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Pronunciation /ˈɪndɔː/

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1 Situated, conducted, or used within a building or under cover.

  • ‘The work will see the indoor market within the shopping centre transformed.’
  • ‘However, raising a wide variety of fowl and pigs are well within the capabilities of indoor farming.’
  • ‘Unique gift for special occasions, a stunning patio and indoor plant and feature tree for parks and large gardens.’
  • ‘Usually, those who maintain a good garden are more interested in keeping indoor plants too.’
  • ‘All experimental trials were conducted within the confines of an indoor squash court.’
  • ‘One possibility is that they will cover their artificial pitch to create an indoor facility.’
  • ‘The building also incorporates a stained glass ceiling and indoor lake boasting Koi carp and sturgeon.’
  • ‘The programme has a wide and varied list of entertainment, indoor and outdoor over the eight days.’
  • ‘There are plenty of attractions including an indoor Christmas market and children’s fairground.’
  • ‘They do flower but these are insignificant, though if picked and dried they can be used for indoor winter decoration.’
  • ‘He lives on a farm and there was no indoor toilet and no door on the shower room.’
  • ‘As with the Jazz Fest, there’s both pricey indoor shows and free outdoor concerts.’
  • ‘If you are working, use the breaks during meetings to stretch or take a brisk walk up the indoor stairway.’
  • ‘The campsite already has three basic indoor accommodation blocks in addition to camping facilities.’
  • ‘It’s also a beautiful addition to indoor spaces that are usually devoid of life.’
  • ‘Cooking and heating with such solid fuels on open fires or stoves without chimneys leads to indoor air pollution.’
  • ‘If the indoor tables don’t satisfy you, and if the weather is right, do ask for a table on the terrace.’
  • ‘So, the recent measures to restrict smoking in indoor environments are to be welcomed.’
  • ‘The pair of them, in short, have become indoor cats of their own choice.’
  • ‘Today’s weather is perfect only for indoor DIY with a nice hot cup of cocoa.’
  1. 1.1 Relating to sports played indoors.
  • ‘Debbie initially took up the sport on an indoor rowing machine at a local health club.’
  • ‘Tuesday is senior training night; this time of the year the grammar school gym is a welcome indoor facility.’
  • ‘Im talking a choice of sports, both indoor and out so children can choose their occupation.’
  • ‘Any indoor sports shoes like volleyball shoes or badminton shoes can be used.’
  • ‘This is the first ever international indoor cricket tournament to be played in Sri Lanka.’
  • ‘He said a swimming pool, a tennis court and an indoor stadium would be constructed at the site.’
  • ‘After a short break James will commence his winter training for the forthcoming indoor season.’
  • ‘The rise of the indoor soccer centre may not, after all, be behind the sharp decline in park football.’
  • ‘And though few are willing to admit it, the pull of the sand and the sun has hit the indoor game hard.’
  • ‘As soon as the doors opened to this indoor footballing haven, we booked in and played the following week.’
  • ‘It includes a new gym, squash courts, an indoor running track and swimming pools.’
  • ‘Public facilities will include playing fields, an indoor sports arena and an athletics track.’
  • ‘What about the decision to change the colours used in indoor bowls?’
  • ‘After failing to regain the indoor title, he is determined to keep his grip on the main championship.’
  • ‘The team also had one eye on the indoor season which is due to start soon.’
  • ‘Practical skills and drills for applying the technique on the indoor rowing machine’
  • ‘She won the high jump and looks to be in top form as she outdid her indoor championships performance.’
  • ‘Yet last weekend it was the British vest she wore with pride at the world indoor championships in Lisbon.’
  • ‘The Bolton winter indoor cricket competition begins on Sunday with the opening three matches.’
  • ‘In his spare time he enjoys running, indoor rock climbing and spending time with his family.’


Early 18th century (superseding earlier within-door): from in(as a preposition) + door.

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To put that into perspective, indoor lighting is about 100 lux, while a bright, sunny day can hit 50,000 lux or more.

We lived in a tiny trailer that my mother had bought back in 1969, a trailer without running water or indoor plumbing.

Yet despite the increased risks, use of indoor tanning beds among teenagers remains widespread.

Harry, met about 25 wounded soldiers hoping to compete in the wheelchair rugby, cycling and indoor rowing events.

Harvesting is continual and despite the cold local winters at headquarters, the food stays warm in the indoor fields.

There should be some indoor way of getting into the cellar, as by a stairway from the building above it.

When indoor work becomes irksome go out of doors, try a walk.

Besides, his muscles and above all his hands were pitifully soft after an indoor winter and his fortnight of vegetating.

There was more bathing because private homes in towns now had indoor baths.

He himself had been in Mr. Knopf’s employ over fifteen years, and was his only indoor servant.

Indoor definition, occurring, used, etc., in a house or building, rather than out of doors: indoor games. See more.