to add risk to an already paranoid audience. Chosen? Maybe not, but ethical? – We like to think we are. When we are told one thing, and the facts clearly show a different picture, well, then it’s on them to justify their actions (or lack of).

Maybe a little Industry clean-up is in order here? We are in a position to help and assist other marijuana smokers and cannabis patients. We sincerely hope this saves a few people from being burned or ripped-off online.

Woodstuck built this website to provide education and information, and we would be wrong NOT to let people know of any and all risks involved in dealing with marijuana seed suppliers and 420 related vendors online who have proven to be less than ethical or honest (in our opinion). We made many of these organizations money only to be treated badly or not paid as agreed – Not good for business, and certainly not someone we want to send our trusted visitors to.

DO NOT BUY 420 Blacklist
Some of our marijuana growing competitor websites
RECOMMEND these scammers, be careful who you do business with!

We welcome rebuttal from any of these Merchants (?) – If they care to respond at all.

FYI – Yes, we informed each one of these Scammers of their nomination (in advance). How many do you think tried to make it right? Or even respond? ZERO

If they lied to us and stole from us, they will do the same to you.

We have found so many scammers we had to go ALPHABETICAL now. If they are on our list, DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THEM.

DO NOT BUY Marijuana Blacklist. Cannabis, 420, and weed seed high risk pot rip-offs who are Scammers. We do NOT recommend you trust them! Marijuana 420 scams and cannabis scammers updated monthly.

Mega Marijuana Store

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I was scammed and it was not just me. I read the reviews later and found out that they have not even one good review online. These guys are abusive and do not let you complete your sentences and cancel the chats on their website. I was turned down more than five times. And, now, I cannot even connect with these guys. They have blocked me or something. Whatever it is, they are not getting away with this. I talked to some guy named Tommy Chong and he was very deceptive. He promised that the orders would reach me on time. I ordered few vape pens. I had few amounts with my Google giftcard and they said that they redeem the card for processing the payment.

Hence, I paid through the same giftcard and they took all the money that was available with my account. Later, after a week, when I did not receive the order as promised, I contacted the chat support. I asked them to check my order. The guy on the other end asked me to wait and then told me that the order is not processed yet. That is why it has not arrived and the tracking Id is also not shared with me.

I was completely shocked. When I told him about the promise that Tommy made, he told me that the shipping could not get through because of my ignorance of the details. He said that the order is done, however, the shipping cost remains. I was the one at the fault for not paying the shipping cost. When I wanted to ask more about the same, the guy shared a link and asked me to pay the shipping cost. The shipping charges seem to be too pricey and completely unjustified.

This made me even more angry. However, keeping calm, I asked the guy to just connect me to Tommy. And, he cancelled the chat window. At first, I thought, it was a bad internet connection. So, I tried to contact the chat support again. And, the same thing happened. As I asked about Tommy, I was disconnected.

Not just that, these guys keep abusing you when you ask for a refund. After a week, when nothing seemed working, I asked to refund the giftcard amount to my Google account. To this, they started talking insane and asked me to Fu** Of*. I was taken aback. This is completely not what I expected. Companies do lie, but I have never experienced a customer care representative talking so harshly in the past.

I tried to connect with them a few more times asking for a refund. But all I got were abuses. Later, I could not even connect through chat support. Wasn’t that a scam you just heard? Yes, these guys do scam me. They took my money. I did not receive anything and when I tried to talk them into refunding my amount, I was neglected as I never existed.

Tommy did promise me a lot of things. He seemed polite at first and genuine. I guess, he knows the tricks to convince others. He is supposed to do that for scamming people. And, he does it with complete accuracy. There was not a single instance when I was not able to find out what’s going in his mind. He must be laughing inside thinking he made another one fool. But this does not end here. You got one and I got zero. The war continues. I am going to spread the word as much as possible. And, you will be paying one day.

I will write my feedback on as many online review websites as possible. I am going to tell everyone what these guys are up to. The matter of fact is that there are already so many disgruntled customers. And, this company is still thriving. This disappoints me a lot. However, I will do my bit and tell the world about these guys. The company is fake and rips people out of their balance.

If you ever come across this website, do not forget to cancel the cross sign on the right up corner of your browser. Or else, you know what is going to happen next, you will be defrauded.

Mega Marijuana Store reviewed as a scam. Read 3 consumer reviews & complaints. Write a review & complaint on Mega Marijuana Store.