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Jamaica Weed Vs Colorado Weed

Posted on July 2, 2014

Jamaican Weed From Colorado Perspective

I just got back from a vacation and wedding (Congratulations Sam & Kristy!) and found it very interesting traveling from Colorado to Jamaica. In Colorado, it’s legal. Before the legal there was medical (I’m medical by the way, car wrecks are a *****). I’ve always been used to a very relaxed weed environment.

Although it’s fairly relaxed about their marijuana laws, it’s still illegal. The idea of weed being illegal itself is trippy after getting so used to our new laws. Sure we’e got many moratoriums in place, a governor (and brewer) opposed to weed, can’t buy it (outside of Denver, Telluride, ect), sell it or smoke it in public, but it’s still “legal”. Jamaica doesn’t even have the dispensaries or medical community.

However, it seems that recently there have been talks within the Jamaican government to decriminalize and legalize for religious, medical and research purposes.

Jamaican Bud Vs Colorado Bud

The bulk (if not all) Jamaican weed is grown outside. It’s got to be a great environment for it as well. I don’t know how much light they lose in the winter, so not sure how it affects flowering. I guess the plants are just conditioned to react to whatever light changes do occur.

A bulk of Colorado’s bud is grown outdoors as well. Aside from the outdoor crops, there are plenty of indoor operations (personal, medical, ect) as well. There are some big differences between the Colorado and Jamaican outdoor.

The Jamaican bud was much more moist than Colorado weed, even though nugs were fully cured. This is due to the humidity. It was interesting breaking up, rolling and smoking Jamaican bud. Took a little more effort and the bud smoked longer (not complaining).

Comparing what we were all smoking (big wedding, 80 people so different people were getting it from different sources) I personally prefer Colorado weed. I’m sure there’s some great, killer nugs in Jamaica, but everything we encountered was average outdoor.

Jamaican Prices vs Colorado Prices

While I was writing this, I decided to see what Google had to say about it. There’s people claiming $20 a half pound of good stuff, than people paying $100 an ounce. I would love to see that $20 per 1/2 pricing. Definitely not resort prices and sure you’ve got to know someone or meet the right people in order to see that.

Don’t expect those rates on the resort. We didn’t weigh anything and everyone was basically handed a sack full of colas. If it’s not a sack full of colas (which is why it’s nice to see it instead of handing off cash) it’ll probably be some lesser grade stuff wrapped tight in little bags probably containing anywhere between 2.5-3.5. It’s better than Mexi but very comparable.

One of my relatives got the best deal from a cab driver. It would be over an ounce in our dry climate, which means definitely weighing over an ounce with the added humidity. He paid $100. This was all in Negril, by the way.

After reading the reviews I feel I should have tried bartering a little more. Oh well. It wasn’t too big of a deal for me and seemed ironic trying to buy it when I’ve got homegrown curing back home.

Comparing the rate my relative got from the cab driver to what I get here it’s pretty comparable. I feel the majority of the bud I get for that rate is either on-par or superior, with a few strains lagging right behind it.

The majority of the places where people were talking about these $20 half p’s were on various weed forums. Most of the dates were back in 2005 or so. Maybe things have changed since then. Seen a 2011 article claiming $500 pounds. Maybe weed prices are gradually going up for whatever reasons. Maybe these killer deals are directly from the farmers.

Don’t expect to see those kind of rates on a resort.

We can’t compare the legal retail prices of Colorado (ripoff by the way. that’s what happens when pot gets sin taxed) to that of Jamaica, as there is no legal retail (medical or otherwise) in that country. Most dispensaries nation-wide have some very inflated prices, in my opinion. It’s understandable, as there’s licensing, building lease, wages and ridiculous taxes that are local weed merchants have to deal with. If there was legalized retail marijuana in Jamaica, the store owners would be faced with the same overhead.

Jamaican Hash Vs Colorado Hash

Most of the Jamaican hash was finger hash. I found it very interesting. I’m not a huge hash fan (I smoke blunts) but here in Colorado, I’d label us “hash snobs”. It’s got to be dabable hash to fly in this state anymore. It was interesting seeing Jamaicans trying to peddle finger hash. That’s something I doubt would fly in the states at all. Especially not [the majority] Colorado hash smokers.

I’ve never understood the whole dabbing bit. Seems way too complicated and never been a fan of paraphernalia, but to each their own. Since I’ve never really dabbed, I’ve never been obsessed with wax or shatter. In fact, my hash smoking habits are right inline with the Jamaicans. I’ve got a container of finger that grows instead of shrinking. This is from helping with various harvests occurring here. I don’t smoke it fast enough so it piles up. Like I said, not the biggest hash fan.

I hope this helps anyone trying to understand the secrets to $40 pounds of excellence, but I don’t know how to contact “that guy”, nor would I even disclose hints to that over the internet if I did. It’s still illegal over there and nobody wants to compromise pot farmers.

Jamaica Weed Vs Colorado Weed Posted on July 2, 2014 Jamaican Weed From Colorado Perspective I just got back from a vacation and wedding (Congratulations Sam & Kristy!) and found it very

What you need to know about smoking weed legally in Jamaica

More than 40 years after reggae legend Peter Tosh sang ‘Legalize It’, Jamaica is finally recognizing the economic potential of its homegrown industry. Licensed medical dispensaries are popping up all over the island, but with the government opting for the decriminalization of ganja rather than full legalization, many questions remain. Here’s what you need to know about smoking weed legally in Jamaica.

Clearing the air

For many tourists, marijuana has long been an important if unspoken part of the Jamaica experience. Known universally in the country as ganja (or herb to Rastafari adherents), marijuana can seem as Jamaican as Bob Marley or Usain Bolt. Touts whisper in the ears of tourists straight off the cruise ship to offer them a smoke, while vendors openly sell pre-rolled spliffs at dancehall street parties in downtown Kingston.

Until recently, possession of even small amounts of ganja could land visitors in jail. But a wholesale revision of drugs laws has seen all that change. Jamaica has decided that ganja is very much part of the country’s brand and the potential tax revenues from a home-grown industry aren’t something to be passed up.

In 2015, the Jamaican government passed a series of important amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, decriminalizing ganja and introducing licenses for its cultivation and sale. But decriminalization isn’t quite the same as full legalization, so what are the implications for visitors to Jamaica?

Know the law

Since 2015, possession of up to two ounces (57g) of ganja is no longer a criminal offense. Carrying this amount in public can still attract a fixed penalty fine similar to a parking ticket, of J$500 (around US$3), but no criminal record will result. People under the age of 18 caught in possession may also be referred to the National Council on Drug Abuse for counseling. Possession of larger amounts remains a criminal offense.

The possession fine does not apply to medical marijuana, including products purchased at a licensed dispensary. Possession of up to two ounces of weed by visitors for medical purposes is legal. Possession is also legal for sacramental purposes for followers of Rastafari.

Smoking ganja in a public place is prohibited, as it is with cigarettes, with a fixed fine of J$500. It is legal to smoke in licensed dispensaries, but smoking in private residences is no longer an offense.

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Medical marijuana dispensaries

Jamaica’s revised drug laws have allowed the creation of medical marijuana dispensaries, the first of which opened in 2018. Equal parts doctor’s clinic, Amsterdam-style coffee shop and hipster boutique, these are currently the only places where travelers to Jamaica can legally buy cannabis products.

At the time of writing, there are four dispensaries in Jamaica – Island Strains in Montego Bay, Epican in Kingston and Kaya in both Falmouth and St Ann’s Bay. To buy products, ID such as a passport or driving license is required (over 18 only), as well as proof of your medical need to buy ganja. This can take the form of a doctor’s prescription from home or a consultation with an on-site medic, although some dispensaries currently allow self-certification by the completion of a medical form.

A variety of products are offered, including marijuana buds, oil extracts and cartridges for vaping. The new dispensaries take ganja cultivation as seriously as wineries do their terroir. Nearly two dozen distinct Jamaican-grown Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains of the herb are grown on their own plantations for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

The knowledgeable staff can talk you through their properties and relative concentrations of THC and CBD, the active ingredients in marijuana.

Don’t expect a cloud of smoke when you enter a dispensary – in-house smoking rooms are discreetly tucked away from the main consultation and purchase areas. Most also run their own cafes and juice bars, offering completely ganja-free refreshments.

Due to wider international restrictions on access to banking networks, businesses are cash-only – a reminder of the still-evolving legal situation in Jamaica and beyond.


At a dispensary, discuss with the staff your requirements as well as your previous experiences. Some strains are notoriously strong, particularly when taken through a traditional Jamaican steam chalice.

Outside the dispensaries, unlicensed vendors are taking advantage of the new permissiveness of the ganja laws, and it’s not unusual to see space cakes or similar edible items openly for sale in cafes or infused in butter in your lobster meal. Be careful, the strengths can vary widely.

Caution is also required if offered ganja plantation tours. Currently, these remain unlicensed and therefore illegal.

When leaving Jamaica it’s important to remember that it is strictly illegal to take any medical ganja product with you. Stick instead to the customs-friendly THC- and CBD-free hemp products sold at the dispensaries.

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The decriminalization of ganja has made smoking weed in Jamaica easier, but there are still a few things to avoid, here's how to do it.